Voiceroid + Eagle Talon Yoshida-kun

AH-Software sure likes to release programs in succession. Here we have Yoshida-kun, a new Voiceroid! Yoshida-kun will be joining the ranks of Tsukuyomi Ai and  Tsukuyomi Shouta released last December. Yoshida-kun is directly based on a character of the flash animation “秘密結社 鷹の爪 Secret Society Eagle Talon“.

Below is a screen shot of the software in action.

The website states that by inputting text and clicking the “play button one can hear Yoshida-kun speak the text to you; any error in words or pronunciation can easily be fixed and adjusted to sound natural.  Words that are less common (i.e. not in the word bank) can be added and the intonation can be configured in advance.  Just like the last Voiceroids you can adjust the volume, speed of speaking, tone, pitch and echo.

The release date for Yoshida-kun is on October 22 2010, going for ¥15,750 (~$188) with tax. Below is also the sample for Yoshida-kun!


Source and reference:

AH-Software & Wikipedia

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