THE VOCALOID produced by Yamaha CD Announced


A new CD album has been announced that features all the current Japanese Vocaloid, and even an upcoming one. Please read on for more details.

Since VOCALOID’s initial release in 2004, Yamaha has made it possible for the release of seventeen Japanese Vocaloids. With the release of VOCALOID3 coming this October, Yamaha thought it would be a nice idea to release a CD that honored each Japanese Vocaloid with their own solo song on the album. Certain tracks will be redone with VocaListener (they are marked in the track list below and samples of four songs from the album can be heard here). Another exciting addition is the eighteenth track on the album which will be by a new Vocaloid, Mew (voiced by Sakamoto Miu), that will be made from the VOCALOID3 engine. The added track will be a nice way to transition into the next chapter in the history of Vocaloid.

Track List

Please note that two different track list orders are appearing online. The Vocaloid Store lists the order below, while CDJapan and YesAsia list a different order.

1. “Nostalogic (THE VOCALOID edit)” by yuukiss feat. MEIKO (NND, YT)
2. “Sen’nen no Dokusouka (d.g.mix)” by yanagi-P feat. KAITO (NND, YT) (VocaListener)
3. “Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru♪” by ika feat. Hatsune Miku (NND, YT) (VocaListener)
4. “Kokoro” by Toraboruta-P feat. Kagamine Rin (NND, YT) (VocaListener)
5. “Aku no Meshitsukai” by mothy(Akuno-P) feat. Kagamine Len (NND, YT)
6. “Dancing☆Samurai” by Kanimiso-P feat. Kamui Gakupo (NND, YT)
7. “Just Be Friends” by Dixie Flatline feat. Megurine Luka (NND (the video has been set to private), YT) (VocaListener)
8. “Mozaik Role” by DECO*27 feat. GUMI (NND, YT)
9. “Kaze no Tadaima” by Tsuyatsuya-P feat. Kaai Yuki (NND, YT)
10. “Guilty Verse” by Peperon-P feat. Hiyama Kiyoteru (NND, YT)
11. “Satellite” by Peperon-P feat. miki (NND, YT) (VocaListener)
12. “Lily Lily★Burning Night” by SAM(samfree) feat. Lily (NND, YT) (VocaListener)
13. “Tsukihane” by Seiko-P feat. VY1 (NND, YT)
14. “GAJAPINAX” by renton-P feat. Ryuto (NND, YT)
15. “Tobira no Mukou” by Hinayukki@Shigotoshite-P feat. Nekomura Iroha (NND,YT)
16. “Kotoba Meteo” by HYBRID SENSE feat. Utatane Piko (NND, YT)
17. “Garasu no Hana” by Machigerita-P feat. VY2 (NND, YT)
18. “Line” by Yuyoyuppe feat. Mew

The album is scheduled for release on September 14th of this year. It is currently available for pre-order at CDJapan and YesAsia.

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47 thoughts on “THE VOCALOID produced by Yamaha CD Announced”

  1. /sigh
    Can they come up with something more creative than dancing samurai for Gakupo? Can’t they use Episode 0 and Paranoid Doll? Really, it’s getting tiresome… I have a feeling that they just keep compiling the same songs over and over again…

  2. Previews of some of the sogns and the name of the Mew song is here:

    It seems like the older songs have been retuned, which is interesting. I’m wondering if Rin and Luka Append are used in those songs. 

    Also I stole the link from Hisa 😛 

    1. Ok I’m impressed now after hearing Rin’s and Luka’s Vocalistener samples, especially Luka (doesn’t help I’ve always loved her voice, now even more so.)  You can still hear some of the artificial qualities but you can also hear Vocalistener doing its thing adding some of the vocal nuances that make a Vocaloid more human-like.  Now as for Mew.  Hmmmm.  She seems unique sounding enough after telling myself that is not VY1 in a lower range…

  3. ugh…seriously Lily Lily burning night…. why not pick one of sele’s or niki’s song just like JelJel said ”compiling the same songs over and over again…”

        1. I understand that one should not make an opinion solely on her awful demo and it’s true that SeleP or Niki have been able to do something acceptable with her voice, but the fact that many songs of Kaito (or even Meiko !) sound better give an idea that there’s something wrong with this voicebank and it’s not just a matter of skill. When you see the quality gap of Lily compared to Gumi/Gakupo I  wonder how she ended up on Internet Co catalog …

  4. You forgot that the songs are being redone using Vocalistener. It’s why most of the songs are old classics instead of new (or at least newer) hits. It’s a sort of before/after thing.

      1. Nevermind, that is a fact.  But, not all the songs will get the
        refinement.  Here’s the link I saw the info in:  –  On that site the track
        list seems to be in chronological order of when the Vocaloid was
        released.  So we start from Meiko all the way to Mew.  So the
        Vocalistener treatment is for 2、3、4、7、11、12 or the songs for Kaito, Miku, Rin, Luka, Miki, and Lily.

        1. I’ll updated the article ASAP about the Vocalistener treatment, though both online shops list the tracklist order that we have on the article. Thanks for the link!

