Ring Suzune and Lui Hibiki: Two New Vocaloids (Updated)

Source: 2ch

The “Everyone’s Vocaloid Project” contest winners, as well as one of the voice providers have been announced earlier today at Vocaloid Festa 02. Follow us after the break for character info!

Update: MiKA of the band Daisy×Daisy will provide the voice for Ring! Read for a link to one of her songs as well as a picture.
Update 2: Original illustrations + English spelling change.
Update 3: New release dates have been announced + more info on the other winners (illustrations for VY1 and VY2 among other things).

According to a tweet by raitori retweeted and discussed by many Vocaloid fans and P’s like LeleleP, as well as a thread on 2ch, two illustrations have been chosen. The following info come from the illustrators.

On the left:

VFS-01L Lui Hibiki (Original name: Lui)
Voice provider: N/A
Boy, 12 years old
155cm, 43kg
His arms and legs are very bright.
Easily mistaken for a girl because of his graceful manners.

On the right:

VFS-01R Ring Suzune (Original name: it should be noted that the illustrator used the regular Japanese name ordering, but Yamaha changed it to a western one, given name first)
Voice provider: MiKA
Girl, 17 years old
160cm, 44kg
Light-hearted, doesn’t have high aspirations, but she’s hard-working.

According to her blog, MiKA, vocalist of the band Daisy×Daisy, will provide the voice for the girl, Ring. Daisy×Daisy performed a Fairy Tail OP, “Evidence”, which you can listen to here. Below is a picture of MiKA with a Luka cosplayer, taken during the VocaFes02.

Source: MiKA

According to the official VocaFes website, the second voice provider will be announced around Summer, and the voicebanks will be released in Fall.

Update 2: Lui was drawn Yuukari; here’s the original illustration.

Source: ユーカリ

Ring was drawn by Muraichi. Notice that Yamaha/VocaFes renamed her “Suzune” instead of “Suzunone”.

Source: むらいち

Update 3: According to HatsuneMikuMiku, Ring will be released around Fall/Winter 2011 (possibly during the next VocaFes which is scheduled to take place on September 11 at Tokyo Big Site), and Lui will be released around Winter/Spring 2012. They’re still looking for Lui’s voice provider, and they’re auditioning both males and females.

Apart from the two Grand Prize winners, the two Excellence Prize winners will have their characters used for VY1 and VY2, and the five remaining winners will have their characters used for VocaFes’ mascots; all the winners are females. The original characters have been “refined” by 119 (Hikeshi), the artist who did the illustration for supercell’s “Melt”.

Here are the Excellence Prize winners. The images come from HatsuneMikuMiku.

VY1 illustration, Kiku Kobushi, female, by Rimiko (original).
VY2 illustration. 66 (Roro), male, by Manbou no Ane. Left: original, right: refined version.

A higher quality picture of the original illustration can be found on Manbou no Ane’s pixiv account. Check the HatsuneMikuMiku article for the four other winners (utsumimow’s illustration is missing because the VocaFes staff forgot to mention her during the event, and didn’t release the refined version of her work. You can however see it on her pixiv account).

Sources: 2ch, VocaFes website, MiKA’s blog, HatsuneMikuMiku.

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137 thoughts on “Ring Suzune and Lui Hibiki: Two New Vocaloids (Updated)”

  1. Wow, congrats to the winners!! I will gladly welcome Ringu and Rui to the Vocaloid community~ Now, I can't wait to hear their voices…specially Rui's. ^////^

  2. More like he IS a girl.

    Oh. And. Miku rip.

    The outits look creative, but the 2nd character seriously just looks like a Miku fan depiction. Did the final render really have to have similarly long hair?

    Oh well, whatever, whether they make the boy actually sound like a boy/look like a boy in the future and whether they change their looks as of now is unclear, but I do hope they work on them some more! 80

    This project has gotten a huge level of interesting to me now.

      1. Basically. She shares such STR1K1NG resemblance to a slightly altered F4N D3P1CT3D Miku.

        Length of hair. Color scheme. Yeah.

        The other boy is ok….I guess? Why more fruity little boys, though?

