Miku Nendoroid Plus Charm ~Sakura Version~

On the next “Hatsune Miku Live Party -39’s Live IN TOKYO-“ concert, if you pre-order your ticket a Miku Nendoroid Plus Charm ~Sakura Version~ will be included! The charm will stand about 35mm and the picture above gives you a good comparison with Snow Miku. Sadly, the last preorder session ends 1/27 11:00 JST and will cost about ¥5,390 (~66 USD). Even though the majority of us cannot attend the concert, it is still exciting to think about your favorite diva singing on that stage! The concert is about 40 days away! Anyone excited, perhaps about this year’s song selection? I am excited for another Blu-ray release~

Sources: 39’s Thanks Live in Tokyo Official Site

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9 thoughts on “Miku Nendoroid Plus Charm ~Sakura Version~”

  1. Great update, thanks GreenSage. They're providing the list of Ps' who will attend the concert: 164, 40mP, buzzG, doriko, OSTER project, (50音順).

    Regarding the Nendoroid plus Charm, I'm not really the kind to purchase this stuff, but I would certainly have made an exception with this one: over 9000 kawaii <3

    And seeing Snow Miku alongside this Charm reminds me of AVTechno's 冬の桜 that I want to share with you:

    [youtube 4KhCBUgn8l0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KhCBUgn8l0 youtube]

  2. Ten to one I'm never gonna see either of these in my own hands, but they're both so CUTE. I want. [2]
    I want another blu-ray release too *-*

  3. Why are you posting about this but completely ignoring the articulated nendo and the two plushies? They were announced more than a week ago and this Sakura Miku was announced only days ago.

    1. If you have an idea for a new article, feel free to draft one in the word press system we have. Our forums also have tutorials on how to create a post and if you put it under review, another blog editor will go over it, make changes as needed and post it.

    2. Oversight yes, but it definitely wasn't blatant or purposeful ignorance soft. It is ok that can be convered in another article soon! Maybe by you if you care to write it, but I am sure either way someone will get it done. I mean thanks for bringing it up.

  4. Great update Greensage, I saw this on the concert site yesterday and melted into a puddle on my floor. I hope little sakura-miku-chan bring happiness to all those lucky concert goers…….(*sniffle)

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