Weekly UTAU Ranking #138 – Why is it so HOT?!

Image source: harisenbon
Image source: harisenbon

Its. Fricking. HOT. I can’t stand this extremely hot weather it makes its too difficult to do anything. I know I’d die without air conditioning. Oh, and the UTARan.

Sorry for the wait. It’s time for the Weekly UTAU Ranking!

It’s July, now it’s really Summer. Watch out for the Summer heat fatigue!

On another subject, it seems a lot of the PC magazines that got out at the end of last month as well as other ones that will be released in mid-July deal with UTAU. Thanks to the release of the Mac version of UTAU, a lot of Mac-related magazines talk about it. Until now, there were few vocal synthesis softwares available for Mac and users seldom had the chance to play around with such technologies, so it seems it has become a very popular topic. Check some of those magazines if you’re interested!

Well then, let’s see the ranking!

-Editors: chibikarla, Aster Selene, Bunnychan, Pokénatic
-Translators: kurisuto
-Song Stats: Up (↑), Down (↓), Unmoved (→), Unranked (–), New (!!)






☆THIS WEEK IN HISTORY (Weekly UTAU Ranking #86)


The number 1 was a Yukkuri cover of “Ginga Tetsudou 999” by Yosshiii. Congratulations!

It seems it’s the first UTAU work by Yosshiii, who’s known for his yukkuri jikkyou videos (TL: jikkyou play, literally “ play in real conditions”, is a type of videos popular on NND where the uploaders record their screens as they play games and comment on it, at times from the protagonist’s perspective, voicing the characters, etc.) Let’s keep an eye on his next moves!

To conclude this ranking, let’s see number 21 to 100, as well as the extra ranking number 6 to 25. See you next week!

【実音とわの】とわの誕生祭2011 開催告知【7/20】

An announcement from the Towano Minorine community:

It’s time of the year, this season… we’ll do it this year too! Towano Minorine’s Birthday Party 2011!

Deadline: July 20.
Rules: Upload a video celebrating her birthday, and lock the tag “とわの誕生祭2011”.

Feel free to participate!

July 20 will also be the birthdays of Karasu Akabane, Umi Hiroi and Subaru Ginka. Let’s have fun and celebrate together!

Each week we’ll feature one reader’s video pick. If you’d like to see your pick here, please comment and list the video and why you like it; it can be any video, so long as there is UTAU involved!

For the weeks that we do not have a Reader’s Pick I will post a video from the UTARan SP 2011 list. This week is number 108, もはやHANASUをやってみようとした形跡すら残ってない uploaded by Ameya, showcasing upcoming updates to the UTAU software.

*fans herself off* Not even the night can save me from this heat and humidity. Oi!

Okay, enough about how much I hate this weather. Ths week I was completely surprised by the lack of new voicebanks; not a one made it on the countdown. o.o Just seems a little odd to me. Besides that we had some great songs hold onto some sort of spot and lots of new ones (I think you kind of have to ignore this week’s number one, but hey, you know what they say – “Yukkuri shiteitte ne!”

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