    1. I think that sounds Quite dump :l HEr hair's lighter, Her front hair looks diffrent, and someway there not alikee -w-

      btw. i think miku's hair is with a bit more green, just like her outfit, With GREY.

      and her colors are blue, blue, white.

      there not alike :l

    2. that's just because they changed her design D:
      in her black/yellow design she isn't like miku, but they changed D:
      it's bad that they changed, the orriginal was much better

  3. They're so cute! *happy dance* I don't think they look like any existing Vocaloids at all. No doubt people will be raging over there being another young male Vocaloid but I for one am rejoicing. I know there's already so many young males but it's my favorite type of voice!

  4. More R/L names…?

    And how is it that a 12-year-old boy is the same height as a 17-year-old girl? XD

    Well, I know it was to be expected, but Ringu looks a LOT different than the original design I saw on Pixiv (Even her signature "rings" are gone!): http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=mediu

    It almost seems like they took the design and "Miku-tized" it. >___>
    But, perhaps because of my male vocaloid bias, I have higher hopes for Rui. (Haven't been able to spot his original design in the Pixiv sea yet.)

  5. And so the first comment on the first post regarding the first tidbits about the new Vocaloids compares one to an existing Vocaloid. Never change, fandom. Never change.

    Anyway, woah, these designs are both incredibly good. Little leery on the possibility of yet another shota-voice…ahh, who the hell am I kidding, I love Piko and Len APPEND so I'll probably like this kid's voice too. Got high hopes, but we'll have to see if they're founded or not.

  6. VFS-01L and VFS-01R? Are they going to be like Rin/Len? I love the design, though obviously Rui kind of looks like Len while Ringu kind of looks like Miku. Nonetheless, looking forward to their voice samples! Here's hoping Rui actually have a boyish sound. Though I doubt that will happen since it's said that he's 12 years old and is easily mistaken for a girl. Anyways, really interested in this project now. Awaiting future developments!

  7. I'm really hoping that they change the design of the second one, she looks faaaar too close to Miku for her own good. And I thought that the first one was an alternate form of Meiko.

  8. I really adored Ringu's original color scheme. Now it looks like they made an entirely new character. It's a shame they abandoned the original design with a maid theme which has been used for one notorious UTAU in the past and a color scheme that's already been used before. I loved Ringu's design during the contest and to see it… altered so.

    Still, congratulations to the winners! I really love the entries!

    1. Notorious maid UTAU? Surely you're not talking about Momone Momo, but she's the only maid UTAU that I can think of. (There's most likely more, but she's the only 'big name'…)

      1. Was sure they were talking about Acme Iku. Not technically an UTAU, but people import it like the Macnes.

  9. Oh man, this makes me kind of mad. They both look like len/rin // miku rip offs. I mean…Rui's shorts. Chest bow. Blonde hair. His shirt is like a combination of Len and Rin's. Young..young looking. Shotaish.
    And Ringu..similar bangs, similar eyes, similar length AND color of hair, skirt, stockings, and even her hair-thingys look like Miku's hairpins!!
    I'm actually REALLY disappointed. If they become the new Vocaloids….I'll be really annoyed.
    Sorry for the ranting.
    Also, Len was already borderline girly! They just HAD to push it farther?…really?

  10. Why are all the new voca-boys….how should I put this…shota-ish? Not that I mind but Kiyoteru was probably the only recent "normal" male vocaloid we've had in a while…

  11. After I saw the CD for VY1 with the fan interpretations of VY1, I knew there was a good chance if a female was in it would be Miku-esque… 4 of the 10 designs on that album had Miku-designs. Her image is a little too familair to them. :-/

  12. It's a Miku ripoff! It's a Len ripoff! The new Vocaloid sounds like Miki! The other new vocaloid sounds like Piko! No new vocaloid is going to appear original in our eyes anymore!

    Oh and L/R theme? Totally Rin and Len all over again! Not to mention Light Blue and Orange have been totally used as main Vocaloid colours before. Also magnet designs and fish-tailed hair. I love you too, Vocaloid fandom.

  13. Do we REALLY need another fruity-looking boy? We have Len for that.

    As stated above, obvious Miku / & Rin & Len implications on their designs. Lui seriously needs some more masculine clothes. And Ring looks like the girl from ARiA…

  14. I'm fuming right now =_=;
    They didn't stick to their word when they said they were looking for uniqueness.
    They did no justice to the original designs which /were/ unique.
    If I hadn't known, I would look at Ringu and say "Oh, nice Project DIVA outfit for Miku!"
    I am happy my design didn't win, because if it had, I would have not recognized it as my own.

