AHS Vocaloids Songs Now On KarenT

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The record label owned by Crypton Future Media, KarenT, will now sell albums featuring AHS Vocaloids, except Iroha since she’s jointly owned by Sanrio. The first three albums/singles will be “Platinum Romance” by Re:nG (Miku-miki-Yuki version), “Clocks” by Peperon-P and “blue” by by Plutonius (HayakawaP).

KarenT allows only the songs featuring Vocaloids if the studios who made them allow it. It might be a while before we see the impact of this development but the fact that the P’s can now publish works on KarenT using these Vocaloids will make it easier for them to sell their works and for their works to get attention.

Sources: Vocaloid Wikia, Vocaloid Otaku.

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7 thoughts on “AHS Vocaloids Songs Now On KarenT”

  1. Finally! The AHSloids are some of my favorites. I just wish this had happened earlier so YuniP hadn't had to have Miku sing all those songs that were originally meant for Yuki.

  2. Great, I hope Kagome will soon allow us to purchase some of his nice works with Yuki. Let's remind that the great benefit of KarenT is the automatic availability of their song on iTunes, Amazon and HearJapan. This means a lot for the gaijin who cannot attend the Vom@s and all the doujin conventions where many works are sold.

    Now it's unfortunate that AHS' best and most promising voicebank is not there: why oh why Iroha has been branded with Sanrio ? Not only it attributed the voice a completely inappropriate character but now it prevent Ps using it to have an access to KarenT 🙁

    1. Hmm…that word "gaijin"….well, anyway, I'm sure Iroha will make it eventually. Sanrio will see the money signs and sign on.

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