Hatsune Miku Live in Los Angeles: Mikunopolis (Update 9)

Image source: タカやん
Image source: タカやん

This year at Anime Expo Miku will be preforming live for you! Or as live as she can be. Read on for more information.

Update1: Added more information about the concert, including other performers. Ticket information is now available.
Update2: Danny Choo will be the MC.
Update3: Other Vocaloid-related events held the same day and place: Penguins Project and sunzriver‘s performances.
Update4: ZANEED will be present!
Update5: The concert title has been announced, as well as the band line-up.
Update6: Tickets have been sold out. Crypton Guests of Honor have been announced.
Update7: Vocaloid Guest List expands: Onyx Kobayashi, Toshihiro Fukuoka, and DANCEROID.
Update8: AX Schedule released, most Vocaloid event locations and times added.
Update9: New Miku model photos previewed, and possibly more tickets!

As a part of the Miku-Fes 2011 the first event will be a concert held at NOKIA Theatre during Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California (held on July 1st thru 4th, 2011). The concert itself will be held on July 2nd (no time listed as of yet) and is sponsored by USA division of Toyota Motor Sales (who are also sponsoring Miku), with 3D imagining by SEGA, supervised by Crypton Future Media.

The official website states that this concert will be based on the first Miku Thanksgiving concert held in Tokyo on March 9th, 2010 but that “will feature a few improvements over the original event.”

No word yet if the concert will only feature Miku or not. We will continue to keep this post updated as more news becomes available.

TICKET INFORMATION: If you want to purchase a ticket for the concert, you first have to register for the convention; if you want to only go for the concert, be sure to select Saturday, July 2 for your one day ticket. Once you have that setup, you can go to this page and select “Add to your 2011 Registration.” After you sign in you should be able to select tickets for Miku’s concert. They are $15 each. A big thanks to reader Samuel for informing us of this. As of May 27th, 2011, the Mikunopolis concert has been SOLD OUT.

Update 1: Anime Expo has updated their website with information about the concert (though much is ported over from the Miku-Fes site). They announced that Miku will be their first Virtual Guest of Honor. To keep as up-to-date as possible we suggest you follow the convention on Twitter or like them friend on Facebook.

Update 2: Danny Choo has announced on his blog that he will be MC for the concert, as well as other events planned by Miku-Fes. He also stated that Rin, Len, and Luka will also be performing.

Update 3: sunzriver (“Sakasama Rainbow“) and Penguins Project (“Chocolate Train“) will be performing as part of “Mirai no Neiro – The Sound of the Future 2011“, a panel run by DPH (Delusion Production House), a group “working from Japan to introduce Vocaloid culture overseas”. It will take place at the NOKIA Theatre too, on July 2nd, the same day as Miku’s concert. Thanks to deztora for letting us know! You can read Penguins Project’s blog entry about this event.

Update 4: According to masa3939, who runs the VOCALOID panel: ZANEEDS (all 3 members) will also be coming, as well as video creators/illustrators and “secret guests”. Thanks to Hisana for pointing that out!

Update 5: It has been announced the concert title will be “Mikunopolis”. Also, the band-line up will be the same as the 39’s Giving day concert. Check the official site to see the official logo and the staff.

Update 6: It has been announced that Crypton Future Media Inc. CEO Hiroyuki Itoh and Executive Producer Wataru Sasaki will be Guests of Honor alongside Miku. Hiroyuki-san’s latest project, ROUTER.FM, has been distributing over 1,000 indie labels across the world, while Sasaki-san has been continuing to collect voice samples for the newest products yet to be released. They are expected to speak at a yet-to-be-scheduled panel.

Update 7: Anime Expo released a statement introducing three new guests, each of which will be participating in separate panels and meet-and-greets.

Onyx Kobayashi – Artist, composer, videographer, and most importantly, producer of the acclaimed Saihate will be attending. Saihate has hit 2m views on Nico Nico Douga, and he will be conducting interviews, signing autographs, and speaking at a focus panel on his works.

Toshihiro Fukuoka – Chief Executive Editor for ASCII Weekly and Editor for Tokyo Kawaii Magazines. He was the first to publish an article in Tokyo Kawaii about Hatsune Miku. He currently is working with Danny Choo, and will be moderating the Vocaloid-related events at AX.

