Project DIVA Extend: New Outfits and Songs (Updated)

"Rasetsu to Mukuro" module, design by Hachi (via

Four new songs and as many outfits for “Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Extend”, the newest installment of the music game series by SEGA, have been revealed. More on this after the jump.

Updated with profile shots for the new outfits.

First up, Hatsune Miku 2020, the “mysterious character” set to appear in Imageepoch’s 7th Dragon 2020, will have its own module.

Module name: TYPE2020
Design: Shirow Miwa.

TYPE2020 (via

New song: Tsurishi-P’s “Nayuta no Kanata made” features Len as a bassist, and Rin as a guitarist.

Nayuta no Kanata made, song by Tsurishi-P (via

Another new module is based on sasakure.UK’s song “Hello Planet” where Miku appears in a “primitive and charming outfit”.

Song:Hello Planet (I.M.PLSE-EDIT)“, by sasakure.UK.
Module name: Hello World.
Design: sasakure.UK.

Hello Planet, design by sasakure.UK (via

Luka’s turn! In this module based on the song “Palette“, she appears in a “peaceful greenhouse falling to ruins”.

Song: “Palette” by Yuyoyuppe and meola.
Module name: Silence.
Design: meola.

Palette, design by meola (via

And lastly, Miku shows off her creepy side in this module based on an arrangement of Hachi’s “Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro“. The “Japanese style stage” is “beautiful yet uncanny”.

Song: “Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro” by Hachi.
Module name: Rasetsu to Mukuro
Design: Hachi.

Rasetsu to Mukuro, design by Hachi (via

“Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Extend” is scheduled to be released on November 10 on PSP… more than a month left to wait! Everyone, do you like the new modules and songs? What would you like to see in the next Project DIVA game?

Source: SEGA.

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13 thoughts on “Project DIVA Extend: New Outfits and Songs (Updated)”

  1. I’m a little disappointed about the images this time around.  They didn’t really display the characters very well.  Also what happened to the full profile shots like the 7thdragon2020 outfit?  We had those last article.  Didn’t they release them this time around for the others?

  2. Nayuta no kanata is sure an unusal choice, well more Vocarock can’t be bad for PD. I’m also wondering if  they replaced Miku’s vocal with Rin or kept the three Voicebank

  3. I’ still like to see english language support and a PS3 version. Does this one also require the others in order to work? If so I’d like to see a stand alone version.

    1. There really isn’t enough fanbase in America to warrant an English Language Support version, PS3 version is Dreamy Theater. And this is Stand Alone.

        1. The original Dreamy Theater requires a PSP however the second one does not, and includes songs from PJD1 while it lets you use the ps3 controller. Extend is a PSP game.

          1. Dreamy Theater 2nd actually does require diva 2nd data but once you upload you dont have to do it again like the first one.. i own both so i can assure you this is the case

  4. I’ve got the first Project Diva on PSP but not Project Diva 2nd. Is there some features in PD2 that will not be in PDExtend, or will PDExtend have all PD2 plus extra ?
    Because I don’t know if I buy PD2 or wait for PDExtend. Thank you.

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