Happy 3rd Birthday, Gakupo!

がく誕 by 篠原澪

Dressed in traditional jinbaori, clad in armor, wielding a katana — oh come on! You know who I’m talking about; our eggplant-loving friend, the one and only dancing samurai, Kamui Gakupo! And today is a very important day for him because it marks three years of his successful career. Read on to celebrate with us!

Yes, it’s time to celebrate our beloved samurai’s birthday! Since his release in July of 2008, Kamui Gakupo, or Gackpoid, has gained popularity among people on Nico Nico Douga, the popular Japanese video website, and YouTube. He is also the first Internet Co., Ltd Vocaloid. His most popular song by far is Dancing Samurai and he has dozens of songs in the Nico Nico Douga Hall of Fame (songs that reached 100,000 views). He is well known among Vocaloid fans and even some non-Vocaloid fans because of his voice provider — GACKT. GACKT is a very well known Japanese singer and you can find his official website here. Because of his voice provider, Gakupo is one of the most expensive voicebanks and his voice has one of deepest ranges in Vocaloid2.

So you might be wondering, Gackpoid? What’s with that? Well the OFFICIAL name that he was registered under for Vocaloid2 is ‘Gackpoid’ while his box art/persona is named ‘Kamui Gakupo’. In other words, Gackpoid = product. Gakupo = character.

Since his last birthday, quite a bit has gone on with Gakupo regarding the contest Gackt held. The contest rules were to make a song featuring Gakupo and post it on Nico Nico Douga, with the right tags, and then GACKT would pick his favorite and sing it and it would also be his new single! This, of course, had a lot of people making songs for Gakupo. Mathru/KanimisoP won the Grand Prize for his song, “Episode.0″, which you can see and listen to here. Earlier in the year, our fabulous Gakupo made an appearance with Gumi at a New Year’s event King Run Anison Red and White. Gakupo sang “Love Letter” and Gumi sang “Interstellar Flight”, but sadly, the videos were taken off the web due to copyright reasons. You can, however, see the pictures from the concert here. The last piece of news regarding Gakupo is that Internet Co., Ltd has confirmed that if there is a demand for a Gackpoid Extend (similar to Gumi’s), they will consider producing one for him!

Let’s watch some videos uploaded for his birthday!

You can check out more birthday songs by using this tag.

And now, some birthday images.

三周年おめでとう by 雪月
とのたん! by 摩耶@とれたておなす
がくぽ誕!! by さなま
呼吸 by 砂糖イルノ
神威がくぽ。誕生日おめでとう! by 葉っぱ戦士
Pain of the sins - ROY by 吼狼@ぐんにょり
がくぽ3周年! by 嬰雨

More illustrations here.

Thank you for celebrating Kamui Gakupo’s third birthday with all of us at Vocaloidism! Happy birthday again, Gakupo! We hope to see you all next year at this time for his fourth birthday! Until then, sayonara!

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  1. Happy birthday to my favorite Vocaloid! :3
    Gakupo may not be as popular as the Crypton Vocaloids, but he really has great potential when you figure out how to use his voicebank right. He deserves more love.

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