DANCEROID – The popular net sensation dance group comes to the US. This group of five girls have gathered millions of hits on their videos dancing to Vocaloid music. Only two of the five members, I-Ku-Ra and Kozue will dance at Anime Expo as a part of one of the Vocaloid panels. It is not clear if the others will be present from the wording of the announcement.

Update 8: Scheduled events have been posted. Some are still missing as “secret guests” arrive. As things are scheduled right now:

    Friday, July 1st 

  • Miku Keynote (2:45 PM – 3:45 PM) [LACC Petree Hall]
  • MikuMikuDance Workshop (5:00 PM – 6:00 PM) [LACC 501]
  • Saturday, July 2nd

  • Miku Conference (1:30 PM – 2:30 PM) [LACC Petree Hall]
  • Mikunopolis (8:30 PM – 10:00 PM) [Nokia Theatre]
  • Sunday, July 3rd

  • The Vocaloid Fan Phenomenon (4:15 PM – 5:15 PM) [LACC 502]
  • Mirai No Neiro – The Sound of the Future [LACC Petree Hall]
    • Part 1: Introducing Promo Videos (5:45 PM – 7:15 PM)
    • Part 2: Introducing Vocaloid Producers (7:15 PM – 8:45 PM)
  • Miku Dance Competition with DANCEROID (9:00 PM – 10:00 PM) [LACC 515B]

Currently it is unknown which guests will be attending which event, and there are many To Be Announced events left on the schedules, particularly for the panel rooms. We will update as we find out more information.

Update 9: The Weekly ASCII.jp discussion featured Mikunopolis, discussing the introduction of Miku to the overseas market, and the difficulties thereof. First order of business is the new model for Miku that will be showcased at the event.
The changes from the original are very minute, but if you look closely you’ll notice her face enables a lot more expression, her sleeves fold, her skirt now drapes closer to her legs, and her leggings equipment is more detailed. We’ll find out in the near future if any other improvements have been made.

There was also mentioned a major difficulty in booking the Nokia Theatre, as Zepp Tokyo does NOT have a balcony, the optimum viewing seating was the 3500 seats on the ground floor. Therefore only 3500 of the 7100 potential tickets were sold for the concert. The technical crew is currently attempting to determine if the balcony section can be used to view the holograms properly, and if so, more tickets may become available. Don’t lose hope! We may have more tickets coming!


On a semi-related topic in the same discussion, a special Tokyo to LA Papercraft Miku has been created by COSPA in correlation with the event in Los Angeles. It will be included in a pamphlet, however it’s not clear if this will be available at the convention. Thanks to Samuel for this article.

Source: Hatsune Miku Live in Los Angeles site, Hatsune Miku Facebook page, Anime Expo website, Culture Japan, Weekly ASCII.jp

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113 thoughts on “Hatsune Miku Live in Los Angeles: Mikunopolis (Update 9)”

  1. This news make my day that I even covered it up the moment I gear about it in my site lol XD btw got typo there a bit, its Hatsune Miku Live in Lost Angeles, not Love XD

    1. Oh hahaha, thanks for noticing that. Bunnychan was very tired when she made the article, and has us QC it, but I guess we missed that. BUT YES, I am sad. I live in California, and yet I do not get to go. SO SAD

    1. It will be filmed, or correction. THIS MUST BE FILMED! This is like Vocaloid history i the making XD!!!

  2. Ah! So exciting! Is there any word on WHERE/WHEN/HOW tickets will be sold?! *panics* I'll be in LA that weekend, so I really wanna go!

    1. An announcement on the http://www.anime-expo.org/ website will be made once the tickets are available through their online ordering system. But I suggest you follow their twitter and check daily as these tickets are bound to go by fast.

  3. Not particularly bothered, can't go and Miku isn't my favourite Vocaloid. Okay for her fans though, Vocaloid came to the Americas for a live perfomance. However, I wish Crypton would give more then Miku at times. :-/

    1. There will be Rin, Len, and Luka in the concert as well, just like the ones in Japan.
      Miku is Crypton's poster child, and without using her as leverage, it's difficult to promote Vocaloid to others. Miku isn't my favourite Vocaloid, but Crypton uses Miku because they have to, and I respect this decision.

  4. Gaaahh if only I was available, I would probably have bough a trip from Europe to LAX, with 8k seats at the concert area at least I would have had a chance to be there to see the start of Miku's World career T.T

    @SBR stop this usual whining about too much for Miku, can't you understand that the more concert she has, the more chance there will be to have concerts for the other Vocaloids when the concept will have grown sufficient recognition ?