    /rant finished

  15. Hey, ring DOES look like Miku. Go on youtube and watch the music animation "Hatsune Miku – "Aria" ". THE HAIR IS THE SAME. SO ARE THE BOOTS. The creator mustve been a fan of that song…..

    1. Similarities to the character in 'ARiA' aside, the girl in that PV isn't Miku. She's an original robot character created for the song series.

  16. Feeling mixed emotions about this. On one hand, they look pretty cool. But on the other hand, I don't get why Rui is a guy, and Ring needs a lot more originality.

    But I think its fine for Ring to look like Miku. They look really similar and all that, but I actually thought Ring looks more like Erio from Denpa Onna instead. Especially since Ring doesn't have the twintail stuff like Miku does.

    And I reckon they should've kept Ring's original design, because glowing leg rings are awesome.

  17. I'm starting to wonder, since they were made BY F4NS—-are we truly ready for a new kind of Vocaloid? It looks like the designs seemed all too familiar with many shared characteristics and themes as previously seen in the vocaloid fandom.

    As though subconsciously we don't want to get bold and creative to make that one new Vocaloid that has a different hair style, color scheme, or voice type—-rather stay with something familiar and already making money for the sake of safety of launch?

    I'm just saying, since everyone is getting hyped up over the whole "blah blah looksl ike Miku", "blah blah shota Len", "blah blah more twins", "blah blah R1PS"

    I can imagine how the frenzy would look a forum board. ;o

    I mean this lean more towards business because if a fan design becomes successful—maybe there might be more room for fan input on the matter of future vocaloids—-we might even see a contest where we will be able to choose our favorite Vocalist one day!

  18. While I can understand them redesigning them slightly to make them share a similar style, I can't help but see some of the glaring similarities they gave them with our Miku, Rin and Len. It could've been a coincidence, especially with their names, but I honestly saw a lot more unique designs on Pixiv. On the note of Lui's arms and legs being bright, and in the picture, his limbs are shaded a little wierdly… so maybe he lights up? My impression for the time being is so-so for now, I'll have to hear them to fully like them.

  19. Hmmm, the designs are quite nice, I like Ring's design.. I pretend the blue is actually shading of her white hair. Plus, MiKA as voice provider~~~ If they can do her voice justice, she'll b perfect~

    Rui looks alright.

    1. Well I think Big Al or Tonio is as close as you are gonna get with a Vocaloid guy looking like a guy.

        1. Kaito and Kiyoteru are your closest bets… But that's if you're going by lame old american stereotypes. Keep in mind that the Japanese have a different view of what makes a man than american's and other countries. (From TV Tropes) It's a japanese belief that if you are a Bishōnen, you are very sure that deep down you are a man, even if you dress like a girl, as well as a standard that places a high value on male androgyny as the ultimate sign of male beauty. Furthermore, the macho-men that are revered as American standards of heterosexuality are commonly used as gay stereotypes in Japanese media. In other words, each culture has the opposite concept of what is a manly man and what is a man that wants to sleep with a manly man.

    2. People will really continue to make excuses so the only males we get are the "safe" girly ones. :I

  20. Waaah!~ Congrats to the winners 😀 They look so awesome! I can’t wait for their debut 🙂
    I’m defiantly a fan 😀

  21. wow..congrats… i like the designs as well as everybody else does… but..ahhh..im not sure…too many vocaloids.. i hope they reach popularity too…

  22. I’m going to be honest. I’m a little pissed that they went with these designs since I personally find them to be uninspired and lacking in uniqueness. As others have pointed out, they share too many similarities with Miku & Rin/Len. I saw a ton of great designs on pixiv that were just amazing and unique that completely put my entry to shame and would’ve been much better choices.

    But somehow I knew they were going to pull something like this. I was hoping that they would’ve done a better job instead of going the “safe” route by picking “safe” designs. However, I can understand their decision and their decision to, as someone else put it, “Miku-tize” them since the general public is probably more fond of Crypton’s Vocaloids and there’s been backlash against Vocaloids with unique designs in the past.

