BuzzG’s New Album: Matsuri-Bayashi

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buzzG’s second major album will be released on June 29th. Read on for more info!

The author of such hit songs as “Symphony” and “Gallows Bell” has recently announced on his Twitter that his 2nd major album “Matsuri-bayashi” (in reference to the traditional Japanese music played during matsuri) has just gone through the mastering stage.

It’s buzzG’s second major album, being the successor to “Symphony”, and his fourth album, but the first one having been recorded with live instruments. It will prominently feature GUMI, as well as two utatte mita singers, Gero and nano, and seiyuu Daisuke Kishio as special guests. Fans of the influential Visual Kei band Luna Sea might want to get their hands on this album, as Shinya will be playing the drums! On the guitar, [TEST], and on the bass, Kei Nakamura.

Karu, who had already drawn the illustration for “Symphony”, will once again be in charge of the jacket.

Here’s the tracklist:

1. AGAINST(feat. GUMI)
2. COIN(feat. GUMI)
3. 祭囃子(feat. GUMI)
4. LAST YEAR(feat. GUMI)
5. name of memory(feat. GUMI)
7. Sirius(feat. GUMI)
8. 西へ行く(feat. GUMI)
9. 月の羅針盤(feat. GUMI)
10. D.P.C.W(feat. GUMI)
11. 赤い雨(feat. GUMI)
12. Marygold(feat. GUMI)
13. 星の唄(feat. GUMI)
14. name of memory (feat. Gero)
15. D.P.C.W(feat. 岸尾だいすけ)
16. 西へ行く(feat. nano)

“Matsuri-bayashi”, will be released on June 29th by Victor Entertainment. It is available for pre-order on Amazon Japan at the price of 2,000 yen ($24 USD). There will be a limited edition with a 3D jacket.

Sources: buzzG’s Twitter account and blog, Natalie.

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