Cantarella: The Musical!

If you’re planning to visit Shibuya in August, you might want to get your theater on.  A stage production of the Kaito+Miku song “Cantarella” (seen above) will be playing at Space Zero from August 3 to 7.  There is some pedigree behind this, though.  Both show director Yukio Ueshima and leads Kentarō Kanesaki and Daisuke Watanabe all worked on Tenimyu, a musical based on The Prince of Tennis.  Of course, if you can’t make it this fashionable area of Tokyo, you can just watch the Nico Nico Douga stream.

With “Cantarella” being just another example of Vocaloid music crossing through the performing arts, you have to wonder what’s going to be next.  I, for one, would love to see a stage production based on “Hello, Planet”  What would you guys like to see?

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  1. "What would you guys like to see?"

    Just about everything like a Mr.Music or Miracle Paint musical, a 1/60000000 or Ten-Faced movie, or (the ones i think would be the best of all) a movie/play of Daughter of Evil and Dark Woods Circus.

    The one problem that the vocaloid community will never have is lack of ideas. ¡¡¡Viva la Vocaloid!!!

  2. Ooohh….I would love to perform this. Dang, now I want to get back to writing scenes and monologues. Ooh, I wanna get on the stage again.

  3. I know mothy's stuff has had its fair share of theatre, but… I wanna see more. 😀 Enbizaka No Shitateya would be pretty awesome on stage. Better yet, the entire seven deadly sins series. (Soooo sad when Seien no Gemini and Akunoxxx were performed – I wanted to be there so badly. D':)
    I managed to buy the Nico broadcast of Kokoro about a month ago – I accidentally bought twice the amount of points I needed, so maybe I could use them to view this one? Cantarella seems the perfect choice for a stage production, all the aesthetics are just right.

  4. Theatre play is alright, but I'd really love to see some OVA's or anime being made out the songs like Black Rock Shooter got. There's so many good story telling songs with potential, such as Mothy's works.

  5. toatlly! we need mothys work on stage , we need a full story with all the deadly sins, we need the story to be complete, sure we can use our imagination , but we also need the artists opinion!|

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