    Well, sorry for the rant and here’s to hoping that Lui and Ring have great voices. And congrats to the winners.

  23. i'm kinda disappointed that there's gonna be a(-nother) shota-ish vocaloid… isn't Len enough to suffice? :< (we only need Len! Len Len Len! :D)
    what's more, Lui has an effeminate name (Rui could've been a better name for a boy) plus his attire…… would any boy wear a giant bow??? :/ (the shorts are SOMEHOW excusable, i guess. ME LIKE SHORTS COS THEY SHOW THEM SILKY LEGS OAO XD)
    but i think it's okay for Ringu to resemble Miku… or maybe just change the colour scheme? that could do good.

    1. Allow us to criticize the products in any way we like as long as it's not useless hate—-no wait never mind—we need cattle prods up in this bitch D:

  24. Am i supposed to like the original designs more? I mean what they've done to Lui's bow-tie is despicable!

  25. It’s not like anyone has said that they don’t belong in the family yet. People are just voicing general concerns about their similar appearances. I’m going to assume that the people who want these new Vocaloids to be successful don’t want them to be called and remembered as ripoffs of pre-existing ones. Also, I can’t think of any recent Vocaloid who hasn’t had any kind of backlash against their design or lack of one. So even if these two had designs that were something completely new and fresh, there would still be naysayers.

    However, as an artist and someone who regularly designs different characters myself, I can’t help but feel that my expectations were betrayed by the contest organizers. Or maybe my expectations were just too high for this contest… But I’m pretty sure there are others that feel that way too.

  26. hmm… weird that my previous comment doesn't show up. I guess that's from forgetting to set noscript?

    Anyway, for these two to be saved in my opinion, they're going to need great voices and people to make great songs for them.

  27. I kind of like them but I wish they hadn't changed the original designs, I like them way better, especially for Ring. I'm excited to hear their voices.

    A CHALLENGER APPEARS against Piko for the girliest award!

  28. everyone will hate me for daring to voice a negative opinion about design, etc.

    i think ring looks unimaginative as ****. i honestly like the original design a lot more. i don't think she looks like any already existing vocaloid per se, i just think she looks like an uncreative kawaii meido chan that doesn't have anything special about her. though of course i'm going to wait until her voice to make a real judgement. (:

    lui's design is rather cluttered…………did they have to take the original one and throw on as much shit as possible? i think a big problem with eastern character designers these days (not saying it doesn't apply to western cartoons, but i see it less) is that they think the more trinkets on a character THE BETTER!!!!!!!! no. just no. it really isn't.

    actually on second look it isn't as bad as it could be. i am very neutral about him. i will wait for his voice.

  29. Oh my gosh, I absolutely LOVE Ring! Srsly And if they manage to pull a Gumi and she sounds EXACTLY like her voicer, then MY GOSH I BETTER START SAVING UP. (Well I guess they ALL sound like their voicers, but in my opinion, Gumi is the closest) I'm still waiting for that AMAZING male Vocaloid, but hey, for now I guess Kiyoteru will do =3

  30. Neither resemble their original designs. The final designs look cheap, and I would be insulted if this happened to my character if I had entered the contest. Not liking this one bit.

  31. I'm kind of glad I didn't participate in this project… they changed the designs enough to break my heart e_e Ring's original is beautiful. I mean sure it was probably in the rules somewhere that they could do that, but seeing the remade designs made me cringe…

    Anyways BLUH BLUH HUGE RIPOFF etc., but I'm more curious as to what they're going to sound like. That'd be the determining factor for me. Even if Lui turns out to be a giant shota, and Ring just a Miku derivative.

  32. Hey, remember the time when Gumi came out? When fandom was complaining how she was Ranka ripoff and the design looked ugly? That's what's happening now! Seriously complainers, If you got used to her design, you'll get used to Suzune's design. I bet their voices will sound nothing alike. Shut it.

    As for art…I'm feeling bit sad for the original artists, but at least they got money from this (..right?) …Still, that's one convincing trap they have as Lui's final design. Look at those shiny RED high heeled boots. Short shota shorts and mascara. Girly face. They added those but leash around hand/hands was too much? What's up with that? But he looks nice enough and hearing news about new vocaloids is always exciting. Can't wait to hear their samples. : D Suzune looks cute too. I see some theme colouring, red oni/blue oni maybe? Sold together? But if they were going for that in the first place, why not just announce that "Lui's colouring must have red and Ring's blue" when starting the contest?

