Weekly UTAU Ranking #137 – Contracts and KitKats

Image source: 白王
Image source: 白王

Summer’s here and school is out in a lot of places. So, are you still in school or currently enjoying the summer? Either way, be sure to check out this week’s UTARan, okay~?

Sorry for the wait. It’s time for the Weekly UTAU Ranking!

EleUta 3 was broadcast yesterday. And this time, it seems there wasn’t only original songs featuring Teto and Yufu, but also with other UTAUloids! It means there shouldn’t be any problem with requesting UTAU songs that feature other UTAUloids besides Teto and Yufu. Since other VB’s are apparently fair game, those of you who hadn’t done so before then should try to request or submit original songs! I hope we’ll hear songs using many different VB’s in the next EleUta’s!

Well then, let’s see the ranking!

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-Translators: kurisuto
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☆THIS WEEK IN HISTORY (Weekly UTAU Ranking #85)


The number 1 was “Iyaokan” by Pandolist-P, featuring Tei Sukone. Congratulations! This song celebrated Tei’s first birthday. Happy birthday!

To conclude this ranking, let’s see number 21 to 100, as well as the extra ranking number 6 to 25. See you next week!

Each week we’ll feature one reader’s video pick. If you’d like to see your pick here, please comment and list the video and why you like it; it can be any video, so long as there is UTAU involved!

This week’s Pick comes from ried who suggested “Recollection” by Teatime-P feat. Suiga Sora. They stated that “It’s got one of the most realistic tuning of Sora I’ve ever heard.” I have to completely agree!

Excellent week! Not only did we get some nice Tei (due to her birthday) we also got some good songs by several other UTAU.

I would actually like to recommend this cover of “Kusare Gedou to Chokorewito” by Kittokatto feat. Sukone Tei (it is a slightly updated cover). I’ve been a huge fan of the original by Pinocchio-P and I love this cover just as much.

Oh, and KitKats.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly UTAU Ranking #137 – Contracts and KitKats”

  1. Man, it's been forever since I commented on a ranking!

    19 – Well, at least the model is okay… well, at least the sleeves of the model are okay… Never mind, this overall fails. Also, that motion data. I love Yumiko, but not in this particular instance. Just no.

    18 – Very nice.

    16 – Knew it was only a matter of time before Kipcin did this song. Sounds cool, of course.

    11 – That title wwwwwww I wish I could buy that CD, though.

    10 – So Miri is still relevant after all! Nice. Glad she finally got upgraded.

    8 – Mako when used well is so great. Mako is not often used well, however (lookin' at you avocadoP).

    3 – Wow this is awesome! But that P name… w

    1 – Tuning is great, and I'm glad Tei got number one for her birthday, but I wish it had been a more… serious song. 😐 Oh well.

    1. Thanks for commenting!

      19 – Well, yeah, the model isn't the best, but I'll take what I can get.

      10 – Oh, she got a VB update? That's good to hear!

      3 – That will be interesting to tag on the song….

      1 – To be honest, I wasn't expecting a serious song, since this is a VIPPER UTAU. We can hope for some great originals later though.

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