Kaito Append and English Miku Samples Revealed!

Source: VOV

The creator of Miku, Crypton Future Media’s Wataru Sasaki, is participating in the “Vocaloid and the music software industry” lecture held at the University of Tokyo on May 28 and 29, as part of the “Gogatsu-sai” (May Festival, or MayFes for short). Samples of two different Kaito append voices – Power and Whisper (tentative) – as well as an unfinished version (40% done) of Miku’s upcoming English voicebank have been released. Check out the video after the break!

We’ll update this article as more news come out.

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48 thoughts on “Kaito Append and English Miku Samples Revealed!”

  1. Kaito's Power and Whisper are good!!! Really good~~

    Miku's English really need to be polished. 40% finished, so it can be accepted. But I'm sure when it's 100% finished, it will be a blast!!!

    1:07 Was it Let it win? or Let it wing?? i can't hear it correctly…

      1. Actually, Let It Be was a Beatles song, right at the end of their career as a band (1970). Good song to test with. 🙂

  2. Miku is as fluent as ever in english I see. But there is a definite improvement! I hope when it becomes 100% will we see a much more polished product. 😀

    Also, Kaito's append is AWESOMEEE. That is all. *Cough*

  3. Well, English does have more than 8000 sounds you have to worry about. Japanese only has about 110.

    Japanese sounds so easy when you put it this way. Making a Vocaloid sing from 110 vocal sounds to 8000 is quite a challenge.

  4. I am honestly not very fond of Miku's English at this point. Doubtless it'll get better but I'm not seeing why people seem to be saying it's really really really clear right now (it sounds even more unclear than Luka)…

    I like the tone of Kaito's append, and agree he really was in need of it, but the demo is a little choppy and sounds like it's still in Vocaloid original editor. I'll be anticipating more demos.

  5. Mixed feelings, here, I definately liked Kaito Whisper, but Power sounded still a lot artificial. As for Miku, that's still stuttering Engrish, but definatelly some potential. And obviously she kept her high pitch, I was hoping for a slightly lower range…

    A bit mweh about the Power, But it might just be a poor choice of song/wrong tuning so to say… Whisper is something I'm really looking foward to. *w*
    English Miku is okey~ One can still very well hear her japanese accent, but I'm letting that slide for now…

  7. I'm biased against KAITO since I don't like him in the first place, but I'm not liking the Power Append right now, it sounds like a wonky VCV UTAU right now. Whisper is… Fine, but there's just something off about it that I can't place my finger on, or maybe it's just me being biased.

    As for English Miku, her pronounciation is… Acceptable, considering it's not even half-way done. But she sounds like a chipmunk. Don't see how they could've missed her singing "owl" instead of "hour" though.

  8. That was Miku…? I thought it was Sweet Ann… Anyway, Kaito's appends sound amazing and I can't wait!

  9. People must remember; Luka is a "sub-standard" level of English, Miku is meant to be standard English. In contrast some of the other English Vocaloids have much more developed voicebanks then Luka, Miku's not likely to be on par with some of those though. At VO forums we've pretty much discussed a lot of the current flaws in Miku english, theres a ton of issues to resolve to bring her on par with current English Vocaloids anyway. We hope Crypton reslolves them.

    The current biggest issue; choppiness on most lyrics, slurred on others, and a slight lack of defination on certain pronounications.

    However, since her vocals are stronger then Luka's, already she is easier to hear.

    Kaito's Power was made with a different mic to his Whisper bank, but the whisper bank is so far better.

  10. They both sounded a little stiff. Like UTAUs do, you know? Only, of course, with much higher recording quality. I guess that's what it sounds like when a Vocaloid isn't done.

    However, considering they still have a while to go, I really like what I'm hearing. I could understand Miku fine, and she still sounds like sweet Miku. However, I hope they work on her accent. One thing that drives me crazy about Luka is that there's almost no difference between her 'i:' phoneme and her 'I' phoneme, and now it looks like Miku has the same thing going on. I do like that while she's kept her range, she sounds somewhat older. She sounds much closer to a real 16 year old voice.

    Hey, I hope this means she'll be speaking a little English at the upcoming American Vocaloid concert. If only to address the crowd as much as she did in the 2010 version. That would be such a treat.

    And Kaito….mmm…like I said he sounds stiff, but his voice is already much clearer and I can hear a significant difference. That strange, metallic V1 sound is already bleeding away. His Power doesn't sound particularly powerful, (than again I don't know what his neutral voice sounds like…) so that one could use some work, but WHISPER…..ooooh, that one is very nice, and suits Kaito's voice so well.

    I can't wait to hear more of these two, Luka's upcoming appends, and I can't wait to hear what Mei-chan's upgrade sounds like.

  11. It says 'V2' Whisper and Power. Does that confirm Kaito's and Meiko's upgrades will be on V2 and not V3? That's wonderful! Now the whole Japanese Vocaloid family can sing together.

  12. I always thought that when Miku got her Enlgish voicebank, her voice would sound a little differnt somehow. But right now, I think she sounds exactly the same, and I'm so happy for it!! 😀

    Also, I cannot wait to see what beauties will be created from KAITO''s append and Miku's new voicebank!

