Antichlorobenzene Reaches One Million Views!!!

Image source: 仮猫@ついった

Well, another Vocaloid song has freshly entered the Hall of Fame for million view videos!This time, OwataP’s sequel to “Paradichlorobenzene”(that already gained the honorary spot on June 27th, 2010 at 16:14 Japan Time), Rin’s “Antichlorobenzene” obtained the same achievement on May 17th, 2011 at 16:19 Japan Time. With a year separating the two, OwataP gains a new hit! For more information and illustrations regarding the song stay with us after the break!~

Producer – OwataP
Lyrics, Compose, Arrange – OwataP
Mastering – Dios/SignalP
Illustration – 縣
PV – Mie no Hito

Uploaded on September 19th 2010, Antichlorobenzene is actually the fourth song of the “Benzene” series by OwataP (In the order of Benzene –> Nitrobenzene –> Paradichlorobenzene –> Antichlorobenzene ). About the series and meaning you can actually read  here descriptively.

And now to the illustrations by different artists on Pixiv regarding this song:

Image source: 美柚
Image source: 縣
Image source: 千@ついつい
Image source: 裕実
Image source: 十四行
Image source: yummy
Image source: 辻織
Image source: まな郎

Let’s congratulate Rin on another hit and hope for more! ^^

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6 thoughts on “Antichlorobenzene Reaches One Million Views!!!”

  1. Yay. I liked paradichlorobenzene and antichlorobenzene. I used to watch them 3 or 4 at a time. I've stopped now but I though they were both brilliant and addictive songs.

  2. Yes, finally Anti-Chlorobenzene reaches 1 million views! 😀

    I'm still not bored of the song just yet, it's very addicting…

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