A “Turning Point In History”: June 8 and 11 NicoLive Broadcasts

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Yamaha’s Hideki “Father of Miku” Kenmochi, the developer of the VOCALOID engine, participated in the May Festival held by the Department of Technology of the University of Tokyo, during which he mentioned that important events will occur during early June. There’s still a lot of mystery around it, but more info has filtered out.

The May Festival lecture, “Vocaloid and the music software industry”, took place in May 28 and 29. Kenmochi, who particpated in it along with Crypton’s Wataru Sasaki, told fans to “keep an eye on what will happen during the first ten days of June”. On May 30, it has been announced that “NicoNama Exclusive: Tonight, something will happen in the Vocaloid world ~ Secret Party” will be broadcast on NicoNama on June 8 at 18:00 Japan Standard Time (9:00 UTC); the NicoNama feed will be accessible here, and the gates will open at 17:50 JST. While being a premium member of NicoNicoDouga will ensure that you can watch the live broadcast in the best conditions (bandwidth priority), it will be available in free streaming.

Here’s the complete translation of the event’s description on NicoNama:

“We can’t reveal the content of this event, but make no mistake, this will be a turning point in [Vocaloid] history! Make sure you don’t miss tonight’s VocaloParty!

The VOCALOID vocal synthesizing engine has surprised fans time and again so far.

But tonight, something very important will take place in the brand new AKIHABARA85 (Akibako) club.

Here’s what has been revealed so far:

  • the event doesn’t have a name.
  • it has to do with new Vocaloid-related material.
  • new songs will be performed.
  • VocaloP’s will be present.
  • three days later, on June 11, the “Let’s be loud with Vocaloid – VOCALOID MIX – at club Akibako”. Of course, it will be streamed live on NicoNama too!
  • it’s organised by Yamaha.
  • to attend the party (IRL) you have to be invited.
  • only NicoNama is allowed to broadcast it.

“Something” will happen in this event… What do the organisers mean by “turning point”? You’ll find all the answers by watching the exclusive NicoNama broadcast! By all means, come witness history in the making.”

More info on the VOCALOID MIX event: as mentioned above, it will be held in the same place as the “secret party” (Akibako), on June 11, and organised by VOCALOID STORE. It will be 3 hours long, and while there will be an entrance fee (no need for invitation), the NicoNama stream will be free. he event won’t be streamed in its entirety; the feed will be accesible here, from 17:00 JST (8:00 UTC) to 21:00 JST.

There will be several activities, including the presentation, the possibility to try, and the sales of Vocaloid-related products; a VocaRevo Dance performance (15:00 to 17:00 JST, but it won’t be broadcast live), DJ’s (kazuP, HachioujiP, InuchiP, Cobalt Bakudan αΩ, etc.) will play Vocaloid songs. But the main event will be the live performances by: Hyakka-Ryouran, HirotoP, Yuzuki Kanon, Ieneko, Yui Sakana, Mattsun, Yui Akimoto, Yukohamu, Norakura, Chishiri and Shiinaccho.

No further info has been provided on that mysterious “turning point”, so what will follow is just my opinion, but surely it is shared by many of you: VOCALOID3. Kenmochi, who again, is VOCALOID’s developer, was most probably speaking about this “secret party” – the same Kenmochi who said during the Y2xVOCALOID CAFE event back in March 2011 that fans would have to “wait just a little bit more for announcements” concerning VOCALOID3. Furthermore, the event will be organised by Yamaha, and seeing how they’re promoting this event, it is unlikely to be about the VY series or new voicebanks…

But this is just a theory; for all we know, it could be something completely unrelated. With Crypton’s recent move towards the West (and more precisely, Asian Americans), it could be about new stategies to conquer foreign markets. Another reasonable theory would be an announcement about the release of VocaListener; according to an April 28 tweet by Yamaha’s Y2Project, a trial version of VocaLis is in the works, and they said we’d have to wait “a little bit” before an announcement is made… just like VOCALOID3.

The point is, we’ll have to wait until June 8 to know everything about it!

Sources: NicoNama pages for the Secret Party and VOCALOID MIX, VOCALOID STORE blog.

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22 thoughts on “A “Turning Point In History”: June 8 and 11 NicoLive Broadcasts”

  1. this looks exciting…
    to attend the party (IRL) you have to be invited.
    so… you have to be invited to watch it on NicoNama? Sorry for dumbness > <

  2. TWhen I first saw the little picture and the words "A Turning Point in History," The first thing that popped into my mind was "OMG concert starring ALL the Vocaloids?!"

    After reading, it may not be, but I'm excited no doubt!

    Why do you tease us so?

  3. NO~! I can't watch it. ;_; I'll be in school at that time… Waaahh~ I want to watch. >.<
    I'm really curious!

  4. OK, I'm betting on Vocaloid3 release with a new voicebank using it. I always hoped that Miku English would be using the V3 engine, but maybe this time she won't be the first one in Japan to use the new Vocaloid ?

    1. *slaps money onto table*
      I'm totes with you on that there.

      If we are lucky they will state some really scandalous stuff this time around—-teeehheee!

    1. AX already has amazing stuff going on, with Miku's first U.S. concert, the Vocaloid dudes, GSC, Kalafina, and various producers doing premiers. They don't need anything else (yes, I'm jealous).

      1. Yes, but the Crypton CEO and XP are going to be at an exclusive panel at AX, so there’s obviously something else they’re going to plug, but if they announce it all in Japan first, what’s left for them to tell us?

  5. the topics of Vocaloid 3 and Vocalistener have been popping up more lately, so maybe its that. But I'm a close follower of Miku's facebook page, and the other days, whoever runs the page was doing a poll about where people found out about vocaloid and what websites they visit regularly. I think the online marketing campaign is going to begin soon.

  6. Watch ZERO-G appear out of nowhere and make an announcement about some new Vocaloids. XD Anything goes!

    Anyway, yep, I'm excited. I'll be sure to get up extra-early that morning – the stream starts at 5 AM for my time! (And I'll be leaving for school two hours after… ah well~)

  7. is it tonight? the stream says it's today but this article says the 8th. I'm a bit confused…

  8. Please God, Vocalistener. I would be willing to wait for V3 for a few more YEARS if just that was coming. If it is something big, my money's on V3 or Vocalistener though. I'm hoping it's something that big anyway, it would be silly if it was just the announcement of a new advertizing blitz or something.

    And hey, I'm disappointed in you, Vocaloidism. No love for Kaito's new append demo?

    1. I wonder who do you report to when stuff like this comes up?

      I posted the link in the last Miku x Kaito demo update ;o

      I too also would like to see the Vocal Listener get released—it's improbably too! It would be a perfect (and pleasant) surprise ;D <3
      Hopefully it doesn't make things TOO easy, or we'll see far too many cheap songs and covers, but whatever, progress is progress.( I guess)

  9. I hope the stream is filmed and reposted somewhere like Youtube… I don't feel like watching this at 5 AM. =A=

  10. yeah i agree with Cryssie,i don't wanna watch it that late either and if it truly is a revolution or something like that for vocaloid then i need to see it!!

  11. IT IS VOCALOID3!! And there making a korean vocaloid! And a bunch of other stuff! Plus there updating Miku's voicebank, and it sounds awesome! I'm so happy!

    Look here:

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