EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Kirameki Senshi Bango Daigaen feat. Kamui Gakupo CD Announced

Kirameki Senshi Bango Daigaen feat. Kamui Gackupo
Kirameki Senshi Bango Daigaen feat. Kamui Gackupo

Just five months ago on April 20th, EXIT TUNES brought us their first Gakupo album entitled “Kira Hyakka Ryoran Butokai feat. Kamui Gackupo,” and now they’ve announced the follow up album, called “Kirameki Senshi Bango Daigaen feat. Kamui Gackupo.” Read on for all the information.

This new album will feature remastered songs, alongside new ones, for a total of eighteen tracks. The cover illustration will be by Suzunosuke. The official site is now open.

01. “Episode.0” by mathru(Kanimiso-P) (NND, YT)
02. “Mushi to Sakura, Uso to Concrete” by otetsu
03. “ROMANCE×BALANCE” by yuukiss
04. “Yakusoku” by Nori-P (NND, YT)
05. “Rutenginyuu” by Peperon-P (NND, YT)
06. “Shita to Ura” by Machigerita
07. “Biuta Miya -FULL Bloom Edition-“ by Tour-P (NND)
08. “Super Turkish March Owata \(^o^)/” by Owata-P (NND, YT)
09. “先週、肝臓が腎臓にフラれたらしい” by  IenoUradeManbougaShinderu-P
10. “Shinkirou no Janna” by Team Aburitoro-don (NND, YT)
11. “Egoistic” by No.D (NND, YT)
12. “soul without destination” by maya
13. “excuse” by 164
14. “Rurou no Tami” by Suzuki-P (NND, YT)
15. “Aki Tsuki” by Nem
16. “Sora no Todoku Suna no Yama” by Nata-P (NND, YT)
17. “Last Song” by ROY (NND, YT)
18. “太陽が沈む刻” by SCL Project(natsu-P)

First press editions will include a phone strap, sticker, and fake card.

Phone strap.
Phone strap.
Fake card and sticker.
Fake card and sticker.

The album is set for release on October 5th of this year. It is available at Amazon Japan for 2,000 yen, CDJapan for 1,905 yen, and at YesAsia for $25.25.

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5 thoughts on “EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Kirameki Senshi Bango Daigaen feat. Kamui Gakupo CD Announced”

  1. I’m excited to hear that Gakupo’s getting some more attention, without songs like Dancing Samurai being rereleased to death. If I have the money, I’ll definitely get it. *^*

  2. Even though Episode.0 won that contest, I do think NatsuP should’ve won with Paranoid Doll. [I have a Natsu bias, okay?]

    But because it was the top winner, it keeps getting the main attention, and, as no. 2, Paranoid Doll doesn’t have as much. It’s just a bit dissapointing… [for someone with a Natsu bias]

    Can it be agreed that Episode.0 was improved big time after GACKT sang it? (Paranoid Doll got improved too, but I think Episode.0 was a bigger jump.)

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