UPDATE: Second Chance! Nendoroid HMO Miku & Luka Plush

UPDATE: Amiami and HLJ have both sold out of the Luka Plush but PlayAsia still has her! PlayAsia also has the HMO Miku.

Yes, I know this is late but by the time I realized that HMO Miku was released it was already sold out! However, today I saw that HLJ and PlayAsia still has some in stock! Also, Amiami/HLJ PlayAsia still have Luka Plushes! If you need some convincing if you should get either of these follow the jump for pictures!

HMO Miku must have been one of the most anticipated Nendoroids because she sold out so fast! Also, the Luka Plush was restocked (at Amiami)! There are only 3 available at Amiami but plenty at HLJ, the drawback being HLJ is 500JPY (~6USD) more expensive; so if you missed out and wanted one go quick! The plush is now unavailable at the previously mentioned sites but she is available at PlayAsia, although a bit pricey.

Below is the price listing of each item and links!

HMO Miku:

HLJ – 3,429 JPY (~42 USD)

PlayAsia – 49.90 USD

Luka Plush:

Amiami – 3,000 JPY (~37 USD)

HLJ – 3,500 JPY (~43 USD)

PlayAsia – 44.90 USD

Now, for pictures of HMO Miku~

The large amount of accessories she comes with.

"Buy me!"

Pictures from Mikatan.

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12 thoughts on “UPDATE: Second Chance! Nendoroid HMO Miku & Luka Plush”

  1. I would really like to know how much money Crypton get from their licencing deals with Goodsmile & Co. seing the apparent success of all this stuff..

    and also how this revenue compare with their core business of Vocaloid software sales …

  2. i knew it would happen so i preordered both. clever me.
    now i just gotta survive the wait till it gets shipped.

  3. …Does her hair actually articulate? lol Well that's interesting.
    (But omg her little glasses are so CUTE. ;u; Ahhhh I want it.)

  4. I am waiting for my debit card confirmation so I can shop online….until then please dont sold out…please pretty please oh GOD! T_T

  5. There's one Luka plush left on Ami Ami currently, btw. However, I'm pretty sure it says "For sale in Japan only", right? If you try to have it shipped to an American address, will it not work?

    1. It is one of those things, I think there was a discussion about this somewhere…either way it will still ship internationally if you buy it, I believe. I have bought many items from Amiami which were marked "For sale in Japan only" and I live in America.

  6. Theres HMO left on YesAsia. If you live in UK YesAsia pays custom fees and import tax for you, which ends up cheaper than amiami HLJ and play asia! The delivery is free also but takes about 7 days working days

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