MikuMikuDance v7.39 is the final release.

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After approximately 3 years of advancements and upgrades, Yu Higuchi has announced that the latest version of MikuMikuDance will be the last version.  Earlier this May, Higuchi updated the free 3D animation program to include support for .pmx models, which have greater functionality and customization than traditional .pmd models.  It is partly because of the new models that Mr. Higuchi decided to end development, saying essentially there’s nothing left for him to do and that he leaves the future to the MMD Community.

This is rather sad news here at Vocaloidism, but only because we realize how far MMD has come from being  just a single Miku model, to thousands of custom files that can be used simultaneously on high-spec computers and even the Kinect.  We have even honored Mr. Higuchi’s work with a Lifetime Achievement Award earlier this year. However, we respect and understand his decision and wish him the best in any future endeavors, MMD-related or otherwise.

The future is now in the hands of the MMD Community.  Let’s make sure it’s brighter than Mr. Higuchi could have ever perceived.

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15 thoughts on “MikuMikuDance v7.39 is the final release.”

  1. I remember when I first saw MMD, I thought how can anyone possibly make a video out of that? And now its one of the greatest freeware animation programs out there. Its really come a long way, and I'm continually impressed by the gorgeous videos that people make. This project has had a huge impact on the Vocaloid community – the same way that with Vocaloid, anyone can make a song, now with MMD, anyone can make a video. I love to see what people can create with it.

  2. So am I supposed to start panicking now?
    If he’s leaving the project in the hands of the fans why the hell isn’t he releasing the source code?

  3. It's very interesting just how powerful this piece of freeware is and how much work was scripted into it—–then I scroll around youtube and at least 75% of it's products are essentially labeled as youtube poop.

    Many of the users in the MMD community either really impress me, thus adding to my fascination of this 3D graphics animation engine, and some make me ashamed that this was so easily accessible.

    All in all, there really doesn't need to be anymore real improvements for a piece of freeware (that doesn't seem to generate funds on a hefty scale, as far as I know.)

    1. then I scroll around youtube and at least 75% of it’s products are essentially labeled as youtube poop.

      Sturgeon’s Law: 90% of everything is crap. There are plenty of awesome things to see around the internets between the various MMD competitions to the vast accessory repositories on deviantArt (of all places).

  4. How are they going to make sure MMD will continue running on future systems? Is the source code available? If not, hopefully the author will release it so that others can continue his work.

    1. I figure there will be little to no future systems that won't carry the backwards compatibility feature for very recent software.

      but in case they do release freaky shit like Windows 100 in our lifetime, I hope the source code gets released.
      If not, then someone out therre is presumably already decompiliing and restringing the program.

  5. MMD is an amazing piece of freeware. I love it how the program allows anyone to animate in 3D.

    Awesome job, Mr. Higuchi! ^_^

  6. awww… I’ll miss higuchi alot but oh well.. things are gonna end sooner or later. this post is so sad[esp if ur a mmd user] but thank you higuchi 4 making us MMD!!!!!

  7. I had fun with this program all through college, though I've yet to graduate. I'm still going to miss anticipating the next new features, it was fun while it lasted…

  8. I’ve seen a few unofficial releases, but recently it seems it’s been upgraded to 8.03 on the VPVP page.

  9. from it’s own state, it’s available for the MMD community to fix things around
    since they upgraded to Version 8

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