Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #198 – Packing

いつもありがとう, by 上埜月

kurisuto here, filling in for Pengy. He had to pack his stuffs before going on a trip, but he managed to send me his comments and picks! Also, starting this week, and like with the UTARan, the ranking video will be placed after the break. Read on if you want to watch it!

Vocaloid NND Weekly Ranking
Weekly Vocaloid Ranking “Unselected”

Naho’s Opening Statement:

Good morning everybody, it’s time for the VocaRan!

The Japanese team won the Women’s Soccer World Cup! Congratulations! This week’s VocaRan also seems to be a fierce battle. There’s so many great songs that any of them could be #1!

Maybe some of you are sleepy, but let’s see the ranking, from #30!


-Editors: Pengy, DTKel, descent87, bunnychan, redemption2
-Translator: Coming up soon
-Song Status: Up (↑), Down (↓), Unmoved (→), Unranked (–), New (!!)

In Other Vocaloid News:

That was this week’s #1!

This week, “Karakuri Pierrot” entered the ranking; it’s part of 40mP’s long-awaited second album, “Chiisa na Jibun to Ookii na Sekai 40mp feat. Hatsune Miku” (“Tiny me and the gigantic world”) which contains a lot of hit songs. By EXIT TUNES, July 20.

Miku isn’t only music! “Hatsune Miku Vision” is a DVD of “Kami PV’s” (godly PV’s) that put Vocaloid songs into images through various methods, including 3D and 2D animation. By Pony Canyon, on July 20 too.

Lastly, Luka is covering world music hit songs in “WORLD MUSIC COVERS”. By Warner Music Japan, again on July 20. A lot of new releases!

Well then, the rest of this ranking, from #31!

Editor Picks of the week:

This week, one of our readers, random anon, also picked a song, saying: “It’s what made me love KEI’s style (there’s just something about that vibrato!), and I think it’s just a great Miku song in general.”

…And so with that, we end this week’s Vocaloid Ranking review. Please join us again next week!

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14 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #198 – Packing”

  1. 198 already !? damn I'm just digesting the 196 ! Also that's the third Vocaran with only 40% Miku. But great to see more Len and now VY2 (whish there would have been more Iroha too).

    1. What headings? The title of the article is always showed. Unless you want some kind of icon on the featured image to show vocaran or something like that.

  2. YEA~Y VY2 is in the rankings again.

    I hope more songs from celebrating from the ACT 2's birthday will come up. 7 Rin's cover of Mr. Music is awesome, I was hoping that'd come up in the top 30, too bad…

  3. Hmm, lack of Miku surely disturbed me as a self confessed Mikutard.

    Still, 40mP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With Miku? This made my day. Wait, screw that, this made my week!
    *Goes back replaying Karakuri Pierrot, with occasional playback of Jenga…Yep, my favorite 40mP song*

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