Ring Suzune First Demo Songs and VOCAFES03

Screenshot from the Sweet Pain PV

A video containing previews of two songs featuring Ring Suzune, more formally known as VFS-01/R, has just been released on NicoNicoDouga. This video also announces the upcoming VOCALOID FESTA 03, as well as the second ‘Everyone’s Vocaloid Project’. More info after the break!

The winners of the Everyone’s Vocaloid Project (Minna no Vocaloid Keikaku, otherwise known as MinBoka or VocaloKeikaku), or Everyone’s Vocaloid Project, had been announced in May 2011 during the VOCALOID FESTA02 (Vocafes for short) sponsored by Wood Bell. Fans had the opportunity to submit illustrations in the hopes that they would be chosen and later become Vocaloids. The two winning illustrations were Hibiki Lui by Yuukari, and Ring Suzune by Muraichi. The voice provider for Lui hasn’t been revealed yet, but it was announced that MiKA, from band Daisy×Daisy, would voice Ring. Three months later, Wood Bell uploaded a video on NicoNicoDouga containing previews of two demo songs, “Yakimochi Toki-Doki Hare no” and “Sweet Pain”, both by Yuuhei Catharsis. This is a side-project by the soundmakers of the doujin circle Yuuhei Satellite, primarily known for their Touhou arranges. You can watch the video below.

More information on the headset Ring is wearing is included in the PV: “the design of her headset is based on a piano. It is also meant to be reminding of a memory plug.”

The full version of these two songs will be revealed during VOCALOID FESTA03, held on September 11 at Tokyo Big Site. Wood Bell also said that “submissions for MinBoka 2 will open soon”, without giving any other further info. Keep an eye on VOCAFES03 if you’re interested!

Lastly, it has also been announced that the two demo songs will be used in the MinBoka game, tentatively called “V・F・S”. Again, we can expect to hear more about it on September 11, so stay tuned!

Sources: HatsuneMikuMiku, Vocafes.

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32 thoughts on “Ring Suzune First Demo Songs and VOCAFES03”

    1. Well, maybe at some point they’ll think about doing that, but for now, I’m pretty sure you can’t find them anywhere.

  1. Maybe it’s just these songs, but she is *really* hard to understand, even by vocaloid standards.  If it weren’t for the written lyrics I would have no clue what she was saying…

  2. Its REALLY hard to NOT draw voice similarities to existing Vocaloids when introduced to a new one.  But, I have to say the very opening of the song, it felt like I was listening to Miki 🙂  After the music picks up then I start to hear some uniqueness in her voice.  She’s certainly smooth like Gumi or the VY series, but then what the heck happened in the second song?  Its like she suddenly took on a lisp and it was very hard to understand her … Its like I’m being trolled by another UTAUloid. Need a real demo where we can clearly hear her and less of the music.

  3. Complaints of Miki?!

    I wish I’d joined that contest…nah, shouldn’t wish like that. I’m terrible at drawing…:( I should’ve entered, though, because I enjoy creating characters…
    Oh well, better just stick to UTAU <3
    I looovee VOCALOID, and UTAUs can be clear…it's just the unproffecional people who make it. I'm 11 and am going to try making it…the trick is to add as few effects as possible on your sound recorder. I'm pretty sure Gumi wasn't overdone…
    Oh and UTAU can work just as well as VOCALOID…people troll UTAU all the time, but that's because (MOSTLY the official works. In my opinion, some, maybe even most, of the fanmades are Gumi-and-MEIKO-like. It depends on your style. I personally like Ritsu and Teto's un-humanlike style, but I know that human-like VOCALOIDs get a lot of positive reviews, so I'll make both for my UTAUs)

    <3 but I'm excited. New VOCALOIDs…you don't see that anymore. Since Luka…that reminds me, I forgot to put Luka in there with Gumi and MEIKO…

    Rin, Miku, Len=UNREALISTIC catagory
    MEIKO, KAITO, Luka, Gumi, Gakupo=REALISTIC catagory.

    I wonder which one Miki and Lui will be (and YES I KNOW Miki already has come out, but I never heard her sing before, although I've heard of her lol. And I left out Gachapoid and (some) others…but whatever.

    And congratulations. You just spent way too much time reading my pointless comments!!
    Gomenasai…I just ramble on a lot.

    1. Its not exactly fair to classify Miku and the Kagamine twins as unrealistic when so many of their users either abuse their vocal range, are inexperienced at tuning and post-processing, or they choose to pitch them to the moon and sound robotic. They CAN sound realistic, especially Miku’s Appends. If you want to hear some of their potential I can link some from Youtube.

