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We normally don’t talk about the Indonesian Vocaloid scene around here (which is actually sort of odd) but that may all change quite soon.  Some of the country’s most fertile music minds have come together to produce VOCALO.ID, a collaboration album set to greet the world on June 1.

I was able to sit down with some of the brain trust behind the album to talk about them and their work.  Despite various technical issues (I think we all learned a valuable lesson about interviews over Yahoo Messenger), there was plenty of juicy interview-y goodness, and it’s all below the cut.

Joe Mello: Thank you for joining me today (or tonight, due to the time differences).  I suppose we should start with individual introductions and what your role is.

Crash Test: I’m crash test. I’ m the album packager/premastering for this event, and I’m also the music composer for REDSHiFT producer group

Saizen: hello, saizen here. I’m a lyricist and Vocaloid user, and participant for VOCALO.ID

PK: I’m powerkid, in charge of the promotions of the Indonesian Vocaloid compilation album called Vocalo.ID. I’m also a beginner vocaloid user and participant of the event

M2K: Uhm, good morning… i’m M2K….i’m the main part of the organizer, leader actually.

JM: So you created the idea of the album?

M2K: No, the idea comes not only from me.

JM: but you’re technically the guy in charge

M2K: I was only chosen to be that position, hahaha. . . We always discuss with every member whenever we’d like to do events.

JM: Okay.  So I know the name "Vocalo.ID" (.id = Indonesia top-level domain name) was chosen from a poll of potential album titles.  Who takes credit for that, because it’s pretty clever?

M2K: Okay for the album’s title, credit for crash (redshift) and luzzy. Luzzy is person who posted it on our forum.  www.Vocalo.id is a suggestion from him for a new forum name…

JM: makes sense to me. :3

Sai: yup, credits for crash and luzzy. I think that name is really representative of Vocaloid from Indonesia

M2K: Yup, it came from a domain name… But everyone said that would…. have a strong impact.  So, the album name is accidentally co-founded by luzzy and crash (in a different time and place haha). We’ve voted many names….but it was the chosen one.

JM: As for the content of the album, I know REDSHiFT seems to favor a combination of dance and pop music. Is that a fair assessment, and are those styles going to be featured in the album?

M2K: oh…yeah

PK: but not all of them. Any genre is fine 🙂

JM: So we should expect more than just those styles?

CT: yeah

JM: any sneak previews? :3

CT: there are some pop-rock songs submitted for this compilation 🙂

M2K: oh it’d be great, redshift…:) i can’t

Sai: song title?

JM: any juicy tidbits are welcome :3

M2K: haha 😀 come on guys

PK: http://soundcloud.com/CTremixes/mom3_wip-mp3 <– teaser

PK: “Month of Music”

CT: lol

M2K: that’s it!

Sai: that’s remix..

CT: I think its the anthem for this event 😀

M2K: REDSHiFT is clever to choose a song to be covered. MoM is an Indonesian Vocaloid hit by meijuni…I think it’s a fit with the event time line. 🙂 But finally, they ask me to collab in this remixed project. We do this together now.

JM: Who else is in the project?

M2K: we have various artists joining this album (as an event) beside REDSHiFT

PK: there’s nicevibes

M2K: also we have rito-san, indrahebat, and many more with each music style 🙂

CT: don’t forget pg2125

M2K: yeah! he is one of the vital parts on this project.

CT: he is an english vocarock producer 🙂

M2K: western vocaloid ranker. PG’s also doing some art for this album art cover.

JM: If you don’t mind, let me ask something a little more personal: what motivates or inspires you as musicians?

M2K: REDSHiFT first. Go crash, saizen, PK…hehe 😀

PK: Personally, music itself inspires me. And I’d like to contribute to music by using Vocaloid.

CT: lol hmm.. I started to produce/remix songs since JHS and most of the time I needed vocal track for my songs

Sai: for me, the one that motivates me is friends

M2K: ^0^

Sai: I have many friends with the same hobby… xD

M2K: Okay, as for me…music production was never done as fun as before—before I knew Miku. 🙂 Miku changed my pace, passion, and my direction of doing music. I think I’m falling in love with Miku. lol Power of love, that’s it.

Sai : lol

JM: o mai :3

Sai: that goes to me to XD

CT: lol xD

PK: lmao 😀

M2K: what? O yeah…

Sai: so… the main inspiration is Miku.. haha

PK: Luka for meh :3

M2K: but when other vocaloids arrived, the dokidoki was added more and more

JM: So I think we’ve covered all the essential bits, but before we go, is there anything you want to say to your fans, either to fellow Indonesians or any of your followers around the world?

PK: hmm…seriously confused of what to say xD From me, maybe it’s just "Enjoy" 😉

M2K: well XD, I hope every REDSHiFTer would enjoy that too power-san. From me… i hope everyone would be happy for this album.

CT: I hope everyone can enjoy this Vocaloid album

M2K: This trilingual vocaloid works

CT: As we put our best effort & works for this album 😉

M2K: Yes and may this album become a large step for everyone around the globe

PK: Amen to that

M2K: to be connected and collaborate someday, in a frame of Vocaloid

JM: Well, I wish you the best of luck with your album and in future ventures. Again, thank you all for sitting down to talk.

Sai: and thank you too for you, Joe for this interview

M2K: oh thank you very much
, it’s a great honor to meet you here 🙂

Sai: I’ve never expected to be interviewed

CT: thanks for you time Joe

You can follow VOCALO.ID’s progress on their Facebook page.

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23 thoughts on “A Very VOCALO.ID Interview”

  1. Yay Indonesian producers! So proud to have such talents coming from my home country. Will be looking forward to this album…

  2. W3LL. This is certainly interesting.

    From Indonesia, hmmm? Trilingual—-interesting.
    The uhm Yahoo Messenger styled chatlog interview was pretty decent. ;D

  3. MIku's Power Of Love is potent indeed!
    Very2 interested, and can't wait for the album to be released

    Salutation from your neighbour in Malaysia! 🙂

  4. Wow, it makes me proud to be Indonesian… Hahah… ^^

    I can’t wait ’till the 5th of June…

  5. I wish these guys a lot of success ! Also I'm wondering if they will use japanese or indonesian lyrics, and how a voicebank like Miku sound in indonesian ?

    BTW Joe, the link to the mp3 does not work 🙁 I would have loved to ear a sample.

    1. Thanks a lot, that sounds good. Hope Vocalo.ID will be available as an mp3 download, I suggest Jamendo or CDBaby if you do not know already how to sell it to western audiences.

      Also, I noticed while listening that you use the complete CV series from CFM as well as Gumi, but I have been unable to recognize the voicebank used in your teaservocaloid.mp3 at 01:14 which one is it ?

  6. What? How I didn't know about this even though I live in Indonesia? I feel so ashamed :'(
    I can't wait for this album to be released.

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