  5. Ahhhh! *pulls hair out*
    I'm incredibly excited that this is happening, but as far as I can see, this sort of thing will never come to Australia. :'<

  6. Wow, Crypton is popping out one surprise right after the other! Keep 'em coming!!

    I wish I could go, but sadly Los Angeles is far from the east coast where I live. I hope it gets filmed!

    Also, does it need to be questioned whether or not Rin, Len, and Luka are preforming? Their faces and character profiles are on the offical concert site…

  7. Oh darn it. I hope they have a live feed for this. I really would like to see this but sadly I live no where even close to that. I wonder if they will ever use Kaito for a concert once the 'append' comes along.

  8. OMG i can’t wait sadly i live in europe :C i hope i can watch later also at rin and lens profile they said “clear voice” i dissagree :C their appends are somewhat clear but extremly smooth but they aren’t clear xD also can’t wait

  9. Guys, TICKETS ARE ALREADY AVAILABLE and you need to register before June 24th:

    To purchase your ticket you need first to register on the AX website to attend the convention, if you select only one day pick Saturday. Then you will have the option to purchase also a ticket for Miku's concert .

    So if you're just going to see the concert, cost will be $50 for one day attendance plus $15 for concert ticket (I already bough my ticket and but am almost sure I won't be able to change my agenda to attend :S)

    1. Is there any chance we can buy your ticket? My daughter is a BIG fan and this is all she wanted for her 13th b-day… And now it's sold out!! Let me know — We'd need 2 tickets. THANKS!!!!

      1. Please note that by AnimeExpo rules, the scalping of, reselling of, and attempting to purchase tickets through unaffiliated means is strictly prohibited and could result in both parties being ejected from the convention. Best not to risk it and pray there’s a world tour. You don’t want your daughter to be thrown out of a convention on her birthday, do you?

  10. My guess is that they will have some of Miku, Luka, Rin and Len, especially since they the character profiles for the four of them.

  11. I think we're also missing a major element to this statement. SEGA IS HANDLING THE EVENT! No more of that gigantic black box and minimalistic stage design from MikuPa 2011! We're going to get what all the fans deserve, and it's going to be EPIC! E-PIC! I don't care if I don't get to fly out there and see it, I'll wait until the tour comes to New York or DC, it'll be worth the wait if SEGA is the one doing it.

    1. Gotta say, it's one hell of a pricy trip. I've been doing the math, and even with discount hotels, flights, and tickets, it's a $2000 trip for me. X_X I need a better job with a signing bonus.

    2. if SEGA is doing it, O3O especially when they say, "a few improvements"… O3O fully 3D holographic Miku driving in with her Corolla! *hyperventilates* – hmm… I think if Miku gets a Corolla, Luka should get a Tundra XD – but then Toyota would have to make a roadroller for Rin and Len… I can picture Kaito in a Camry…

  12. I wish I could go!!!!! But hey, if they release CDs of the event, I guess that'll be good enough for me.

  13. Oh Thanks Pengy, I was aware of that but since I had an error message simultaneously … And anyway there is a mess regarding OpenID auth on IntenseDebate, confirmed on their Fsupport page. So I think that I accidentally authenticated myself with OpenID on Vism.
    Anyway, can you remove my duplicate comment above ?

  14. It would be wonderful if there was a live stream of this on Nico Nico Douga or the new English version. God, I wish I could go, but if I can't I want to see all the English fans watching and freaking out.

  15. I noticed this in Luka's profile on the first site:

    In the past, creating songs with English lyrics had always been somewhat awkward,

    Its as if no one acknoledged there ALWAYS were english Vocaloids when Luka's suppose to be about the worst at english as it is.

  16. The supposed link to Danny Choo's blog just goes back to this article…
    That said, it's a shame I can't go even though I live in the area, due to summer camp. This would have been awesome…

  17. This is awesome because its a really big step for Vocaloid in the US. My only problem is I can't get to it cos I'm on the other said of the pond DX.

  18. Hm. I can't help but notice 5pb's name isn't anywhere in this announcement. Perhaps Toyota has taken its place?

    If so, good.

