GUMI’s 2nd Birthday: NicoNama; More Info on Matsuri-Bayashi (Updated)

GUMI誕 by 藤代叶

Let’s play a game: GUMI’s birthday, June 26, NicoNico Nama/Seiga, buzzG, Adult, Sweet, NicoNico Headquarters Café, playlist, GUMI menu, Mozaik roll cakes, place mats. Waiting for your answer!

You give up? Then I guess you’ll have to read on for more info.

Update: You can view a video message by GUMI’s voice provider Megumi Nakajima on Internet CO., Ltd’s site (click Nakajima’s picture), recorded especially for GUMI’s birthday. KarenT is also celebrating her birthday with a collection of GUMI songs; check KarenT’s website for more info and a crossfade video.

To celebrate Gumi’s third anniversary on June 26, Internet Co. is organizing several events. First, as said in our previous article, they’re asking fans to submit pictures and songs for this special occasion. The chosen songs (PV’s) will be part of a rotating playlist, played in the NicoNico Headquarters Café during one week starting from the 26. You can still submit your songs until June 30 by uploading them to NND and locking the tag “GUMI誕生祭2011”; so far, 85 songs using the special tag have been uploaded.

As for the pictures, GUMI’s voice provider Megumi Nakajima herself, who recorded a video message to be played on the 26, chose 10 of the submitted works that will be displayed in the Café; place mats were made out of 4 other ones, and they’ll be offered to the customers who order the special GUMI menu. Links to the 14 illustrations can be found here. Worthy of note is that the PV one of the illustrations was used for features Internet Co.’s Noboru Murakami, who admitted he’s the one playing the guitar on some of the demo songs for the Internet Vocaloids. The song is “Natsu no Kaze to, Kimi to Watashi to Mugiwara-boushi” by maya; Murakami plays parts of the solo.

The GUMI menu consists of a mixed muscat and orange juice, the “GUMIX Juice” (same colors as GUMI, as well as two cherries symbolizing her goggles) and 5 differently flavored mosaic roll cakes symbolizing DECO*27’s song Mozaik Role, the Mozaik Roll. The menu costs 1,200 yen, and will be available until July 10.

GUMI menu: GUMIX Juice and Mozaik Roll

Additionally, other chosen works will be displayed on NicoNico Seiga (NN Pictures) on the 26. 221 illustrations have been submitted so far on NicoNico Seiga.

Still on June 26, there will be a NicoNama broadcast with buzzG, Shinya (from Luna Sea) and Gero as guests. buzzG used a version of GUMI Power for his new song “Matsuri-bayashi” and recently released a crossfade demo of his upcoming album.

Also, he uploaded two videos of the making of “Matsubari-bayashi”, which will be relased on June 29. The videos feature interviews with band members (including Gero) and song previews.

Four new samples of GUMI Extend will be revealed during the broadcast, one for each type of voice. No samples for Sweet (immature/young voice) and Adult (calm voice) have been released so far; according to a tweet by Murakami, they will use “Interstellar Flight” again for both demos.

The NicoLive will be broadcast on June 26, 10pm Japan Standard Time (1pm UTC). Noboru Murakami will be present, and motsu from m.o.v.e will be the host. The stream will be available here.

All in all, you don’t want to miss that NicoNama! June 26 will be a crazy day for GUMI…

Sources: Internet CO., Ltd’s website, Noboru Murakami’s Twitter account, NicoNico Info.

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    1. No, she was released on the 26, and unless you know at what hour she was released or specify which timezone you're using, it makes no sense to say she was released on the 25.

    1. Thanks for that! But I'm not sure how to call that; maybe they're planning on relasing an album later today, but for now it's just a colection of songs to be bought separately. But I'll add it anyway!

  1. Haaa Gumi the only vocaloid whose birthday i care about, may your name eco around the globe my dear. <3

    ¡¡viva la vocaloid!!

  2. This Album will be something Spezial! Not only Against is a hpye it´s such a great song and i am hope the rest of the album will be like against! =)

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