Alice in Musicland: A New, Super-Kawaii Vocaloid Musical by OSTER project

From the Alice in Musicland PV, by OSTER project

Donning a spiffy white apron and blue ribbon, a super cute Hatsune Miku takes to the stage as “Alice” in OSTER project’s new all-Vocaloid musical, Alice in Musicland.

OSTER project, the Vocaloid music producer best known for her hit songs “Koisuru VOC@LOID,” “Miracle Painting,” and “trick and treat,” has released a new, 11-minute animated musical performance on Nico Nico Douga, titled Alice in Musicland. On her Twitter, OSTER project says, “I love Disney! I’ve always wanted to make music like that at some point.” Alice in Musicland features Hatsune Miku as Alice, from Lewis Carrol’s 1865 novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. In the musical, Alice travels through Musicland, narrating the story and singing catchy duets with Len (the White Rabbit), Kaito (the Catepillar), Rin (the Mad Hatter), Luka (the Cheshire Cat), and Meiko (the Queen of Hearts). The ending credits feature a full Vocaloid arrangement of the theme from the 1951 Disney film, Alice in Wonderland.

As a music producer, OSTER project is known for her jazz-pop style that is often difficult to fit into a single genre, but, as many may not know, she is also a multimedia artist and has worked on illustration and video production. She puts her multiple talents to use in a 2.5D staged rendition of the final track from her album, Cinnamon Philosophy, featuring artwork by illustrator Yおじ. The two have previously worked together on a number of music videos, but this is the first to bring Yおじ’s delightful characters to life.

This short musical highlights the potential of Vocaloid to inspire artists to reach new creative heights. It’s baffling the amount of hard work that must have gone into the musical’s conception: from notating parts, to writing lyrics, to programming the Vocaloids and orchestrating it in Eastwest/Quantum Leap’s Symphonic Orchestra software, and finally choreographing/programming the performance. (You go, girl!) Furthermore, OSTER project has graciously posted a complete Off-Vocal mp3 of Alice in Musicland to the Niconi Commons. If you wish to purchase Cinnamon Philosophy, you can do so here, and check out OSTER project’s website for the latest updates from the artist.

You can watch the complete, original video here:

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12 thoughts on “Alice in Musicland: A New, Super-Kawaii Vocaloid Musical by OSTER project”

  1. I saw this a couple days ago—-I was immediately in love with it and made me want to touch up on my 2D-3D animation ;0

    Oster Project never fails to amaze :0

  2. Oh new editor, and beginner in Japanese (me too) I’m saying that because only someone already having some skills of Japanese could have confused koi(恋) with ai(愛); someone clueless wouldn’t have translated Koisuru Voc@loid at all ^^.
    Thanks a lot for this article, I love OSTER’s work and it deserves this kind of praise. Previous to this amazing piece of work, my personal favorites were the Tricolor Air Line remix, tête à tête and I want to be a princess yes the last two are with Rin, she can also do wonders with Rin.

  3. @google-fa287b04d9e857572f0b67471f61b5e5:disqus 
    Thanks for the correction! My Japanese is still so bad… But, I’ll always remember those two now! 😀 I love Tricolor Air Line remix too~

  4. Heyhey, Very nice article on this musical. It pulls well!!

    I’d just like to point out that your title choice could have used more work, “Super Kawaii” is sort of.. Weebish to say the least? And unprofessional. There’s tons of other things you could have used. But other than that the article was nice!

    1. Well, 10 hours before we have a rant about the use of the K-word, that’s not too bad :D. Kawaii in English has a bit more meaning than cute and fit well here. I personally think that it’s equally childish to shout weeaboo whenever one use kawaii than to use this word incessantly and inappropriately.

      Remember that even the layperson vocabulary is full of Japanese words, not counting all the jargon we’re using here as people interested in doujin ongaku & otaku culture … wait  I used again Japanese words, is it weebish ? 😛

  5. “Super-Kawaii”? 

    Uhhh… no. Isn’t this blog aiming for a more “professional” look and atmosphere?

  6. Hello i love this song and I would love the sheet music for it (all parts plz) for a project i want to do. if anyone can plz give me the sheet music i’ll be very greatful ^-^ ~Love,Nine

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