Miku’s US Design and Banner Contest Winners Announced

PIAPRO x NEW PEOPLE Contest Banner
PIAPRO x NEW PEOPLE Contest Banner

The winners for PIAPRO’S contest for a US design of Miku and JAPANTOWN banner design have been announced! Read on to view the winning submissions.

Back in July PIAPRO and NEW PEOPLE started a contest for a US design for Miku. Entries were due by the first of August and the winner was just revealed.

Image source: exiled_artist
Image source: exiled_artist

Artist exiled_artist‘s design was the chosen design. You can visit exiled_artist’s DeviantART gallery here.

In an included message on the winning announcement page, Crypton stated that the prize is actually a trip to Japan for the next Hatsune Miku Live concert. They also said that the winner entry will be adopted for commercial use and projects “related to the next concert.”

Image source: Shiratama
Image source: Shiratama

The winner of the banner competition was also announced and it was artist Shiratama. You can view Shiratama’s PIAPRO’s gallery here.

The banner is now being featured in Japantown and the design is also being used on charity goods to benefit Japan’s relief efforts. These items are on sell at the NEW PEOPLE store during the Festival.

Congratulations to the winners! It was great to see so many entries to help Miku’s US popularity and show support for Japan.

Sources: Anime News Network, Hatsune MikuMiku, Piapro.

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21 thoughts on “Miku’s US Design and Banner Contest Winners Announced”

  1. so imma say the same thing as everyone did on the facebook post of this — “miku dallas cowboy cheerleader. wtf, u srs?”

  2. They kept the hair? WTF is wrong with them??

    I guess the fantards will be happy, but I wanted someone normal looking, not giant impossible teal twintails. This is just JPN Miku in a different outfit. MORE IMPORTANTLY, because of this, it still looks too weird to sell/catch on with general public/MAKE MONEY. You failed, guys. You failed. I am severely disappoint.

  3. I actually think the design’s cute. Without the “Americana” in the image, it actually would’ve taken me a while to figure out that it was literally a “US Miku” design.

    Hey, it could be worse…she could end up looking like Heroman. >:]

  4. Now I can’t buy her English version either? My parents already think Miku dresses a bit too inapproriate and now this?! They have to understand there are some young fans (like me) in America and just because Britney Spears or whatever wear this type of thing doesn’t mean parents will give Miku a chance. I’m worried people I introduce Vocaloid to will call Miku a slut since they’re not as mature as other, older fans. :s

    At least the banner’s nice.

    1. Oh, forgot to mention: They should of let people who actually live in America vote which design is best. We’ve lived here longer and know what other people here like. Crypton’s probably only going to sell to the older fans and keep the same audicene: 13-60 year old otaku and weeaboos. I bet if I showed this design to my class this year, they will NOT be intersted. They just lost a lot of possibls fans to me.

  5. ….this is really dissapointing. Why does she have to look so…over American? How many 16 year olds look like they tore up a flag and tied it to their body?

  6. Congrats to winners.

    Honestly, I’m not that surprised by Crypton’s choice if anime/manga is any indication about how japanese generally view americans.
    So I shall now do a stock engrish phrase which is almost always used if american character is introduced in anime. It fits with the situation.
    Oh My God!!!

  7. I….. WTF?

    What was wrong with the original design? I know a lot of people who would’ve thought the original design was cool! But this? I mean, if you think of the design as the cover art of the English Miku, then sure, it’s ok. But if any American saw this while shopping on an ordinary day they’d go ‘HAHAHA Why is that thing so American looking for no reason?’ and not bother to look into it

    It’s bad enough that news reporters are messing up the concept of Vocaloid. Crypton is really handling American advertising HORRIBLY. They need to consult with the fans first before doing anything crazy.

  8. That design for her is absolutely hideous…  I won’t be able to bring myself to show her to other people outside of those who already know about Vocaloid, and even then it will probably only be to lament the ugliness.  First off, what idol would ever wear something like that?   Second, it’s similar to the outfit of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.  Third, it’s looks like some screwed up combination of failed superhero and uber cliched all American country girl.  Fourth, it’s outright ugly.  Square dancing and Wonder Woman…  I feel nauseous… =,=

  9. Even though Miku will look adorable no matter what, the outfit still sucks. Thank God they won’t be slapping it on the box, though…..

  10. I really really dislike this. Not only the outfit, but the whole ‘make an outfit for America.’ Like that country is so special that Vocaloid has to change for the American population. Take it or leave it. Like Vocaloid for what it is or don’t bother getting in there. I can’t see why Miku must have a new American-ish outfit.. Would that mean she should get a ‘special’ nationalistic outfit for every country she’s going to debut in? I don’t think so.. 
    The clothes doesn’t fit her image at all by my opinion. She just looks like any other pop-diva where it’s all about the body and not the voice and music.
       You can’t even see her trademark ’01’ on her arm.. Miku is a japanese product – yes USA had something similar before Japan, but that didn’t really turn out as good as this – so why shouldn’t she keep her japanese outfit? 
       This is just so.. Wrong.

  11. I agree with everybody who dislikes this. Its not that it is a bad design per say, but the design is way to patriotic and frankly to Risque for her more Innocent demeanor. This design does not make her look like a pop diva, it makes her look like a cheer leader or some sort of pole dancer named Liberty…..The design needs to be way toned down cause this is major over the top. She is not going to attract any new American Fans with this…

  12. This. . . can’t be real; this is a joke r-right? RIGHT?? .HOW could they do this to Ms.Hatsune!? Giving her an “Americanized” look for a limited costume may be somewhat acceptable, but using it as her permanent US look?? This is not NOT fair to the US fans. They should have consulted the US fans before thinking of this TRAGEDY (the idea of even considering a new costume for our diva is an INSULT to us, the US fans)!! The possibility of gaining fans in the US is slim as many of you would agree. Why couldn’t they just leave her the way she was? We, Ms.Hatsune fans of the world, love our virtual princess the way she was. I don’t about you guys, but I don’t think that us Americans are into western stuff much as people around the world would think. I just cannot accept this. We gotta do something about this so that the people at Crypton would return her to normal.

  13. I actually like the design. It’s cute, and sure, it’s patriotic, but at least this isn’t as ridiculous as that Elvis Miku. It’s still Miku, just with a “Hello, America!” kind of look. You may not like the design, but in all honesty, this is as good as it gets. If you thought this was terrible, than the others were god awful.
    Also, you’re disrespecting the artist, because they put a lot of work into making that design. So, anytime you criticize something, just think for a moment. “Could you do better?” If you can’t, then, you have no right to judge.

    1. Um, yes I do have aright to judge. If i couldnt cook that doesnt mean I’m not allowed to criticize someone when they burn my food. I honestly am offended at the design. She looks, quite honestly, like a slut. No sane girl would ever ealk outside like that, and yet this is suppose to be the desgin to reel new fans in. No. They should have dome up with their own design, or at the very least only have the contest and voting be eligible for Americans; y’know, the market their trying for now.

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