    1. Telling everyone to shut it is not feasible in this case. I've said it before, there is always going to be backlash against something new whether it's something original or looks/sounds similar to something else except in those rare cases where it really does appeal to everyone. However, Gumi's design was something completely different for Vocaloids (and seriously, other than the green hair thing, Gumi looks nothing like Ranka to me) while for these two, the designs are just screaming "we're riding coattails!" It is stupid for anyone to dislike any of these new Vocaloids without first hearing samples of their voices, but most of the complaints at the moment are raised against their designs; Good Design =/= Good Voice, Bad Design =/= Bad Voice, etc. But the people have a right to complain, considering this was based on a contest. As someone who entered the contest, and as a fan who wants Vocaloids to grow and diversify, you have to understand why some people are upset since they were asking for uniqueness in designs, not the most unique looking design based around pre-existing Vocaloids. Call me cynical or jaded, but I feel betrayed by the contest organizers and I do feel that their redesigns are a slap across the face to the original artists. Anyways, as for the winners, I believe they simply get a free copy of their Vocaloid.

      Still, I'm hoping these two end up selling really well, for the original artists' sakes. If they do sell, they might even hold more contests like this in the future.

      1. I see. But you know, at this point it's not like the company is going to listen, or even notice how some fans do not like the designs unless the japanese are vocally unhappy about them. Even then it all goes down to producers, people who actually buy the products instead of just listening to music made with them. It's pointless for us to whine about it, hence my annoyance. Though I admit, I might have written that comment too rashly and worded bit badly. Let's hope that japanese fandom gets on their toes about this unfairness, as from company's pov they're the ones who are the most potential buyers.
        Sad thing it is, but it's not like this is the first time that something unfair has happened with box art contest *coughsonikacough*. I have lost my faith on contests which sound too good to be true.

  33. If I didn't read the description, I wouldn't know that Lui is actually a boy. Seriously. No offense to all but the 'girliest' male vocaloid, I think it's Len. Even so I can tell the difference which one is Len (male) and which one is Rin (female).

    Maybe it's because I'm not used to it, that I… mistake him as a girl. Judging from the design of course, look at the bow, and the shorts (I mean, I don't see many boys wearing pants THAT short).

    I can almost all the comments are about Miku, Rin, and Len, I guess comparing them with these are inevitable. I'm a person who believes in coincidences, but this…

    Oh well. I'll judge more when their voices are ready. That's kinda the point of Vocaloid after all, to sing, but this, I think; according to everyone's reaction, isn't a very 'good' first impression if you ask me.

  34. I <3 Ring's original design. But her redesign is rather boring. I mean it's cute and that's cool since moe stuff sells, but really it looks like a cross between Nana Macne's whisper append design and Miku's append design.
    Bluh, I'm just going to draw the original design only though. :U

  35. we complained about len's voice being horrible at first, which is why they made "act2". we complained about big al and sweet ann's redesigns and they did something about it (somewhat…). we begged for english miku, and they're making it! Keep complaining guys, eventually they're gonna listen to us and redesign/recolor them.

  36. So… with these new character designs,, does this mean that VY1 will be recognized as female now? I was supposedly genderless while VY2 was reportedly male.Oh and yes, in the cover pic for this post I felt that Ring was a Miku rip-off as well.

  37. Lol aside from the usual stutter of the fandom, I have to say this third update really makes me go "O RLY NAO" xD

  38. They bastardized Ringu so she looks like some Project Diva Miku costume, and I am so f'ing sick of the shitty shota vocaloids. I don't even care anymore if he sounds like Kaito or Gakupo JUST GIVE ME A PROPER MAAAAAAAAAALE, not some "safe" ugly trap.
    In short: Unless they have amazing voices, they will get the permanent side eye like I give Piko.

  39. i really think they should make a vocaloid with a flatter, mature male voice.
    AND those designs! we have no curly-haired vocaloids! she looks like a miku. she should have dark red/maroon-ish hair.

