A Mysterious New Vocaloid Appears: Aoki Lapis and the “i-style Project” for VOCALOID3

Aoki Lapis of the i-style Project
Aoki Lapis of the i-style Project

One of Comiket 80’s most anticipated premieres is a collaborative project between Japanese search engine site Surfer’s Paradise, and anime studio Studio Deen, and Nico Nico Douga users, called “i-style Project.” Please continue reading for more information.

Specifics about the nature of this collaborative effort are still under wraps, but official images for the Vocaloid, named “Aoki Lapis” (with the characters for “blue” and “princess,” and “Lapis” from the blue precious jewel, lapis lazuli) have been uploaded to the i-style website. Furthermore, the team has posted a call for singers on Nico Nico Douga to record and upload a song they think best suits Aoki Lapis for a chance to become her voice provider.

The i-style Project team has given scant details about the new Vocaloid, including a potential release date. They did say, however, that Aoki Lapis will be used on Yamaha’s upcoming VOCALOID3 software, and will be designed for a new type of music, termed “lifestyle.” Though the meaning of this is yet unclear, an event for i-style Project at this year’s summer Comiket, stated that Aoki will be a Vocaloid that even “light users can enjoy.” It is clear that the i-style Project team is designing Aoki Lapis to work with everyday users of VOCALOID, not just professionals.

Will this collaborative project between several companies, designed for casual Vocaloid users, usher Vocaloid culture into a new era of user-centrality? How exactly are Surfer’s Paradise and Studio Deen working together? Who will get to become to the voice of Aoki Lapis?  Much is still unknown.

To post a video to the singing competition, visit this link for rules and regulations, and you go here to see current user submissions. Be sure to use the image provided on i-style Project’s NND page in your video and tag your submission with “VOCALID3蒼姫ラピス中の人応募” to be considered. The deadline to upload is Wednesday, September 6th, 2011. Good luck, and be sure to check Vocaloidism for more updates about Aoki Lapis and VOCALOID3 as they are released.

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15 thoughts on “A Mysterious New Vocaloid Appears: Aoki Lapis and the “i-style Project” for VOCALOID3”

  1. ooo….. Her looks is like the White Iris in Rune Factory Frontier v’game 🙂
    I wonder who would win eh??? It would be better if it’s a trap singer XDDDD

    Hmmm…. So, need to sing acapella until chorus part only? That’s weird….OMG!!!! The text part really can’t be read by my laptop XDDDD

  2. She’s beautiful~ 
     I hope the results will be decided soon after the deadline so we can get an idea of what she’ll sound like

    1. The really cool thing about the program is the ability to edit the parameters of whatever Voicebank is at it’s disposal, I’m more concerned with quality of the voice provider than the tone.

    2. Oh! I never thought of Guriri!
      Hanatan has a high pitched voice though, but she can hit lower notes too. I wonder if she or Guriri will audition. Maybe I-style project will pick the voices the same way if they make other vocaloids? 

  3. Wow, this is amazing! I knew it was only a matter of time before a competition like this was held!
    But I wonder if it really is open internationally or if there are any age restrictions.

    All the same, this is so exciting! ^^ I’m curious to see if any of the “big name” Nico singers will audition…

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