If you’re anything like me the “Exit Tunes Pressents wp_____” albums are a big deal! Personally, I feel like this is the most Vocaloid-diverse album released (probably because of the two Gakupo songs).  The album has been released,  you can get it from Amazon (Japanese) or cdjapan.

The track listing is below, as well as some reasons to visit the official website!

Japanese Track List:

01 マトリョシカ / ハチ feat.初音ミク・GUMI

02 般若心経ポップ / おにゅうP feat. 初音ミク

03 Paranoid Doll / SCL Project(natsuP) feat. 神威がくぽ

04 トリノコシティ / 40mP feat. 初音ミク

05 アンチクロロベンゼン / オワタP feat. 鏡音リン

06 秘密警察 (Secret Police)/ ぶりる feat. 初音ミク

07 ネトゲ廃人シュプレヒコール )/ さつき が てんこもり feat. 初音ミク

08 心拍数#0822 / 蝶々P feat. 初音ミク

09 マイリスダメー! / ライブP feat. 鏡音リン

10 ナイフ / パワーコードP feat. 巡音ルカ

11 家に帰ると妻が必ず死んだふりをしています。 / ほぼ日P feat. 初音ミク

12 ggrks-ググれカス- / あー民P feat. 巡音ルカ・神威がくぽ

13 暗い森のサーカス / マチゲリータ feat. 初音ミク、鏡音リン、鏡音レン

14 Pane dhiria / 新城P feat. KAITO

15 秘蜜 ~黒の誓い~ / ひとしずくP feat. 鏡音リン・鏡音レン

16 黄泉桜 / 仕事してP feat. MEIKO

17 ツンデ恋歌 / れれれP feat. 鏡音レン

18 さよならポラリス / Nem feat. GUMI

19 またあした / ふわりP feat. 初音ミク

And here’s the Track List in English/Romaji:

01 Matryoshka/ Hachi feat. Hatsune Miku/GUMI

02 Heart Sutra Pop/ OnyuP feat. Hatsune Miku

03 Paranoid Doll / SCL Project(natsuP) feat. Kamui Gakupo

04 Left-Behind City/ 40mP feat. Hatsune Miku

05 Antichlorobenzene/ OwataP feat. Kagamine Rin

06 Secret Police/ Buriru feat. Hatsune Miku

07 Netgame Addicts Sprechchor/ Satsuki ga Tenkomori feat. Hatsune Miku

08 Heartbeat #0822/ ChouchouP feat. Hatsune Miku

09 Don’t Mylist Me!/ LiveP feat. Kagamine Rin

10 Knife/ PowerCordP feat. Megurine Luka

11 When I Get Home My Wife Always Pretends to be Dead/ hobonichiP feat. Hatsune Miku

12 Just go Google it/ AatamiP feat. Megurine Luka/Kamui Gakupo

13 Dark Woods Circus/ MachigeritaP feat. Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kgamine Len

14 Pane dhiria / ShinjouP feat. KAITO

15 Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~/ HitoshizukuP feat. Kagamine Rin/Kagamine Len

16 Underworld Cherry Blossom/ ShigotoshiteP feat. MEIKO

17 Tsundere Len’s Love Song/ LeleleP feat. Kagamine Len

18 Sayonara Polaris/ Nem feat. GUMI

19 Mata Ashita/ FuwariP feat. Hatsune Miku

As we can see, there are some big titles (Matryoshka and Antichlorobenzene) and some old titles (ggrks) included in this album. I encourage everyone to visit the site! If you have never visited one of these sites they are very nice and contain many things such as: PV’s for the album, links to listen to the tracks and watch the Nico videos, download the album cover, and even a game (much like Bejeweled)! The site is very user friendly even for those of us who cannot speak the language! Once again here is the site.

Sources: Piapro & Vocalonexus

About: GreenSage

17 thoughts on “EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalonexus!”

  1. I don't suppose you'd happen to know who the cover artist is? I feel like I've seen their work somewhere before…

  2. I'm not buying CD for reasons of cost, environmentalism and more importantly fair return to artists , but I have to admit that I'm always watching the releases of Exit Tunes in case I missed some interesting songs. And this one is packed with very good music (I already bough Knife and Himitsu Keisatsu).

    Speaking about the producers' fair share of their music sales, I'm wondering how much labels like KarenT or ExitTunes give back. I'm sure they're not the kind of parasitic leech Sony Music is (Producers get less than 10% of sale), but more transparency could help. Does any P's told his audience what's his contract ?

    People like CD Baby are giving back 60% of the CD / track sales to the music producers, I really hope that the Doujinshi music distributors in Japan are as fair as this Indie music distributor.

  3. Shame…there's only like 3-4 songs on here I even like. Not enough to justify buying the CD.
    I think the previous wp___ albums have been far superior to this…

  4. There are only a few songs I'm interested in (NO, not all the Gumi songs xD )… OH well, have no money anyways ;w;

  5. Love these Exit Tunes CDs <3
    I have to admit that Vocalonexus has the best tracklist from all these Exit Tunes CDs ^^;
    The extras are quite nice too! PHONESTRAP *___*

    btw I'm wondering if just the limited edition/first press has the extras … I suppose so ;___;

  6. Holy CRAP.
    Songs from a year ago too…
    But of all of the EXIT TUNES album this has the highest concentration of MUST HAVE songs.

    …getting this now plzkthx

  7. I would translate ggrks-ググれカス as “Just Fuc**** Google It”. Partially because it puts a bit of the punch back into the line after taking “kasu” out, but also because it allows you to puts the existing English abbreviation of JFGI in there.

  8. Good stuff, GreenSage! Was exciting when I saw you wrote this. Another great Exit Tunes release. I already have Vocaloanthems which was also pretty good!

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