          1. Hi Bunnychan. CDJapan and YesAsia have their track list order incorrect.  User Shirokiryuu down below in the comments, provided a link to The Vocaloid Store, run by Bplats. So, the track listing is in chronological release order of the Vocaloids.  shop DOT vocaloidstore DOT com (because I don’t want to have to wait for the link to be approved, lol) 4 samples also provided. Luka + Vocalistener = HNNNNGGG moment. Mew is starting to grow on me. I’m liking her voice more and more.

          2. Thanks MrQuadrant4, I did update the article following the Vocaloid Store track list, but make a note that the other stores listed a different order (this is too confusing!).

      1. This blog a couple of months ago. It was the entry titled Vocaloid3: New Features and Voicebanks (updated).

        For some reason, the moderators don’t like me posting the link. Can I post the link, please?

  5. Wow, I love how the album cover has some of the more obscure Vocaloids on it…but I do have to echo the whole “man, these songs AGAIN?” sentiment. They really chose some of the most overdone songs ever… :/

  6. Im not seeing Len, Kaito, Miki, Iroha, Meiko, Gumi, or Gakupo on the CD cover…? o____o
    Shouldnt everyone be on it? 

    1. The album cover is only half of the illustration. The full version can be seen here:

    2. Hm… maybe they’re on the back cover, you can see Rin linking her arm with someone, probably Len looking at that 2 on that arm.

  7. What? WHAT?! HOW LAZY. Here I expected this CD to be full of new songs not reposts D:

    ( ಠ _ಠ ) I’ll still buy it anyways in hopes they remastered them in some way > _>
    They better release a promotional video full album music display soon > _>

    1. Didn’t Yamaha said the album was going to be a popular songs compi album when this was first announced?

      As for the remaster, I’m pretty sure some of them will be remastered or getting a new version.. I remember both Sennen and Dancing Samurai have a revamped version.

      1. Did they? I guess I missed it. I would like to think new songs would have been formed for this momentous occasion.

        I have Mozaic Role on two-three other albums already (´;ω;`)

        and as for popular? Damn. The mix is weird, I can’t imagine putting this on random and after hearing “Servant of Evil” suddenly getting an earful of “LILY LILY BURNING NIGHT! OW!” (⊙ㅅ⊙).

        It would be nice if they chose masters of each respective VoiceBank and order songs of similar mood/excellent use of their vocals.

  8. I’ve been seeing numerous tweets pointing to CDJournal at that states some of the songs are refined with Vocalistener.  At the bottom of the tracklist you can see which ones are affected.  Also the track order is different.  Seems to be in Vocaloid release chronological order.  I guess that makes sense.  The song for Mew is also named as Line by Yuyoyuppe.  Yamaha’s official Vocaloid site doesn’t even mention anything about this album yet.  At any rate, the rehash of old songs using Vocalistener makes it worth while I suppose.  Would have been nice if ALL of them were redone, if the Vocalistener info is accurate.

  9. I have no clue why people are complaining about “Oh it’s THESE SONGS AGAIN.” They were either going to use really popular songs (almost all of them are the ones with the most viewcounts for their tags), or they were going to do all new songs, and the latter was sadly a bit too optimistic, it seems. niki? yuniP? NOPE.

    That having been said, I still want this CD. I enjoy almost all of these songs– I think the only ones I don’t like are Miku Miku, Sen’nen, and… haven’t heard Gachapoid’s song or that particular Yuki song, so I don’t know for sure, but. That’s still quite a minority considering there’s to be 18 songs on it. It’s worth a buy, I think.

  10. I understand the use of very successful (and overused) songs, it’s a promotion CD to show what the Vocaloid can sing. Not the kind of stuff you sell to people already listenig to Vocaloid music anyway.

    I was surprised by the choice of Miku ni shite ageru, It’s probably here because it’s the first Vocaloid hit. It does really not show the capability of Miku’s voicebank, but Yamaha probably don’t care it’s not like Miku’s voicebank need to be promoted 😀
    For the remaining Vocaloids most of the choices were obvious (kokoro, JBF, nostalgic, mozaik role, etc.).

    One typo NyanC: GAJAPINAX is featuring Gachapoid, not Ryuot 😛

    1. Internet Co. has their usual branding scheme where their software name
      is something-poid or another and the avatar’s name is something else. 
      So Gachapoid is the software itself (the Vocaloid), and Ryuto (Ryuuto?
      Ryouto? Ryuuoto? Never bothered to check that…) is the character avatar
      on the box.  Confusion galore just like the whole Megpoid and Gackpoid
      thing.  I personally  tie the Vocaloid to the avatar instead and not the official software name.

  11. Pretty decent tracklist for a compi album to introduce Vocaloids, sure not as fabulous as EXIT TUNES tracklists, then again, Exit tunes albums are for people who are already Vocaloid fans, so….

  12. There’s the Gachapin dinosaur in the back with Gacapoid! How cute~
    But sadly I only like a few of the songs… songs I have heard a million times and songs that I plain don’t like…

  13. It looks as though it’s each Vocaloid, in order of debut, singing a a new rendition of their “theme song.” While I have most of these songs already, I do really like the idea and will likely be picking up a copy.

  14. Did some minor research and found the dowloadable files for all four of the preview tracks. I honestly only care about listening to the vocalistener enhanced songs, ex Luka & Rins click the little player and select “Save Video As” to download the preview track. It’s better than nothing.

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