Two New Albums from EXIT TUNES Announced

Image source: トモゾウ
Image source: トモゾウ

When the summer blues hit and we desperately try something to fill that void in our summer, we often turn toward music to put our boredom away; so what’s better than two new amazing albums from EXIT TUNES? Not much!


Revolution (Kakumei) ft. Luka (NND, YT)
Labyrinth ft. Rin (NND, YT)
Cendrillon ft. Miku & Kaito (NND, YT)
twinkle our days ft. Rin
TABOO ft. Miku (NND, YT)
RinRin Signal ft. Rin/Len (NND, YT)
Meet (Aitai) ft. Gumi (NND, YT)
CHU! Do It! (CHU! Shite!) ft. Rin (NND, YT)
La Pucelle ft. Luka (NND, YT)
Transmit ft. Rin (NND, YT)
Enclusure ft. Rin/Len (NND, YT)
New Song (title not yet fixed)
New Song (title not yet fixed)
New Song (title not yet fixed)
*more to come*

Popular producer Dios/Signal-P is being graced with the fourth album release in EXIT TUNES’ “BEST OF” collection. Best known for hits like “RinRin Signal,” “Transmit,” and “Cendrillion,” I think I speak for most Vocaloid fans when I say that Dios defiantly deserves this honor.

For more Information visit the EXIT TUNES site.
If you would like to purchase this album, head over to CD Japan.
2011/08/17 ON SALE!
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Another highly anticipated album is the sequel to EXIT TUNES’ GUMism album.


(Art by Ohara Tometa)

天ノ弱 (Ama no Jaku)/ 164 feat. GUMI (NND, YT)
キリトリセン (Kiritorisen)/ 40mP feat. GUMI (NND, YT)
マーメイド (Mermaid)/ monaca:factory(10日P) feat. GUMI (NND, YT)
はちみつハニー (Hachimitsu Honey)/ 蝶々P feat. GUMI (NND, YT)
サンセットラブスーサイド (Sunset Love Suicide)/ マチゲリータ feat. GUMI (NND, YT)
きみにごめんね (Kimi ni Gomenne)/ フェイP feat. GUMI (NND, YT)
進化論 code:variant (Shinkaron code:variant)/ ORYO feat. GUMI (NND, YT)
「夜空にふたつ」(Yozora ni Futatsu/ 電ポルP(koyori)feat. GUMI (NND, YT)
KiLLER LADY / 8#Prince(八王子P)feat. GUMI (NND, YT)
スターマイン (Star Mine)/ Nem feat. GUMI (NND, YT)

After the success of GUMism, EXIT TUNES decided to release a follow up album titled GUMitive.

For more info please visit the EXIT TUNES site.
If you would like to purchase this album please head over to CD Japan.
2011/09/7 ON SALE!
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With all these amazing albums, let us turn on that stereo and enjoy some amazing music.

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    1. You are kidding me, right?! You cannot possibly heard of Cendrillon or at least RingRing Signal, both of these song are extremely popular. And SignalP has made countless PV for other popular song and P too

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