  40. I'm raging a bit because the original designs for Rui and Ring were …. Original. Their "enhanced" version of the two characters look like rip-offs of Rin/Len and Miku. The artist (who, if I read right, drew Melt pics) changed the characters too much, especially Ring. I expected the new fanmade Vocaloids to be really original – which they were, until somebody changed them to look similar to Cypton's Vocaloids.

    1. i agree, i like the mecha additions, but i don’t like all the changes to ring especially. she looked cool and original at first. now she looks like.. well..

  41. Been said, but it feels nice to state it again because I want to show my support for Yuukari and Muraichi properly. It is a shame that the official designs are so drastically different from the originals, I am looking at them over and over and wonder why a contest was even held. Did the artist Yamaha hired(?) just need a base to go on? Might as well have made the characters up instead of asking people for them.

    Original Lui was done to be shota (as in pretty, basically) but certainly masculine if you ask me. While Original Ring was drawn quite womanly yet youthful. Both designs were scraped in place of drastic cyber moe… or something like that. I hope the artists are not hurt by this event and continue to draw their Vocaloids their way.

  42. ……. I thought… They were both girls ;w;…. I think their design might be a little over kill, but it's oki o3o (Except that they look like Miku and Rin)

  43. Oh don’t tell me ..another shota boy D:
    And a miku without ponytails Dx

    Seriously I thought that the designs would be a little more original ¬¬#
    and also vocaloid need another man they already have many women they do not need another woman and an almost woman D:
    I’m really disappointed -_-

  44. I am sort of disappointed.
    We don't need more Vocaloid shotas. We need moar MEN.
    And I liked Ring's original design a lot more.

  45. at last VY1 and VY2 have their own character design 😀
    go Mizki! and go… er… Yuma! (I prefer their name to be like that)

    1. Having a mascot design now seems like their only adding it to shut up the unappricative types…

      …Kind of like how you react Freedom…

  46. Mm-hmm, I’m gonna have to agree with the others here: the altered design kind of sucks. When I saw a piece of fanart for these two, I thought it was Miku and Len. I honestly really liked the original designs, especially Ring’s. But maybe their voices can make up for this? :c

    Oh, and a side note: No more shotas. PLEASE. Len and Piko were enough.

  47. On another note…ISN'T THAT RORO GUY AT THE BOTTOM HOT? Huh? huh?…Okay i'll go back to lurking..


      …..why didn't they choose him?! Oh wait, I'm sort of glad they didn't because they probably would've shota'd him…

      I am now a Roro fan. >w<

  48. I think when they redesigned them they made the outfits way over complicated. They aren’t even the orignal characters anymore. As well. the official art just doesn’t look as good as it could have, as the posing and everything is so stiff. They honestly should have kept the designs, and asked the original artists to draw the characters again in a different pose and used that as official art.

  49. Go back to Rings original design D: I have nothing against Miku but really we don't need a second and I love Rings original color scheme 🙁 Kind of reminds me of Danny Phantom 😀 She could be the ghost vocaloid lol

  50. okay people let me say this: some of you people have to realize that the companies that make Vocaloids probably don't check (or care) if a different company has already made a design that looks similar and I don't think they'd care at all about them looking similar to characters or alternate designs in a music video. Come on guys there's over 20 Vocaloids now do you really think they're ALL going to look completely different?

  51. Ring+Lui original designs = do want
    Redesigns = do not want. srsly.

    VY1/VY2 fan interpretation = WANT SO BADLY (especially Roro! :D)

  52. Dang it Yamha! Ring's design was cute until you made her a Miku copy D:<
    Also another traploid D,:

  53. As for rings design, I think the original is better, but I do like the blue ones clothes. Im thinking the first ones colors and rings on the blue ones design
    Damn, I could have made a much more Unique look >.<;

  54. I actually kinda like them…. The singer for Ring has a nice voice. I really, really loved the orginal designs. They were genius. But of course, they had to go off and change them completely and give them useless clothing, if you can even call them that. Its copying RIN AND LEN. And that pisses me off. What is orginal anymore for Vocaloid? Ring's orginal design was so cute and orginal, but they made it ugly. Lui's design was unique and new, but they had to give him different hair(and whats up with his headphones? :/) I'm kinda dissapointed, but I still like them and I'm not giving up. Maybe fan art will help this. Fingers crossed the voices sound nice!

