Vocaloid Ranking Special 6: Vocaloid’s Dawn, Part 1 and 3 (Updated)

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As Naho would say, sorry for the wait! The other parts will be coming soon, but for now, here’s Part 1!

Update: Part 3 added! Part 2-1 and 2-2 will take longer, so next up will be Parts 4 and 5.

Part 1:

Naho’s Opening Statement:


*Zangiri-atama wo tataite mireba, bunmei-kaika no oto ga suru, literally “if you knock a zangiri-atama, you hear the sound of the bunmei-kaika”.”Bunmei-kaika” (“civilization and enlightment”) is a movement in favor of the West that took place in the Japanese society during the early Meiji period (1860), when Western culture started to make its way into Japan; “zangiri-atama” was a type of westernized hairstyle which some men began to wear instead of chonmage as a sign of “civilization”. Thus, zangiri-atama was synonymous to modernity and civilization, whereas chonmage represented things of the past, which is what the expression “zangiri atama wo tataite mireba, bunmei-kaika no oto ga suru” means.

If you pull the pigtails, you hear the sound of the future.

On this busy Spring 2011, we bring to you this Special. This time too, I, Naho, will be your navigator.

My name isn’t “Rei Omaeda”, it’s Naho. I’ll do my best for you to remember my name, so bear with me!

But before starting the Special: my thoughts go to all of you who suffered from the Great East Japan Earthquake. The uploader too suffered from it, and the rankings have been delayed for more than one month but everything should get back to normal at last. Also, since this Special was supposed to be uploaded in late March, the clothes I’m wearing don’t exactly fit the season… It’s almost Summer already…

Like the previous Special, this one will consist of five parts – or rather, five parts but six videos since the Special Project got bigger than expected. The Special Project itself is almost one hour long!

But first, an explanation on how the point system works and what videos will be counted. It is different from how the Weekly Ranking works, so the newcomers might want to check the rules.

Data used: up until March 9, 2011, 5:00.
Videos that entered the Weekly Miku Miku Ranking #1 to #5, Konshuu no Meiko-san #5, Weekly VOCALOID Ranking #6 to #179 and the VOCALOID Ranking SP1, except the ones that have been deleted or set to private. For songs that have different versions, only the one with the most points will be featured.

As for the point calculation method, the biggest difference with the Weekly VocaRan lies in the formula concerning the mylists. In the SP6, the mylist count is always decupled, rather than being multiplied by the “compensation value B” based on the so-called “mylist rate”.

Also, as for the videos that made it into the SP5, only the points they gained since then will be counted so that newer and older songs are on equal terms.

Well then, sorry for the wait! Let’s start the ranking and watch #100 to #71!

Song Status: Old , New


These were #100 to #71. What an exciting start for this ranking!

There’s lot of diversity among the videos that entered the ranking ths time, both in terms of music genres and the Vocaloids used. As of March 9, 2011, sixteen Japanese voicebanks have been released (not counting the Appends and specialized voicebanks). More voicebanks, in other words, more possibilities in terms of expression. Maybe that’s the reason why there’s so much diversity this time…

Let’s continue with #70 to #41. More hit songs you’ve listened to before are coming! Even though only half a year has passed, it’s very dense; we’re now entering the battlefield! Well then, let’s resume the exciting ranking!


These were #70 to #41! As expected, there’s a lot of diversity of expression here too. It has become standard practice to put efforts into providing a good PV along with music. Appealing to both the eyes and the ears of the viewers is what video hosting sites are about after all.

But good videos shouldn’t be taken for granted. Music producers often collaborate with illustrators and video makers to create the final product. Now, it’s hard to know how these different creators meet and work together if you merely watch their videos on the internet… But that’s precisely what Part 2 is about: a special project where you get to take a peek behind the curtain. Fans and listeners might want to watch it!

What kind of special project awaits you…? Just stay tuned!

Part 3:

Naho’s Opening Statement:

Welcome to the five+1 part SP6! Thank you for having watched the Special Project! We’ll now resume the ranking.

But before that, it’s time for one of our regular segments, the “Kiriban!! Channel”! What is it? It’s the segment where we pick up songs that reached special positions, like 200 and 300. Those whose songs will be featured are very lucky! Of course, “Kiriban!!” is full of addictive videos too. I wonder which ones will be featured?

But before watching it, let’s see how many videos entered the SP6. How many more entered in half a year?

6868 videos! There are more than 1000 new videos! But these are just the ones that entered the Weekly Ranking; dozens of videos are being uploaded every day to NicoNicoDouga.

Well then, sorry for the wait. Let’s first see the kiriban between #200 and #1000. Of course, there are also lucky numbers, so stay tuned! “Kiriban!! Channel” start! Let’s! GO! GO! KIRIBAN!

Song status: Old, New.

Kiriban #200 to #1000

These were the kiriban up until #1000. Well now see the kiriban from #1500 to #6500. And of course, there’s also the “special” lucky number! Time to get fired up!

Kiriban #1500 to #6500

That was the “Kiriban!! Channel”. We’re finally entering the final stages of this battle, with #40 to #11! There’s only elite songs here, a lot of which made it into #1 on the Weekly VocaRan. I’m so excited!

Main Ranking #40 to #11

These were #40 to #11! Thanks to #24, “Hannya Shingyou Rock”, a lot of people became monks last year throughout Japan. This kind of sudden boom can only happen on the Internet…

Also, another highlight was “Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru”. So far, it always made it into the top 10 in the Specials, but this time it fell back to #20. There’s really a new Vocaloid generation.

Well then, it’s time to jump to Part 4, with the top 10. Keeping in mind the new generation, I wonder what videos have entered the ranking? Part 4, let’s go!

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12 thoughts on “Vocaloid Ranking Special 6: Vocaloid’s Dawn, Part 1 and 3 (Updated)”

  1. I wonder if Unhappy Refrain is included. XD

    I expect Matryoshka, Panda Hero and Mozaik Role to be way up there this time.

    Thanks for sharing~

  2. Actually, seeing as the article brings it up, how does the scoring system for the Vocaran work anyway? I know it was changed at the start of the year, and I know it's different for specials like this one, but nowhere have I actually been able to find out how the points system works. I know it has the points in the actual video… is there some indication in the ranking video itself of how it was scored? I don't know how everyone seems to know these things, but then again, I don't speak/read Japanese or know many informative English sites other than this one. Soo… yeah. 😛 How does it work?

    1. The points calculation system of the VocaRan is quite complicated; it takes into account the number of views, mylists and comments (including the ratio of mylists per views)… Maybe one day I'll translate the rules in a VocaRan article.

  3. So far I haven’t seen Rollin’ Girl, Ura-Omote Lovers or WED.
    They’re still on the top 10 then… wowaka should really feel proud.

    Wasn’t there some parts about the 16th VOC@LOiD M@STER and Vocafes?

    1. You're welcome! I do plan on translating it, it's just that it will probably take a long time (it's about 40min of non-stop talk you see ^^;).

    I used to spam that song SO MUCH a year or two ago. Ha man, I wondered where it went… -Fails to remember saving songs I like all the time.-

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