    1. It's being run by SEGA, no? (Who were responsible for 39's)

      Also lolol I was surprised to see @masa3939 response to my tweet referenced there 8D;; Oh you, Hisa

  19. I wanna go there, I wanna see it :'(
    But here I am, on the other half of earth (am I correct? geography isn't my strong point)

    Is there any chance they'll put this live on internet?

    1. IKR!! i hope i can go!!! me and my friend had a fan girl moment when we heard about this XD

    2. Yeah, but you also have to pay 50 dollars for attendance plus travel distance and extra money for anything you'd want to get at the con! Dx

        1. 1) The article says it's based on the 2010 concert.
          2) If you go to the mikufes website, guess who else is there with Miku? Rin, Len, and Luka. The site even has character profiles for all four of them.

          They said there would be improvements…I'm not sure what that means, but I hope we see Rin in her meltdown outfit and Luka in her Just be Friends dress. That would be so cool. I'd hope for Len's Punkish, but Rin doesn't have a costume to match and they're on the stage together. Eh~

      1. Maybe, but its still not confirmed if the set list is the same. They said its based off the 39 Giving Days concert, but that doesn't mean they couldn't change out some of the songs. Personally, I'm hoping for more stage time for Len besides one song.

  20. Hey, a bit off topic from the LA concert, but will Crypton make Vocaloid concerts at least once EVERY year at any location? That's all I need to know cuz I can go in the future…

    1. As long as all of us keep Vocaloid popular and probably make future Vocaloid software/album sales a decent success I am sure that there will continue to be concerts for quite a long time.

  21. So, so happy with this news and so happy that I am pretty sure I will be there now.

    To some of the fellow comments: Let me say once more that there is no reason to be bitter about Miku's success. Some may disagree but I really believe that if she hadn't been a smash hit success almost none of here amazing successors, made both by Crypton and the other companies would most likely never come to be. People keep saying they want to see the other Vocaloids in concert, we the most likely way for that to happen is for Miku (and probably Luka, Rin, and Len) to have great support at a concert like this. It would be a strong sign that the world wants more of these events. And I sincerely hope that comes to pass, because seeing Gumi sing Mosaic Role or Yowamubushi Montblanc in concert would be awesome!

  22. I wonder just how big the news coverage for this event will be.

    If they flipped out for the 3/9 concert of 2011 IN JAPAN how explosive will a 3/9 (2010) concert be IN AMERICA?

    LOL @ people. I don't see what a Miku can do to really earn your "dislike" towards it.
    but LEIK it'sok, because you don't have to go to the concert.

    *tries to buy all the tickets despite being 3000 miles away*

  23. Penguin Project ! I really like their album, the first Vocaloid album I found on CDBaby, let's hope that with Miku's concert we will find more like this now. Really I suggest everyone to give it a try, there's more than Chocolate Train in this album to please your hear.
    Also Sunzriver ! Sakasama Rainbow was one the first song to end up in my playlist when I discovered Vocaloid but I have never been able to purchase it. Does anyone know if Sakasama Rainbow has been included in an album or can be purchased ?

    1. you know Anime Expo also has the Vocaloid sound of the furue panel ^ and other great anime stuff… being the largest anime con in both American continents. It's really worth your money- One day isn't enough to see all the anime goodness. And the Vocaloid panel will sell vocaloid goodies this year and be less boring than last years. I really regret not going last year cuz I wanted to see Megumi Nakajima sing!!!!!!

    but i live in westen australia…

  25. haaaa~ i wanna go!! >▼< where is nokia anyways? so~ is miku preforming in anime expo or nokia for all the days?

  26. Greetings all! Based on what I saw at the 39 Thanks giving event held this year, Miku and company will have more interactive personality than was in the 2010 event.

  27. Where'd you find that pretty looking picure of Miku Hatsune? For one that's more realistically human, it's actually very good.

  28. Anime News Network announced that there will be new music numbers and costumes for this. Oh, and there's some travel deal for the Japanese to come over to LA to watch it. >.< I'm seriously hoping for a live stream, cause I don't wanna miss out just because I'm stuck on the east coast.

  29. Official name and logo for the concert have been announced ! MIKUNOPOLIS

    And the band that performed at the Miku no Hi Kanshasai is back ! Welcome back happy drummer (Shin Orita) and serious pianist (Jun Abe) ^_^

  30. Uwaa, this is very exciting! Even though there's no way I can go… XD
    Who do you think is the secret guest? I guess it's DECO*27 (he was on 39's giving day concert, right?)

