Gumi Extend Whisper and Power Beta Demos + 2nd Anniversary

Source: Internet Co.

Internet Co. released two Gumi Extend demos. Also, June 26 will mark the second anniversary of Gumi’s original release, and Internet is organising a special event to celebrate this. More info and videos after the break.

The first demo, using a Gumi Extend Power beta version, is “Interstellar Flight”.

“Interstellar Flight” is a song from the Macross Frontier OST, and was originally sung by Gumi’s voice provider, Megumi Nakajima. You can see a live version of this song here.

The second demo uses Gumi Extend whsiper beta version. It is a cover of the standard “Fly me to the Moon”.

This video had already been taken down by Internet, so check it out before it’s too late!

To celebrate Megpoid’s second birthday, Internet is asking fans to submit songs and illustrations. The songs will be part of a rotating playlist played in NicoNico Headquarters Café between June 26 and 30. NicoNico uploaders will have to use the tag “GUMI誕生祭2011” and lock it in order to participate. You can upload your videos during the whole event, but Internet recommends to upload them before June 25 so that the songs can make it into the playlist more easily. They have to be original songs, and have to comply with the terms of use of both NND and Gumi. The rules are the same for illustrations; it appears you can only upload them on NicoNicoDouga. They’ll be displayed at the Café.

Sources: Internet Co. website, HatsuneMikuMiku.

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18 thoughts on “Gumi Extend Whisper and Power Beta Demos + 2nd Anniversary”

  1. Gumi, I always thought you sounded great but now…Awesome. No other vocaloid sounded as human as you before and now you're widening the gap.

  2. These sound very amazing.
    I'm also looking forward to her birthday celebration. Damn I want to go to that Cafe.

  3. What ? A Seikan Hikou cover without the *kia*. That's a fail, how could you assess the voice without it ? :p
    Jokes aside, the Extend Power sounds almost perfect, but I am a bit disappointed by the whisper which has still too much digital artifacts to my taste, especially when compared with the latest appends done by Crypton. Admittedly these are still in β so let's wait.

  4. Kinda hard to tell how good the Extend Whisper is since it's in English. But I have to say it's pretty impressive for English. Not as impressive as the Extend Power though, that's amazing!

    But for her whisper demo, which isn't bad don't get me wrong! It's just kinda hard to tell if it's amazing or not :/

  6. The funny thing is, whisper sounds like her regular voice. Actually, Power sounds more neutral than her regular voice, which always sounded like it had a connotation to it the way appends do. But in both cases she sounds really good, and I'm looking forward to the release of her appends, especially her power append. She was due for a more powerful voice. I'd love to hear more songs by Deco*7 using her new voices.

  7. Haaa Gumi always finding ways to make me love you more <3 , fanboism aside that was amazing, the power one didn't sound much like gumi (but it was awesome don't get me wrong), and i have never seen a japanese vocaloid singing in english that well, can't wait to see if they give her a new look (i hope it doesn't hapen the same that with miku append, didn't like it).

    ¡¡viva la vocaloid!!

  8. Wow why did my post show up 3 times? Anyway, I as hoping the special event was going to be a Gumi Concert!

  9. Wow. That Power was really good. Are you sure that's Gumi and not Megumi Nakajima? But then again, Gumi was already pretty realistic to begin with. Can't really say for the Whisper, 'cause it's in English, but if I try not to try to understand it, it sounds kinda… off somehow, like it's not Gumi, but a different Vocaloid. But It could just be me.

  10. My God Gumi is delicious. The whisper is pretty impressive used appropriately, power is amazing, and adult is… unique.

    Gumi and Iroha have to be my favorite female Vocaloids.

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