VOCALOID3 Spanish and Chinese Samples

YAMAHA's Hideki Kenmochi (from AV Watch)

Ken Fujimoto, a journalist for AV Watch and Digital Station specialized in DTM, wrote an article featuring the Spanish and Chinese VOCALOID3 samples that were played during the secret party. Follow us after the jump!

First, the demo presenting the new features of the VOCALOID3 Editor: you can make a full-fledged song by importing an instrumental track and applying reverb to the voice. The song is named “Sanpo” (stroll), and is featuring a female Vocaloid.

Chinese sample:

Spanish sample:

And in case you missed it, here’s the Korean sample (voiced by Kim Tahi, developed by SBS Artech):

It should be noted that no Spanish or Chinese VB has been announced yet, and the voice providers who worked on these demos won’t most probably be chosen for the final VB’s. We’ll update the article as more news come out!

Source: AV Watch.

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41 thoughts on “VOCALOID3 Spanish and Chinese Samples”

  1. Am I the only one who feels sad about how they want to oversaturate the market now? As well as feel rather unexcited about the other language vocaloids? (English included).

    1. Kinda sounds like a weaboo reply to me. :I Who cares about the oversaturation of the market? The goal of Vocaloid is to replicate the human singing voice. Not "Please all weaboos everywhere with kawaii daysoo J-Pop figures only."

    2. I'm sorry, but nless I've encountered over a hundred false sources, the first Vocaloid VBs were English, not Japanese. Profit will always bring and require progress. Progress will always bring expansion as a result, and to be honest I would've thought such a variable and broad programme would have a much more open-minded fanbase.

      P.S. I hope we see a German Vocaloid at some point because that would be glorious

    3. You do realise that English Vocaloids were sold first? And that there are more English speakers in the world then Japanese and that the English Music market is stronger then the English market. And that more places speak English then Japanese. I could go on I won't on this thought. Moving out into new areas brings new approaches, different cultures have different workings and new approaches. The expansion into new language opens far more doors then keeping to the original two would ever do so. ^_-

    4. I do feel rather upset that Vocaloids are like candy now. There's always a new one. I miss the days when about 2 Vocaloids would come out a year and it was exciting but now, they've become more about money then the fans. They are oversaturating the market to make money. IT's not about fans like it used to.

      1. But Yamaha always wanted Vocaloid to be like this.

        Okay some are not making sense, your complaining about Vocaloid becoming more expansive?

        That makes no sense ppl!

    5. The only thing I'm sad about is how I'm supposed to keep up with this on my site, LOL! xD My dropdown menus are already long enough as is without all these new ones!

    6. The only one i'm looking forward to is hte Korean one. I kind of know what you mean, not exactly looking forward to English Miku… unless it's really impressive. And the demo was not.

    7. Uh…you do realize that the English Vocaloids came first, right? The 'glorious Japanese' came after. :/

      (And I am in serious love with the Korean VB, the Chinese one sounds nice too. I couldn't really hear the Spanish one properly though.)

    1. I would need more demos to determine that!
      Also, I do wonder if/how these specific language voicebanks will be released/distributed in the regions where it is most fluent.

    2. Apparently to a native Spannish speaker its awful. Honestly, don't expect perfection in the first attempt, adjustments come with time and the first ones will always sound like they choke. The first Vocaloids for our current languages had much room for improvement, and if you thought English was an extensive language spanish has so much more complexicity then even English.

      1. Actually, as a native Spanish speaker I can tell you, that demo sounded completely natural (a little weird towards the end but I couldn’t hear really well thanks to the other voice), and actually I don’t think that making a Spanish vocaloid is that hard (compared to an English one) since I have seen people that make Miku sing in Spanish very well (apparently there are some similarities between Japanese and Spanish) like in:


        ¡¡viva la vocaloid!!

        1. Well we won't know how much more complex. At the moment all we know is Japanese Vocaloids have 500 diphonetic samples and with a total of 1,300 samples while English Vocaloids have 2,500 diphones and make up a total of 8,500+ samples altogether. The complexicity will become more apparently when people are able to hack the software to look up how many files are in each Vocaloid.

  2. All the samples sound great and realistic, and I really like the Spanish voice. The new developments of this technology are amazing.

    1. Agreed.

      Although it kind of reminds me of SF-A2 Miki, maybe a more mature & clearer version. I like Miki though, so I'm happy 😀

  3. "Bésame si te atreves.
    Ven aquí, sin temor…"

    100% natural. He's perfectly understandable but his pronunciation could be better. However, it's only an early demo.

