Vocaloid Trading Straps Galore

Some of you may have noticed the new Project Diva release of Trading Strap Track02, which offers us more straps with Miku’s Project Diva outfits! Piapro also released news on some trading straps as well, containing Haku and Teto!

Image from Hobby Search

These new Project Diva rubber straps are on pre-order at AmiAmi and Hobby Search for 3,480 and 3,643 yen respectively! They are set to release late February.  There are also two secret straps, Kaito and possibly Meiko out of a total 10 variations (8 Normal + 2 secret) in this collection and the line-ups are as follow:

Kagamine Rin / Kagamine Ren / White Dress / Arabian / Punk / Miyabi / Fairy / Space Channel 39

Hobby Stock (the manufacturer) has a site dedicated to the trading straps, be sure to check it out here! Lots of nice animation.

Piapro also released some new today about trading straps of  Teto, Haku, and Neru!

Image from NicoNicoChokuhan

These three come in a set for 1,890 yen at Nico Nico Chokuhan with a release date of this month. Unfortunately, they are sold out but perhaps one of the bigger hobby shop will carry these straps! The picture below includes Miku to show the scale of the other straps.

Image from Piapro
Image from Piapro

Info sources:

Piapro & Nico Nico Chokuhan

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  1. T-TETO! I thought they didn't endorse her because she's a Utau! That's epic~ I hope they restock, I'm going to save my money so I can maybe buy them.

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