Nyan Cat hit 10M views

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If you have not been living deep in a cave the past month, you probably have been annoyed by noticed one of the latest LSD-inspired Internet memes flying around.

Those familiar with the works of DaniwellP certainly know why this article is featured on Vocaloidism. But if you want to understand why we care about this video of a pop tart cat in space read further on…

Know Your Meme already has a good description of how this started and the paternity of NND and daniwellP, but I would like to comment the achievement of this video with a more Vocaloid-oriented view.

But first, a song 🙂

You may recall that a significant contributing factor to the spread of Vocaloid 2 in Japan was the remix and cover of the popular “leek spin” Internet meme by Otomania; posted on NND a few days after the release of CV01 Hatsune Miku. It is somewhat not surprising that a new Internet meme would be born out of a Vocaloid song, or rather the UTAU cover of a Vocaloid song…

UTAU? Yes, although daniwellP is usually rightly credited as the song author, the voice used in the nyan cat video is actually Momo Momone. Remember that long before nyan cat was launched in space, the Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! PV featuring Miku was already an established meme on NND with more than a thousand uploads and remixes.

Among these uploads was momomomoP’s cover (ももももP). If you have not had enough of listening to the first video, you can listen to it again with the Momo PV, and for good measure, compare with the original Miku version 😀

Don’t be surprised if you can’t clearly hear Miku sing “nya” in DaniwellP’s original song, this is normal for many listeners, but know that Miku is singing. That’s hardly the first extreme tuning of a Vocaloid where the lyrics are barely understandable…

Now the interesting question is how far will this meme go? Some say it’s annoying that most of the viewers are not aware that they are listening to an UTAU singing Vocaloid-generated music, some say it’s good because even if only a minority of people find out the source of this viral music, they may increase the reconnaissance of Vocaloid music and its producers.

People who are obviously annoyed by the sudden notoriety of the Nyan Cat are some of ももももP’s fans who despise all the westerners coming on to NND to comment on the PV. Watching the flamewar going on may be funny, but remember that as a matter of courtesy, comments should only be in Japanese on NND.

Nya 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Nyan Cat hit 10M views”

  1. The Most Funniest Songs I've ever heard xD , and very addictive also.
    I've never knew it already hit 10M view, that's incredible o.0 , last time I see it, it already hit 2M (easily)

    I wish I meet a cat that sings like this, then again if I met it I might think I was dreaming.

  2. Yay. I love the song. Most people I know love it too. I've played lots of games parodying it as well.

    BTW I can't see the comments. They're all mased together in the box. The chatbox has also expired apparently.

  3. It's gotten some commercial time too :0

    Nexus 4g Commercial briefly shows the NyanCat doing it's "thang".

    Am amazed it got a 10million views post, actually.

  4. This Nyancat meme really annoys me, mostly because most people who watch it don't know that it's Momo or know that the original was sung by Miku and written by daniwell. This isn't really helpful publicity for Vocaloid (or UTAU) at all.

    1. It's pointless to dislike something because the newly gained fandom are ignorant. ( ㅇㅅㅇ)
      Am positive you didn't enter the world of Vocaloid without knowing the first six(6) Vocaloids.

      To be honest, it doesn't matter where most memes come from or it's "history". Most people don't really research it because 1T'S PO1NTL3SS. Meme knowledge doesn't travel far from little chat-boards/has little relevance to the real world. ( ^ー^)ノ

      As for the latter half of your statement, it's publicity nonetheless, and that can almost never be bad (I can imagine bad publicity is their effigy scrawled in poop getting more popular than their mascots.) (`∀´)

  5. I just avoid the really popular Vocaloid songs, so this is amongst them. This one is really annoying to hell and honestly, I'm going to side on the side of Japanese P's with this one. I don't get the wests obesession with internet memes. Some are cute, like the Creeper from Mine Craft's "thats a nice house you have there psssst…." but most are never used in the right context. In fact my favourite game Portal, I eventually put down not due to being bored with it but due to "the cake is a lie…" meme. And now their at it again with "Spaaaaaaace". -_-'

    Still it does constantly bring up the big issue of UTAU and Vocaloid on that only a fraction of the songs are popular out of the thousands. :-/

    1. Teehee—-I have to say—as a Japnaese Asian we don't especially enjoy Western Memes because NO ON3 G3T'S N4K3D OR R4P3D.
      Yeah. true story, but we still ravel in the memes for the "lulz".

      People who can't stand this meme have not Nyan-ed for more than 30 seconds. (`∀´)
      Whereas people who have—-got no life ; A;

      1. Yeah but westerners tend to make it become a large scale assault when it hits off, on a much higher level then anything Japan can produce because lets face it, theres more overseas. Lol. ;-P

  6. I loved the Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya meme BUT! I hated nyan cat with a burning passion.
    1. It overshadowed the original meme
    2. Uhh look at all the comments saying “oppai” “gay” “weeaboos” “japan sucks” “lol i am American” around nico, i found quite a lot
    3. The original meme was somewhat cute, this is annoying…

  7. I don't know why II'm feeling annoyed too actually, probably because nyanyanyanyanyanyanya (nya^7) is just simply known as Nyan Cat. =w=
    If I'm DaniwellP, I don't wanna my awesome work to be well known with a different title/name. (like, "HELLO I gave it an awesome name! Why are you making up one for me! D:" ) but yeah, that depends on what DaniwellP feels about it.

    If DaniwellP feels uncomfortable about it, we (annoyed fans) are willing start a war. >: D

  8. >remember that as a matter of courtesy, comments should only be in Japanese on NND


    Comments in English are absolutely fine, and there is no 'courtesy' involved in the usage of the website nicovideo that implies that all comments should be in Japanese. If that were the case, there wouldn't be effort put into making versions of the website in other languages. Like, say, for example, ENGLISH.

    Honestly, I don't know where people are getting this NND-based "ooh it's a westerner let's all scorn him/her" idea from. It's borderline ridiculous.

    If they're getting mad at the stupid comments on the Momo cover video, it's because the stupid comments are *stupid*. What's hard to understand about this?

  9. Honestly, why bother arguing? At first I didn’t know that a UTAU sung the song. I did know about UTAU at the time. Why bother? Let everyone be happy and don’t hurt their feelings because they didn’t know.

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