  31. "Also, the band-line up will be the same as the 39′s Giving day concert."

    YESSSSSSS~! So we'll have Enthusiastic Drum Guy and all of the other awesome people! And that means that Hatsune Miku will probably introduce them on stage like she did at that concert, too!

    "Anime News Network announced that there will be new music numbers and costumes for this. Oh, and there's some travel deal for the Japanese to come over to LA to watch it. >.< I'm seriously hoping for a live stream, cause I don't wanna miss out just because I'm stuck on the east coast."

    AHHHHHHHHH~! ;.; I hope there's a live stream, too! I can't afford to fly to LA for the concert…

  32. Just a small correction – according to the Japanese in that post by Penguins Project, when he says "same place", he means Anime Expo as a whole, not the NOKIA Theatre.

  33. Check out this guy's customized negi glowstick. He's in the bay area and has a couple extra to sell.
    I asked him directly through his email and I got 2 for 20 free shipping. Now I'll have something better than holding 3-4 random sticks at the concert!

    [youtube 7mj3GjkS-eE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mj3GjkS-eE youtube]

    btw, can anyone confirm if the seatings are assigned at online order or at ticket pickup?
    my friend who went to miyuki nakajima's concert said the latter but someone on the vocaloidotaku forum said the former.

    1. Sam already answered correctly, but I just wanted to say that yes, officially, AX said the latter, and that if you REALLY want good seats, be sure to pick up your tickets on Day 0 (June 30th, after you get your badge)f

  34. I seriously need to know which guest is gonna be on which day because i do not have a Friday pass!!!! T^T

    Wish i knew the answer to your question John >.>

  35. Bunny, could you Update the article with the following (very important) information:
    ASCII.jp is reporting a conference done by Itoh and Tokyo Kawaii Mag yesterday about Mikunopolis.
    They provided some glimpse about the model used (better than Kanshasai but no as good as Mikupa IMO) but more importantly are speaking about the seating: IN order to guarantee a good viewing experience only 3500 of the 7100 seats were available, but know they are trying to see if the upper (balcony) floor of the Nokia Theater could be used. This may be of interest for all the people having missed their opportunity to get their tickets.

      1. Nitpicking, but actually Zepp Tokyo do have a balcony with seats and it was used for Mikupa and Kanshasai, it's just that it is smaller and most of the space is standup below. In the case of the Nokia theater, there's two levels above (loge and mezzanine) and they host almost as much seats as the main (orchestra) area. Still it's unclear if they're not already used partially and instead CFM/AX decided to not use the seats on the side of the Orchestra zone or just did not use the seats in the loge and Mezzanine. According to the AX staff it seems difficult to change the booking of the place, so there may be more complexity in making these seats available than only the concerns of the view angle.

  36. I hope they do sell the remaining 3,600 tickets (3,600. TT__TT)


  37. The new model is better, but there's still the umbrella-hips syndrome and the plastic feeling of PDA. I really miss the models used for Mikupa.

    1. What, do you own stock in 5pg? Sure, the twins having pupils was cool, but did you see Luka's hair? Not good. Plastic or no, better hair physics and more detail to the models helps with suspension of disbelief. Mikupa's models were too reminiscent of video game graphics.

      1. funny thing is, the 39's givings day graphics WERE video game graphics (Project Diva: Dreamy Theater) . Anyways, I say we should go with the models that they used for Kocchi Muite Baby (the opening for PJD2nd). Those look way more realistic, and Miku doesn't have the 'umbrella-hips' syndrome. Plus, her eyes actually turn instead of blankly staring forward, you can see her teeth, and she doesn't look like she's lip-syncing. IMO, it's the best of both the DT and Mikupa models. I agree with you about the hair physics. Samuel, what do you mean by 'PDA'?

      2. Actually the CGI was done by Marza Animation (the guys who did the Kocchi Muite original PV for PD2) and guess what, they're part of SEGA 😛
        Now I completely agree that they did a sloppy job on Luka's hair (lack of time/budget ?) but on the opposite Miku's hair animation was so much better than on the Kanshasai PDA models …
        Also that's the guys who did all the original animation and interaction for the Mikupa concert. You have noticed that Kanshasai choreography is nothing more than the PD2 dance moves with very few public interaction right ? Tenshi Miku and all the effects (tear, rainbows, etc.) were great ideas ! If we have a virtual singer why should we limit her to the scene performance of flesh and blood singer ? Let's be creative, like they did at Mikupa. The P's are creative with Miku's voice (Miku no Shoushitsu damn !) why would the concert organizers shouldn't ?