  4. Wow they sounded great! I don't know about the Spanish since I'm not fluent in it, but the Chinese was great! [it did have a little bit of an accent, but one can barely tell ><]

  5. Spanish voice sounds really, really good — with that and the Korean demo, it seems to me like V3 will be upping the general quality of Vocaloid voices significantly. I'm excited!

  6. this is great and all but I agree with Naruedyoh, I don't see the korean, chinese and spanish VBs selling, I mean it would definitely add a ton of listeners and users with a ton of new songs pumping out with the Vocaloid3 editor and stuff, but I don't know about the main listener group now (Japan) and who this will affect them…
    I think these new VBs are more hype than profit (I'm buying them anyway =P)

    1. Give them a chance, even the english Vocaloids getsales of at least 1,000 units per Vocaloid. Thats all they've got to hit to be considered a business success, they'll get more popular over time.

  7. Ah…so the Korean sample WAS legit… pretty damn impressive imo.

    But I concede with Mahoro on the 'oversaturation' point, but NOT on the globalization of vocaloids. Just simply pumping out Vocaloid voicebanks seems like they're just trying to cash in quickly by producing dozens of them, which I felt was the case when AHS did the whole 3 Vocaloids at once thing. Having vocaloids that can be used in other languages is beneficial to foreign countries and not just Japan, which is a major plus to the music industry as a whole.

    Of course there will eventually be a critical mass of vocaloid banks, but I hope they at least pace out their releases instead of thinking the userbase will lap up anything thrown at them.

  8. I love that vocaloid is expanding into these languages. Hopefully we'll see a lot more variety of songs

  9. That was a Spanish sample? That was horrible. I couldn't understand it—-!
    but the voice did have potential. The Chinese had this feel to it that amazed me.

    It is fantastic that Vocaliod will expand it's horizons like never before!
    It would be even more fantastic if it outgrew it's little doujin/Otaku circles—-after all it's purpose is much greater than what anybody could possibly offer it today, anyways.

    Am looking forward to how beautiful Voclaoid 3 will be!

  10. The Spanish Vocaloid sounds very understandable!!! His pronuciation is almost perfect! I love hiiiiiimmm!!! (I'm a Spaniard so I can't help getting excited xD)

  11. Ohmygosh, I was pretty impressed when I heard the Korean demo….
    but the Chinese one… WOW. I LOVED THAT ONE. IT SOUNDED AMAZING!
    & the Japanese Vocaloid3 demo was really good too, that's my favorite one after the Chinese one
    & The Spanish one sounded pretty realistic, wow!

  12. The Chinese one sounds pretty convincing, I'd take that as a real singer with tuning. (Still a bit robotic in this state.)

  13. I'm liking the new sample so far. 😀 They sound pretty good, and they'll sound wonderful once the final voice provider has been picked and the VBs actually worked on.

    While I fully support the globalization (if that's the correct word) of Vocaloids, I don't necessarily support all these Japanese voicebanks being pumped out at such a rapid speed. The English Vocaloids need a bit more variety in the voices so I don't mind so much, but the Japanese voicebanks are now going to sound simliar, with simliar voice qualities repeating itself, in my very honest opinion. The VBs Vocaloid2 already present us with a wide range of unique voices (cute, husky, tomboy-ish, soft, etc.) that I think are going to be hard for the upcoming Japanese Vocaloids to not repeat, especially in the voice range/qualities that Miku dominates so far. The qualities of the currently announced VBs sound as if they're all going to sound like kawaii neko sparkly desu.

    Like an old person, I miss the "good old days" when only a few Vocaloids came out per year. However, I guess I should be more positive in that the mass-releasing of the VBs are a sign that the world is more accepting towards Vocaloid and that all these new voicebanks are steps to the future and improvement of the Vocaloid engine.

  14. umm im puertorrican and i must say that the sample isnt that bad but i ask myself if the person is fluent in spanish because it kinda sounds like he was forcing to do it

  15. I don’t get why everyone’s complaining! Thousands of fans asked for new Vocaloids and now since we have them thousands of fans are saying they don’t want them. We’re getting new languages because fans asked for new languages, if the fans weren’t here they wouldn’t be making more. At least 3 (at most about 6) Vocaloids were coming out every year since 2004, the only reason it seems like a whole bunch are coming out at the same time is because we know about all of them.

  16. I hope Chinese vocaloid comes out! I’m a Chinese too xDDD!!
    Though,I’m Cantonese, and I’m from Hong Kong xDD 

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