ACUTE and IMITATION BLACK Reach One Million Views!

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May has been a fruitful month for the Vocaloids, Toyota Miku, samples of new voicebanks, the Charity song project and many more… But, I think I could fairly say this May has bought the most million hits than all of this year months combined! xD

So, I’ll cut to the chase, ACUTE and IMITATION BLACK both reached one million views!

Well, let’s get to the details, so stay with us after the break:

Kurousa-P’s “ACUTE” gained it’s millionth view on May 26th, 2011 at 02:29 Japan Time. Below is more information and some illustrations.

Lyrics/Composer/Arranger: Kurousa-P
Illustration: Ichiyou Moka
Movie: 三重の人 (Mie no hito)

“ACUTE” first came out on the 21st of August, 2009. The song’s story is about a love triangle, including a man (Kaito) and two women (Miku and Luka). Though they have been good friends, Miku and Luka both fall in love with Kaito, who is full of regret. Miku becomes engaged to him (since there is a ring on her finger). One night when Miku phones Luka, she finds out that Luka is with Kaito. Miku, feeling betrayed and angered for having her promise broken, goes up to Kaito while he is fondling Luka. Miku pulls out a knife and brings Kaito close to her in front of Luka. The one who she stabbed (herself, Kaito, or Luka) is not clearly described in the video and the interpretation is divided. (Plot synopsis is based on information from Vocaloid Wiki).

Nowfor some lovely illustrations of this song:

Image source: しう
Image source: GUMI⌒☆
Image source: ナカタカナ
Image source: uni
Image source: 貼


On to the next hit!


Image source: いろは

Natsu-P’s “IMITATION BLACK” hit one million views on the 31st of May, 2011 at 02:54 Japan Time, making it Gakupo’s second hit to enter the one million views list.

Lyrics/Composer/Arranger: Natsu-P
Guitar & Mix: haku
Illustration & Movie: 春アキ (HaruAki)

“IMITATION BLACK” releaed on the 1st of June, 2009, and comprises Gakupo, Kaito and Len, in a PV by SCL Project as the debut of their Visual-Kei band named VanaN’Ice. The song is about forbidden love and passion for the one they madly desire. The lyrics also suggest that one of the lovers (most likely Len) has been murdered.

There’s no decided interpretation for the song, besides the depiction of a love triangle. According to SCL Project, Len wears a dress because he’s playing the role of the ‘female character’ which is common amongst real Visual-Kei bands. By this statement, the interpretations of the song being “yaoi” are technically incorrect. (Once more based on Vocaloid Wiki. Thanks for your wonderful work!)

Next let’s enjoy some illustrations for this song!

Image source: 黒獅子
Image source: ユリイカ@浮気者と蔑まれ隊
Image source: 空(から)
Image source: HINA
Image source: ソルト


Thank you for reading, and let’s hope this month will bear great fruits like the last!

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11 thoughts on “ACUTE and IMITATION BLACK Reach One Million Views!”

  1. What's are the odds that these are both love triangle songs? Anyway, I'm glad Imitation Black hit a million views, and I know it's a visual Kei thing, but yaoi fans will be yaoi fans. I personally never interpreted Len or anyone dying in that song, though. I always thought Len lost his memory after getting hit in a dispute between Kaito and Gakupo fighting over him. They're trying to cope with what happened and win him back over, but he's not the same anymore, is just an imitation of the person he was.

    1. I personally think he died since there’s the “Fate: Rebirth” coming after this song, but of course at the same time they might not be related at all… XD”

  2. One of the common fan-interpretations of Imitation Black among JP fans is that both Kaito and Gakupo were in love with "Rin" (the girl in white dress). For some reason, Rin was gone and "Ren" became her replacement somehow, thus the "IMITATION Black".

    1. True, but this song has many interpretations, that’s what’s so wonderful about this song- it has mystery shrouding all over it~

  3. I've actually never been much of a fan of either songs, but at the same time, Kaito's getting some deserved attention out of it. :3

  4. Glad for Imitation black, it's among my favorite with Gakupo/Kaito's voice and I have few of them in my playlist.

  5. Not sure why there is debate about who she stabbed. It the video clearly shows blood coming from Miku's mouth in the very next scene. She stabbed herself in the throat it seems.

  6. imatation black to me is still YOUI but it is delicious and glad it to have recieved a 1 million hits >_< now i hope Lovelessxxx gets a 1million hit also because i love it also >_<

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