  55. Oh my jesus, Lui doesn't have a voice provider yet? And my last name is Lui. IT'S FATEEEEE, AFTERALL IT'S MY DREAM TO DO THAT.
    But it'll never happen lololol /dreams away

  56. You know, when I saw Ring’s original design, it made me fall in love with her.
    Then the company gave her clothes.
    I thought the design with the rings, also known as the original design of Ring, was the best. It was beautiful.
    But the new design the company gave doesn’t look too good.

    And as for Lui, he’s one year younger than me. O_O This is pretty.. Awkward.

  57. I don’t hate the newer designs, but the originals were definitely FAR better.

    But whatever, if the voices are good, I’ll be happy.

    1. I dnt like lui,he looks like rin and len in one: is like a really really girly boy,”he” looks more like a girl than like a boy.
      and ring totally looks like miku!

    2. No one’s gonna replace Len and Rin, dont judge them because of that. Seriously. Miku and Ring are different, and Lui and Ring are not trying to replace Rin and Len. Ring and Lui aren’t twins, or siblings!

  58. where’s ring’s box art??? yuzuki, IA, and cul have boxarts but they will be released after ring…but ring has no box art??? weird…

  59. I have to admit… I do like Ring’s design. It’s not bad. But I definitely like her original better.
    As for Lui, he’s just cute either way. >w<
    Look, I don't care if they look/act like the other vocaloids. I'm sure some of use could use more originality, but with the laziness rate of Yamha, that's not gonna happen.
    Also, can you guys just feel happy for the people who won? I mean, if you fanmade vocaloid(c'mon we all have one) was chosen, would you be happy?
    It's laughable, really, the jealousy of some people.

    1. its not just that lui totally looks like len,its the fact that lui totally looks like a girl!
      where are the mens?!

  60. there are not a lot of vocaloids in the world,the people who take care of this contest must to know miku,rin and len,they are the most famous vocaloids ever! -.-

  61. totally agree!
    where are the japanese mens on vocaloid?!
    There are just kaito and gakupo! -.-
    this new “male” vocaloid totally,totally looks like a girl,he only needs boobs,…
    (and the girl totally looks like miku with another outfit)

  62. Their great! seriously, i wish people would stop comparing Ring to Miku! Miku is really popular and good and stuff.. but Ring is unique in her own way!

  63. I LOVE LUI!! >W< He's SO cute, and I love him no matter what.
    SeeU looks like other anime characters, does that mean people dis her? No. GET OVER IT. Who cares? He is unique in his own way, doesn't that count for something? And LEN isn't manly, AT ALL. Kaito can be shota like ((I know Gakupo can. =u=''))
    It doesn't matter if he's girly. There's ALOT of Vocaloids, they're BOUND to look similar.

  64. YOU ALL EFFING MAKE ME SICK. It was good, so they put it up there. YOU GUYS HAVE STICKS SHOVED SO FAR UP YOUR ASS I’M SURPRISED YOU DON’T WALK FUNNY. I read some of the comments. DEAL WITH IT. Ring and Lui are similar to other Vocaloid, YES. Do they still look good? YES. SO GO F**** YOURSELVES, AND KEEP YOUR DISLIKES TO YOURSELF.

  65. when are these going to be released?!? it said spring/winter 2012. lui doesn’t even have a voice provider yet!

  66. WTF? They look like Rin/Len and Miku wannabes! The original design was much, much better! And is the boy wearing heels? WOW. Congrats on making yet another super girly-girl shota boy. There seriously needs to be more male Vocaloids that actually LOOK male. So far we only have Kaito, Gakupo, Yuuma, and SOMETIMES Len.

  67. I think Lui’s pretty cute. I mean, sure, there’s hardly any male Vocaloids. But that’s mostly because most singers, American, Japanese, whatever race, are female. Females tend to have nicer voices in most peoples’ opinions. Plus, we have Gakupo, Kaito, Kiyoteru, VY2, I think there are more. But Len, Piko, Oliver, some other shota-type and Lui are extremely adorable. That makes it awesome for fangirls.

  68. Omg guys if you want more manly versions then go listen to a miraculous there just the same apart from one’s known as a vocaloid and the other is called a utauloid

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