      As for Miki, some examples for you. The first two are cover songs. The rest are originals.

      【カバー】mikiで「Hacking to the Gate」【いとうかなこ】



      miki – Satellite – VOCALOID

      miki – Daybreak – VOCALOID

      miki ~ Milky☆Milky

      miki – wish – VOCALOID

      miki – Good Night – VOCALOID

      [Miki] Miki★Romantic Night [English Sub]

      The first two cover songs are kind of unfair comparisons because of Ciel’s tuning skills. He/she is the producer responsible for the ungodly Gumi cover of Supercell’s Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari and Sayonara Memories (both sung by Nagi originally). But hey, its still Miki so it counts 😀

        1. Amen to that.  Though, its true some Vocaloids are much harder to fix, tune, or hide its flaws than others, a dedicated producer can do wonders.  Its one of the reasons I no longer search songs by Vocaloid but by producers because then I can trust the results will be excellent beforehand.

          1. Yeah. Most vocaloid fans go into fray looking by vocaloid as if its the program that did all the work.

            I’m glad more people are becoming more aware of producers, they’re the reason the fandom is so great. Its a big wonderful collaboration between artist of all kinds. :3

    2. >>>Oh and UTAU can work just as well as VOCALOID…people troll UTAU all
      the time, but that’s because (MOSTLY the official works. In my opinion,
      some, maybe even most, of the fanmades are Gumi-and-MEIKO-like. It
      depends on your style.<<<

      Based on what I have seen. Gumi and Meiko are hardly in the popularity range of Miku and Rin. So it is the latter two that have the most derived characters and inspired characters. Unless you have a certain view on what makes a fanmade Gumi-and-MEIKO-like, as there are not a lot of characters based on them or even looks like them.

  4. dunno why but i adore her voice a lot more then seeU.. even though people already started complaining about how her voice sound’s like SF-A2 miki and gumi i mean you can hear similarities but think her voice is very unique unlike the other new vocaloid mew sound’s like VY1 :<

    1. Lol, so I wasn’t the only one that thought Mew sounded a bit like VY1 (lower range).  After listening to the sample many times though, she does sound different to me now.  But not too different.  Nothing wrong with that, though.  I still get Miki confused with Rin sometimes in certain songs. *shrug*

          1. Omg thanks so much! I didn’t know they release album demos! *flails* I can’t wait to hear more. Who knows, the demos never completely show off the voices. You can tell the voice has been layered for harmony, and its hard to get good grip on a voice from a thirty second sample.

            I love the new versions Just be friends and Kokoro.

            Much appreciated

  5. She don´t sound bad but don´t sound good eiter… to similar to others, but still she have some things in her voice that makes her unique!

  6. If Miku and Miki and Gumi were merged together you’d get Ring. I’m sorry, I wouldn’t knock her so much if it weren’t for her design. After seeing how amazing she looked in the original design and then seeing how they made her look like a knock-off version of Miku really bugs me. I think she was so unique…I hope to eventually hear more of what she is capable of doing before I completely judge her singing capabilities. As for this first introduction, I have to say I’m a fan yet. 

  7. I honestly think her voice is pretty unique, although I do think she sounded just a teeeeny bit like Gumi ar the beginning. I really like her voice, in fact 🙂 Plus her design is pretty, but, not trying to be a hater, I wish they chose a different color for her & they didn’t re-design her, because she resembles Miku a tad bit. 

  8. Oh, I figured it out! I remember reading about when using Vocaloid 3, you have the option to choose over realistic or robotic (vocaloid 2, for example).
    So maybe, the first song is a demo of her ‘realistic’ voice and the second is a demo of her ‘robotic’ voice!
    hurr~ I feel smart :3 lol

  9. If the voice providers have a similar voice type and range or in likely cases the same vocal range, then of course their samples will end up being judged as sounding similar to an existing voice bank. I do give each Vocaloid a listen and try to find their personal tone, a mannerism that makes them stand out, but sometimes I will agree with the majority of opinions.

    So yes, Ring in demo currently does sound like SF-A2 miki, youthful teen-like vocals. A stage “Idol” with a mid range. Even Japanese listeners are skeptical of her arrival and her appearance (avatar). Poor thing is gonna have an uphill climb for attention.

    Hmm, so far only the English Vocaloids have not been considered for sounding a like.

  10. Her voice provider is MiKA who is the lead singer of the Japanese band Daisy X Daisy no mix whit miku or miki or gumi or other vocaloids

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