Kaito Append Alpha Demo: Soft

Source: Crypton

Crypton released a new demo for Kaito Append. This voicebank has been developed under the codename of “Soft” but the name is subject to changes. The song used is an original by WandererP, “Karakuri no Tokei to Koi no Hanashi”. According to Crypton, this demo could be thought of as Kaito’s “natural voice”, as only a minimal tuning has been done. Also, contrary to what Crypton themselves announced at first, the version used in this song is the alpha version, not beta. They also said they’re taking into account the feedback they received to improve the voicebank.

Follow us after the break for the demo video!

Source: Crypton Future Media Twitter account.

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20 thoughts on “Kaito Append Alpha Demo: Soft”

  1. I love it so much!!! TTwTT It sounds a lot better than the first demo, his voice is so amazing in this!

  2. And it's in Alpha stage ! That's very promising then. Very good work from CFM, I just hope they will do as well with Miku English.

  3. My heart. Have it, Crypton. ;__;
    Please make rest of his "modes" be as awesome as this, even when they're not finished versions and I shall die blissfully happy as Kaito fan. I am so excited.

    And the silhouette teasers return! It was bad enough with Kagamine append, but now it's somehow worse…I wonder if his midriff will be shown in that new outfit.

  4. Holy realistic–

    Oh my God, now how am I supposed to survive the wait ’till his release date? \^.^/

  5. Not only does he sound more improved, clear and sweet to the ears, but he still has that robotic, futuristic quality that the vocaloids all retain even after their appends. Now, his songs will be more serious and not just parodies of other vocaloid songs! He sounds incredibly soothing and just really good and clear, and now my secret (not so secret anymore) android fetish is even stronger! I hope his outfit looks even cooler than his roginal one. The vocaloids are starting to prgress, and thus look even more futuristic and technological. Very sexy, very cool, very ahead of our time and ORIGINAL.

  6. This is absolutely amazing. His slurred vowel issue is gone, and although his quality is brighter, and clearly different, it still maintains the warmth of his voice that I originally fell in love with. However, I fear that the dark quality he used to achieve in songs like World is Mine and Interstellar Flight might not be attainable anymore. I hope that Crypton acknowledges that and applies to the Append the same expansive range that his original software had. Also a plus- the new box art! I am absolutely thrilled, just by the silhouette alone! My hopes for this are high, and I'm entirely confident in the Append of what will always be my favourite Vocaloid.

  7. I have high expectations for Kaito Append. I know I may get flamed for saying this, but when Miku Append came out, I couldn't even tell it was Miku at all, especially with the Dark. Miku Append sounded much too different from the original one. And with Len/Rin Append, it seemed too similar to their original voices to me, (except with Rin's Sweet) Overall, I didn't feel all that hyped for those three's Appends. But with Kaito Append-to-be, I know there are differences to his original voice, but I can still tell it's Kaito's voice. So what I'm trying to say is that Kaito Append will hopefully be very successful. I really love how smooth his voice now and I really want a sexy design for his append!!

  8. WOW! Kaito-kun! How you’ve matured! His voice overall sounds much more stable and managed. His tone isn’t pitchy at all. I can’t see one flaw with this “soft” voice bank. I’m really looking forward to his other voice banks already! ^w^b 

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