Wowaka’s First Full Album, “Unhappy Refrain” Crossfade Video

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A video featuring previews of all the songs featured on “Unhappy Refrain” has been released! Read on for more info and videos.

First, if you still haven’t listened to the title song, here it is.

“Unhappy Refrain” will be a double album. The first CD consists of a collection of all the 10 songs wowaka’s uploaded so far on NicoNicoDouga, as well as 3 new songs, and one that had been released only on “Seven Girls’ Discord”. All of them have been newly mixed, as well as remastered by John Davis from the London Metropolis Studio, who worked with such popular bands as Arctic Monkeys, REM and Block Party. Some of them have also been re-recorded, with wowaka even going as far as to say they’re drastically different from the previous versions.

The 2nd CD is a collection of 7 remixes by well know doujin musicians and Ps, such as Captain Mirai, acane_madder, Toku and Dixie Flatline. Below is acane_madder’s remix of Rolling Girl, which is also an utatte mita.

You can also watch Captain Mirai’s remix of Ura-Omote Lovers!

And last but not least, wowaka uploaded a crossfade video featuring all the songs of the double album!

Here’s the tracklist:


01 – Unhappy Refrain (new song)
02 – Rolling Girl
03 – Tsumiki no Ningyou
04 – Boku no Sainou
05 – Nichijou to Chikyuu no Gakubuchi (new song)
06 – Te no Hira
07 – Toosenbo
08 – Lineart
09 – Ura-Omote Lovers
10 – Grey Zone ni te
11 – Zurete Iku
12 – Reversible Doll (from “Seven Girls’ Discord”)
13 – World’s End Dancehall
14 – Prism Cube (new song)


01 – Ura-Omote Lovers (reverse Edge mix by Captain Mirai)
02 – Toosenbo (by acane_madder)
03 – Rolling Girl (by acane_madder)
04 – Boku no Sainou (dnb mix by Toku feat. Pagodes)
05 – Tsumiki no Ningyou (rnb mix by Toku feat. Pagodes)
06 – Zurete Iku (postrock mix by whoo)
07 – World’s End Dancehall (dexholic mix by Dixie Flatline)

“Unhappy Refrain”, will be released on May 18th by Balloom. It is available for pre-order on Amazon Japan at the price of 2,500 yen ($30 USD).

Sources: NicoNicoInfo.

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8 thoughts on “Wowaka’s First Full Album, “Unhappy Refrain” Crossfade Video”

      1. Good idea kurisuto, to write this up.

        Anyhow I'm very excited about this album. Does anyone know if there is somewhere to buy his older albums from?

  1. You guys have no idea how pumped I am for this. I ordered the First Press – which comes with a cover slip and a guitar pick – and putting those things aside, this album sounds amazing. Loving how all the songs are remixed.

  2. Just got this in today – love it. Nice tweaks to the existing songs, and Unhappy Refrain is a great song.

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