        I think we need to take appart the fail of 5pb on Mikupa regarding org and camera management and the great job of Marza and recognize when something is better to keep it.

        1. Lol I knew that first part – thats what made me kind of mad. I guess the dudes at SEGA JP are a little in love with their PJD:DT/A work… Also, there are some noticeable differences between PJDDT and PJDA… in A, the noses are smoothed out (and not to mention less disturbing), and the eyes look sadder, sloping downward to tue outside.

  38. Sadface, my touhou panels overlaps with mirai no niero. But, I'll catch the producers part, at least.
    In any case, I'll be giving the "vocaloid fan phenomenon" panel, so if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions just ask me.

  39. What I'm hearing is this: they were only selling 3500 tickets (not 7100 which would be all the seats at the NOKIA theater) because that's the amount of people you can have in there and still have the hologram effect look good. Now because the tickets are sold out and there has been an outcry about it, the AX peeps are considering opening the balcony, but the Sega/Crypton/concert set-up peeps don't want to do that because they'd rather less people get a great show than more people get a lesser show.

    Honestly…If the balcony seat aren't good enough to view the Vocaloids in all their glory….I'm siding with the concert peeps on this. Don't put on a not-as-good-as-it-could-be show. That will not be good for Vocaloid's reputation statewide. And as it is now, the minimal amount of tickets leaves the public wanting more. In other words, more shows.

    Also, this is (supposedly) similar to the disagreement Sega had with 5pb over the blue-ray dvd that made Sega take its ball and go home. I do NOT want that to happen again. I LIKE the transparent screen and I love that America is getting a concert with it and that's Sega's ball.

    1. What's the story about the Kanshasai DVD and SEGA/5pg ? I read many rumors but have not been able to have a clear picture. Does anyone have a source somewhere (Japanese would be fine) ?

      1. Umm, I once found a secondary source, but now can’t find it. (:P) Anyways, it said that SEGA JP wanted more time to make the DVD/BluRay the best quality, but 5pb had the final say, and they wanted to compromise qualityto meet the deadline. The concert producer (head of SEGA JP) received his sample and said the DVD was just a ****ty frisbee and didnt want his name associated with something so bad.

      2. I did have a secondary source, but I kind of lost it… 😛 sorry… anyways, it just said that the SEGA JP wanted more time to work on the DVD/Bluray to make it the best quality possible, but 5pb 'had the final say', and said no. When the 39's givings day producer (head of SEGA JP) got his sample, he called it a ****ty frisbee (according to the source) and said SEGA JP would never do another concert again (heh, which is untrue now, thankfully) because he didn't want his name associated with something so bad… ironically, because now that company that starts with a number and ends with 2 letters is really the one who needs to apologize (and did) for quality issues (see: Mikupa).

  40. I hope there'll be a stream, although I'll be in London and have to get up at 4:30 AM to watch it live.

  41. a new Miku model? whatever happened to these high-quality, created-by-the-same-company-that-made-this-one, teeth-actually-visible, mouth-looks-natural, eyes-can-face-different-direction-without-looking-weird, already-emotion-capable, even-more-realistic-graphics, no-umbrella-hips-syndrome,* plasticy-but-in-a-good-way models??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbbF4rWahqo&feature=BFp&list=WL6B5A2A77A1EB18D3&index=2

    *thanks to Samuel for the interesting diagnosis 😉

  42. based on doesn't mean the EXACT SAME thing… they just want to distinguish the event from the previous stage setup disaster that occurred due to the company that starts with a number and ends in two letters. So not necessarily. just like based on a true story doesn't mean that the movie/book/media has to EXACTLY conform to that story.

  43. Ah, i want a ticket for los angeles sooo much… not for me though.. i live in Europe, but my friend is such a vocaloid fan.. i wish i could get her one or two tickets for her and her sis

  44. y do bad yet good things happen to me……………i can't go cause me cuzins are coming on the very day that mikunopolis is happening………..sigh………………….life is tough……………………:'(

  45. Will anyone have a livestream streaming of the nico stream in which we don't have to pay or don't have an extra ticket? Much thanks to those who could help.

  46. there cant be any recording other than that of authorized press because sega wont release the concert dvd if someone does record it.

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