Hatsune Miku GT Project Theme Song Collection

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In Japan, it is not uncommon for anime and manga characters to adorn planes, trains, and pretty much any mode of transportation that can have marketing slapped onto it. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that Hatsune Miku has been appearing on designs of the race car Super GT since 2008 in collaboration with Good Smile Racing.

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However, it may come as a surprise to find out that a compilation CD of promotional songs for this collaboration has been released. Hatsune Miku GT Project Theme Song Collection features 19 tracks, including the 2010 Super GT theme song “Little Wings” and the 2011 theme song “Winning Road”.

Full track list:
01. Winning Road ver2.0
02. glory
03. Motor Drive
05. 喧騒を抜け静寂 (Kensou wo nuke seijaku)
06. Winning Road
07. Little Wings ~MIKU GT Edition~
08. その先の向こうへ (Sono saki no mukou he)
09. Fall Down
11. HATSUNE 911
12. Vivid Sky
13. 流線型のノスタルジィ (Ryuusenkei no NOSTALGIE)
14. Blue Max Warrior ~撃墜王~ (Blue Max Warrior Gekitsuiou)
15. Set and Go!! -with Advanced Rhythm- [Enhanced Mix]
17. ♪わたしのエメラルド (Watashi no EMERALD)
18. 大空ドライブ (Oozora DRIVE)
19. Stop and Go

As marketing strategies go, it’s a pretty clever idea, as the success of the CD should grow with the success of the race car.

The album is available for purchase on Rakuten and Amazon Japan.

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  1. I wonder if any of the songs are worth getting—-if it has Race Track themed songs, I’d expect something of the heavy beats and party music to play with—-in which case I’d want so I can blast it when I’m going 80mph on a 45mph highway xD

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