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Hi everyone and welcome to the new layout of Vocaloidism! As you can see, we changed our layout to make it cleaner and easier for you to browse our site. We really hope that you’ll like it! We hope that we will now be a step closer to our goal – to be the center of the English Vocaloid community. We also hope that we can maintain a semi-professional image from now on. That doesn’t mean we will go all serious on our posts from now on though – we’ll still maintain our community-friendly image with our posts. We also hope that loading Vocaloidism will be faster from now on!

As you can see, we now have a portal page as the default home page of Vocaloidism. There’s not much to see in there for now – there’s a list of recent news on the bottom left space and a “Welcome to Vocaloidism” banner image on top but that’s it. In the future though, more banners will be added to link to our other sites (such as the Vocaloidism Forum), featured news, and many more. However, for those of you who don’t like this and prefers to have the blog home page as the default home page of Vocaloidism so that you can read our posts quicker, don’t worry because you can change the default home page to be the blog home page! On the bottom right space on the portal page of Vocaloidism, there’s a setting that will tell us if you’d prefer to be redirected to the blog home page everytime you go to Vocaloidism.

The second reason why we’ve decided to change the layout is to better integrate parts of the Vocaloidism site. Many of our blog readers doesn’t realize that we have a forum, and many of our forum members doesn’t realize that we have a blog. Not a lot of people realize that we have a Facebook community page and a Twitter account for small Vocaloid news, too. Now, there’s a persistent menu bar at the top of every page for easy access to all of our site’s features. In the future, we will also add more features and better integrate it to the heart of Vocaloidism – this news blog.

Over the course of the next few months, we will continue to revamp Vocaloidism to make it better (such as better categorization for our articles and better commenting system). If you have any suggestions or anything to say to us, don’t hesitate to do so! Once again, thank you so much for visiting Vocaloidism, and we hope that we can continue to be THE place to go for Vocaloid news.

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23 thoughts on “Welcome to Vocaloidism!”

  1. Neato! I was wondering why is said "welcome", I thought maybe you had new staff members/reporters/peepz.

    Very lite design, not as cluttered as previous, but I do miss the ads ; A;
    *reads the thing about the sidebars* (゜∀゜) <3

  2. Finally! looks awesome, although I kind of miss the the banner with changing vocaloid pictures at the top, perhaps it could be re-instated with a larger pool of images…

  3. It's rare to me an update is actually an improvement. I think it's brilliant. It's not much harder to use than the old one and easier to get to the other features of the site. It's also brilliant that you can also set it back to the original simplicity of going straight to the blog. There's usually one big thing I hate about an update that makes me hate it but There really is nothing bad and with all (or at least most of) the things we miss comming back later apparently this is one of the rare good improvments. Nice.

  4. Very nice update. I enjoy the smoothness and clarity I receive from it. ^^

    One thing that popped into my mind is that it's a bit bland but you guys are still working so soon I won't be thinking that anymore, hopefully!

  5.  Hello!  I just recently found this site when searching “Vocaloid News”.  I’m so appreciative of your effort to get news to the English-speaking Vocaloid community!  I’ve already used the Vocaloid Wiki a lot in an effort to try and find out more information about them, and it’s very helpful, but I hope this blog grows even more!  The site seems very nice and easy to navigate.  Keep up the good work! 😀

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