  13. English Miku… more like Engrish Miku at this point. It might get better later on, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

    I like how Whisper Kaito sounds, but power sounds very robotic. Also I find it funny how some comments are going "This sounds like Kiyoteru" considering how many people went "This sounds like Kaito" way back when Kiyoteru's demo was first released…

  14. What Letife said \o/

    Despite most people being unable to hear the difference between Power and Normal, I can perfectly tell the difference between Kaito and Kaito Power. Or maybe it's just because I'm such a Kaito fan.
    The main difference between Kaito's normal voice and Append Power (other than the jittery metallic unfinished sound) is the vocal tone. Power is more piercing and stronger, whilst normal Kaito is just…well, Kaito. Unfortunately, Power is also more nasal and has weaker pronunciation. It just…doesn't fit. However, halfway listening through I thought: Oh but in the hands of a skilled Kaito P, just imagine the possibilities! But honestly, I'm rather somewhat convinced that you can't have a chest voice belting Vocaloid or UTAU at this point.

    Whisper, on the other hand, is heart meltingly Kaitolicious. Seriously, Kaito + gentle = perfect win.

    As for Miku, her English right now is far from stellar. From the native English Vocaloids, we already know that English is not the easiest language to make a Vocaloid sing. As in, you need a lot of tuning to make them sound right and even then their pronunciation is iffy and definitely unnatural.
    There are some sounds that are pretty obviously English, but it's hard to pick out unless you listen carefully. She has potential, but the lingering Japanese accent isn't going to be marketed well to an English-speaking audience.

  15. The people at Sony are pro's. The games they make have "thing" that are numbered to be more than 8000 (can't think of any on the top of my head). Would it really be that hard for them to account for the 8000 sounds of English?

  16. 😀 Kaito's whisper is definitely sounding good! Can't wait to listen to more demos and polished version.
    As for Miku, well, they still have 60% to go so I'll be looking forward to it.

  17. Eh. Other than potential they both don't have much going for them right now.

    I was expecting something that would blow me away because bother Voice Actors are VERY prominent.
    It's good that they are both unfinished, though.(the voice banks)

    1. I don't get some of the hype for Miku English, in some non-Vocaloid forums people had this idea of it being Godly almost it seemed. >_<'

      She'll have access to that same crop load of samples any other English capable Vocaloid has…

      …Except Luka, she has some things missing.

      1. I was expecting some great shit partly due to all the HYP3, you must admit, that was generated by both parties (The company themselves, intelligent fans in fandom.)

        She'll have access to the standard set of phenomes and breath sets—-and possibly more if they really put all the glitz and glamour into her. It would be nice that all the hype would actually produce something worth getting ridiculous over.

        I don't know about "godly", but I can imagine a nice clear Japanese Voice speaking it's equivalent of English/otehr language. That would be nice. Very nice in fact.

  18. I'm really looking forward to hearing more of Kaito Append! Even though Power didn't really sound like him… OTL It sounded a lot like Hiyama Kiyoteru… But I really liked Whisper, it sounds great. <3 Also I can't wait to see Kaito's Append Outfit~! <3

  19. Kaito's Whisper is really awesome! I can't really tell the difference between normal Kaito and Kaito's Power but I still can't wait to hear the rest of his append. Does this mean that his original voicebank would also be released for V2? Can't wait to hear what songs will come out of these appends. Also wondering what his append illustration would be like. As for English Miku… not too happy about it but at least they still have the other 60% to improve upon it. Hope they keep working on it – English pronunciation is harder than Japanese pronunciation, but I really hope English Miku will sing better than Luka in English. Right now, I think even Luka's singing in English is better than English Miku (which is to be expected since English Miku is still being developed).

    1. Releasing Kaito's original voicebank to V2? I doubt it. It's require more re-recording, and he works fine with V1 already. Appends don't come with the original voice either, so I'm gonna say no.

      1. Oh well, I can understand the amount of work that needs to be done if they want to release Kaito in V2. His V1 already have a unique feel to it anyways.

  20. I just love the fact that they decided against "improving" Kaito's voicebank and kept the robotic feel he has <3 Would've been entirely new voacloid if he were remade with 2011 voacloid programming. The whisper sounds awesome, can't wait to see his new box art and hear the rest of samples. 8D Not going to comment anything on english Miku, as it's still work in progress. But still, so excited! 8D

  21. That whispery KAITO, while still unfinished, made me so happy I almost gave myself a heart attack. He sounds so gentle and soothing. Yup, that's definitely KAITO!

  22. K-KAITO! 😀 Sounds good! Can't wait to hear some full songs with his Append…

    Miku's English is…below average. There are SOME parts I can understand, but just barely. The rest is too blurry to make out. Thank goodness she is just 40% complete. I wonder how she'll sound like when it reaches 100%… 🙂

  23. Power Kaito sounded a bit like Nigaito to me, but the whisper one sounds more like him xD

    Miku blew me away when she first started, but there's still a bit of work that needs doing, otherwise she has the potential to trump other English vocaloids! 😀

  24. It’s a song that I know (It’s by The Beatles!!), so I can tell you with certainty that is supposed to be these lyrics:

    When I find myself in times of trouble
    Mother Mary comes to me
    Speaking words of wisdom, let it be

    And in my hour of darkness
    She is standing right in front of me
    Speaking words of wisdom, let it be

    Let it be, let it be
    Let it be, let it be
    Whisper words of wisdom
    Let it be…

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