New GUMI Extend Demo Song: Adult, Sweet

ぐみ by いっすん帽子

A crossfade demo featuring all the GUMI voices (normal and Extends) singing the same song, “Interstellar Flight”, has been revealed during the special NicoNama celebrating GUMI’s second birthday. Follow us after the break for the video!

More info on the voices: the Extends are all in their beta stage, and the pronunciation as well as the transitions between the different syllables/morae will be improved in the final version. It should be noted that the exact same VSQ has been used for this demo. Details on the different voices:

  • Power: A powerful voice with a strong attack.
  • Whisper: A breathy and soft voice sounding like someone whispering.
  • Sweet: An anime-like immature voice.
  • Adult: An adult-like calm voice.

Check the video below; the voices used are in order: normal GUMI, Power, Whisper, Sweet and Adult. The people appearing on the top-right corner are (in order again): Noboru Murakami, Shinya, buzzG motsu and Gero.

So, what do you think of the new voices? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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25 thoughts on “New GUMI Extend Demo Song: Adult, Sweet”

  1. Ooohhh~~~ The append sweet sound so cute!!!
    As always, I love append power for all vocaloids…
    Append Adult… OwO !!!! So… So… matured. A bit like Meiko…

  2. Ooo, I like the Adult append. Between Sweet and Adult, she's sounding less and less like Gumi, but I still can't wait to see how the voicebanks are used.

  3. Man if that is the beta just imagine how the finished power will sound like (if i sometimes have problems differentiating the actual Gumi from a real person, now it'll be impossible), and how long before we have a live Gumi concert, come on Internet CO. people you know we are aching for it.

    ¡¡viva la vocaloid!!

  4. I especially love Append Sweet, it sounds so cute! ^^ Great demos, I can't wait for her to come out!! 😀

  5. Wow, her Extend Power is amazing! I have to say that one is my favorite(of course, the Power voice was also my favorite from Rin and Len, so I guess I really like that kind of singing?). After that I think I like Sweet, then Whisper, then Adult. Adult…I don't know. It almost sounded TOO…older and mature, and not much like Gumi. Still, I did like it, and I can't wait to see how people will use it, as with all the other Extend voicebanks~

  6. Power is amazing! She sounds just like Megumi!
    I actually like her whisper XD
    Sweet is pretty odd sounding
    Adult is just….wow!
    Sweet and adult don't sound much like Gumi though XD
    But Gumi extend is amazing in the beta mode! Imagine what it will sound like when it's finished 😀

  7. Power and Whisper are amazing! However, I don't like the other two as much. It just sounds so different from the original Gumi, I guess.

  8. I like how Sweet and Adult are very nice variations of Megumi Nakajima's vocal capabilities ;0

    we should expect to hear great things—especially in combination with certain V3 plugins (Vocallistener)

  9. Power has come a long way. I like it now. You can tell it apart from GUMI's default voice more and my favorite thing about it is how her pronunciation is clearer.The one thing that has always bugged me with Megpoid's voicabank is them clarity it can sometimes lack. It's apparent in all of Internet Co.'s VOCALOIDs actually so maybe it's their thing? Well, if it is, it's an annoying thing. Anyways, I do like the way Whisper is coming along nicely but it still needs more work.

    Adult and Sweet DEFINITELY need more work in my opinion. To me, they both just sound like they pitched her up and down. :/ They need to define the Extends more and tweak them to make to where it's not like that. I hope that they do. Anyways, I'm looking forward to these Extends.

  10. Power sounds AMAZING, I love Power! Adult, Whisper, & Sweet, I'm really impressed. They sound great, although they might need a teeny bit more work.

  11. whisper & sweet doesn´t suite gumi i think… power is better than her normal voice and adult is.. well, it´s nice but i dont know in which way… maybe… eroge & mature? xD

  12. The power is amazing now lol. Whisper is reallt good too. the sweet is cute but sounds like Rin, but you can tell the difference if you listen to the pronunciation of the words. The adult is what I'm looking forward to, all of the possibilities….

  13. Personally, I am incredibly excited for all of these extends. I think they add a great range to an already excellent Vocaloid, and I will not lie: I am already thinking ahead to creating a Gumiya bank out of the Power or Adult extends. Sweet and Whisper are excellent additions as well, and although I am mildly disappointed that there are only four extend voices I am sure said voices will be of excellent quality!

    Lets see where this extend goes, shall we?

  14. WHOA! Awesome job! personally i couldnt tell the difference between sweet and normal gumi, but i really love power, whisper and adult!

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