Korean Vocaloid Design Revealed (Updated)

Image source: rakusyumi
Image source: rakusyumi

SBS Artech has unveiled the final design for their Vocaloid! Read on to see what she looks like.

UPDATE: A translation of the two events has been added.
UPDATE 2: One more image has been added.

SV01 SeeU (click for larger version)
SV01 SeeU (click for larger version)

Name: SV01 SeeU (シユ)
Age: 17
Height: 159cm/5’2.6″
Weight: 44.5kg/97.9lb
Genre: Korean Pop, Pop Ballad
Range: C3~C5
Tempo: 60~170BPM

Translated outfit design image.
– Her catears/nekomimi are speakers.
– Her neckband is a CD player.
– The blue buttons on her jacket are electrical switches.
– The button in the middle is the “pause” button.
– The ornamental panels on her shoes can light up and display soundwaves.

SeeU’s voice provider will be Kim Tahi, a 17 year old female from the the K-Pop girl band “Glam.” The illustration is by KKUEM. She is set to have both a Japanese and a Korean voicebank, with English pronunciation being possible by using the Korean one. Her release is currently schedule for sometime fall of this year for the VOCALOID3 engine.

A demo of her voice was released a short while back, and can be listened to below.

Korean Vocaloid Demo song – “I=fantasy”

Two events have already been scheduled for SeeU, announced via a Tweeted image. The first is for fans to submit comments celebrating her and the second is the same, expect using illustrations.
Unfortunately, we do not have a Korean translator, so if anyone could possibly translate the submission rules, please contact us! A huge thanks to reader beanstalk for translating the event information for us! You can read all about it below.

SeeU Events Image

EVENT 1 – Write for us! Leave a congratulating comment!
Leave a congratulating comment on SeeU’s design post in the Daum Cafe Vocaloid Republic site. We’ll pick 30 people who will receive the prize of a bromide poster of SeeU with KKUEM’s signature on it.

EVENT 2 – Draw for us! Making a music video together!
Upload your illustration of SeeU on the Daum Cafe Vocaloid Republic site to be included in Seeu’s sample music video with you credited on it.

Topic: Anything related to SeeU.
Date: Open until September 14th, 2011 at 10am (Korean time).
Size:Any (It is recommended to be at least 1920 pixel to work correctly on a HDPV).
File Type: Upload as jpeg. If your work is picked you will be asked to send a psd file as well.
How We Will Pick: 50% from us + 50% from people’s votes.
Will be Announced on: September 16th, 2011 on the SBS Artech Vocaloid official site, and Daum Cafe.

1st Place(x1): WACOM Intuos PTK-640 and limited SeeU voicebank
2nd Place(x1): Limited VOCALOID3 starter pack (Vocaloid editor and SeeU voicebank)
3rd Place(x2): Limited SeeU voicebank
Honorees(x10): Illustration book with many famous artists’ works.

– For winners of the events, we will contact them separately for personnel information (shipping address, etc).
– After winner is announced and we don’t get their info in one week, they may lose their position.
– The prizes may change.
– If someone used another person’s illustration, we will not be held liable.
– The illustrations will be copyrighted to SBS Artech.

Her official site is open, as well as the official Korean Vocaloid café, “Daum Café, Republic of Vocaloid” (currently only Korean residents can register on this site). SBS Artech has also set up a Twitter account for their Vocaloid. Please note that all these sites are in Korean.

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43 thoughts on “Korean Vocaloid Design Revealed (Updated)”

  1. May I just say that I am IN LOVE with her design? Not to mention I can’t keep her demo song off loop (I’d love it if they released a full version of it). I’m expecting some great things from SeeU!

  2. Ooooooooooooh~♥ I love her design it looks very nice!! And her voice, IS AMAZING. 😀 The only thing I’d have to say against it is the cat ears, I wouldn’t mind if they were cute bear ears that were the speakers. Or something along those lines. Cat ears feel a bit overused you know?

    But I love everything else about her!!! She might be up there at the top of my favorite Vocaloids list next to Luka, Gumi, and Kaito. 😀

  3. RANGE: C3~C5
    Japanese voicebank: check
    Zettai ryouiki: checkNekomimi: checkEnglish Voicebank: KoreanGreat potential undoubtedly. She’ll kill Iroha Nekomura and could very well endanger Luka.Drawbacks:Korean interface, although the VB is undoubtedly capable of doing proper English (enough phonemes) I don’t see anyone except Korean people use it this way.Good luck to render her hairs properly on MMD

  4. Shes adorable and the demo of her voice is freaking awesome. Random thought but wouldn’t it be cool if Rosetta Stone paired up with Crypton and the other vocaloid makers to make a learning program that not only teaches another language but also how to use the vocaloid program properly over a series of courses.

  5. Ahhh!! I’m in love with her design and voice!!! I haven’t been this excited for a VOCALOID in a long time.

  6. Amazing design! I can’t wait! :3
    weird.. when I was reading about this and found out that she sang that song, I was actually already listening to it on repeat XD

  7. I agree with most people that the cat ears are a bad idea. This why I like the crypton vocaloids mainly because their designs are more versatile. For example Rin can look cute in one song, but she can also look badass while wielding dual pistols in another (see some of minus-P’s works). If she had cat ears though that wouldn’t look right and would limit sort of music/PV’s she could be used in without altering her design. 

  8. Her design just blew me away, and when I heard her VOICE, wow, I can see why there is such positive feedback.  I LOVE See-U!  Her design is so beautiful, and I can’t stop listening to her demo.  The song is an amazing choice as well, there have been SO many other Vocaloid covers (and I can see why)!  All the new Vocaloids coming up are making me so excited!

  9. Beautiful design, amazing voice, what’s not to like? I seriously think that her character item should be cream puffs. I also believe that her cat ears are actually part of her mic head set, since they’re speakers and all. But seriously, she looks like a cream puff all nice and sweet!

  10. Wow, she looks cute & have a nice voice =)
    Hope she will be a little bit better sing i like here voice but some pitches sound not really perfect.
    well its a demo?
    so i hope there will be more out. ^^

  11. I hate saying this, but doesn’t se look TOO MUCH like a certain UTAUloid?
    Although, that won’t stop me from appreciating her. I love the voice, and she will make a GREAT FIRST KOREAN Vocaloid. Who cares about the cat ears? If you don’t like them, ignore them! If you’re gonna make a cover, leave them out =P
    I really like this one. She has the same charm as Iroha. Cute, but EPIC voice!

  12. A concept of SeeU exists O_O her neko ears aren’t her real ears! They are just speakers on top of her head… SeeU has human ears.

  13. not quiet amaze because of the voice… yes its true!!! the voice is good, but not originally the voice of a vocaloid… Seeu’s voice provider was Kim Dahi a korean artist… ^_^ i love the character, Cute!

  14. Was i the only person who thought that the “I fantasy” song was sung by a different vocaloid? I heard it was this other one with a blue design… cute chara though… even though i dont like the cat ears much.

  15. I’d love to participate in the contest since I’m Korean buuutttt aksdjf;laskdjfa;lsdkjfsa;ldkjf!!!

    They say that I need to renew my social security number, but I can only do that when I’m in Korea EFF! OTL Why do Korean sites gotta hate on their own citizen?

  16. She being released on the 21st of october! it’s on the “SBS Artech_Vocaloid” twitter page as well as on her official site now xD

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