supercell’s “World Is Mine” Now Available on iTunes and Amazon Mp3

Illustration by redjuice
Illustration by redjuice

To help promote Miku in the US you can now purchase “World Is Mine” (titled “The World is Mine (feat. Hatsune Miku)” in the US release) as a digital song. Below are the two places you can pick it up and support our favorite twin-tailed idol.

Purchase at the iTunes Store
Purchase at Amazon Mp3

This is the first US release by supercell, aka ryo.

Source: Hatsune Miku Facebook page

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8 thoughts on “supercell’s “World Is Mine” Now Available on iTunes and Amazon Mp3”

  1. Seriously that's ridiculous. Vocaloid mp3 have been available for years on Amazon, iTunes and HearJapan. Now the idiots among Sony discover that *maybe* it would be nice to sell their stuff has a DRM-less mp3 on Amazon and they get this buzz ?

    Frankly as much as I love Ryo's work they don't deserve this kind of news, except to be bashed as the typical music Major they are, sucking the blood of doujinshi music to entrap the producers in their paleolithic business model.

    That's fortunate that most Ps are not felling to their tactics and create their independent label or publish under KarenT.

  2. I bought it on iTunes, it sounds so much clearer than the youtube videos I download (which I use to get most of my Vocaloid music on my iPod)

  3. Yeah, this version sounds so much clearer than the version I had before, which *cough* was NOT downloaded from a video, but acquired by…other means. >.>;;

    Anyway, the reason why this is getting buzz is because this is one of the biggest Hatsune Miku songs to ever be released. The release of a "mainstream" Miku song in the US is a big thing, even if other artists (such as AVTechNO!) have had their stuff on Amazon and iTunes for a while now.

  4. Love him or hate him, Ryo/Supercell is really one of the pioneering Vocaloid Producers. Melt, World is Mine, Love is War… these early classics set the stage for Vocaloid and is a definite influence on all that came after. I definitely give him credit for that.
    I can definitely understand the hate for Sony as a blood sucker of the independent industry though. However, I can’t blame him for taking their money. I mean, even P’s gotta eat, right?

    1. That's why I never buy from Sony 😛 Granted difficult to resist the urge to purchase a PD2 PSP Bundle, but then I cool myself with StepMania and a Vocaloid package 🙂

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