Mew’s Boxart Unveiled

Mew's boxart (click for larger version)
Mew's boxart (click for larger version)

Mew, an upcoming voicebank by Yamaha for the VOCALOID3 engine, has had her boxart revealed, which you can view above. It was unveiled at an event celebrating the release of “THE VOCALOID produced by Yamaha” CD (you can hear a sample of her song on the album, “Line,” by clicking here). At the event, famous producers Machigerita-P and Yuyoyuppe (who wrote “Line”) were guests, along side Sakamoto Miu, Mew’s voice provider. Besides Mew’s illustration, they did discuss about the CD and the VOCALOID3 engine.

The cat that Mew is holding in the illustration is based on Miu’s cat, Sabami.

Mew will be released as part of a starter pack for VOCALOID3, but will also be sold on her own.

Sources: Hatsune MikuMiku, Nico Blog

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16 thoughts on “Mew’s Boxart Unveiled”

  1. Hmm the voice it feels like hearin Meiko+VY1, but that just me. And the boxart…is that really the character for MEW? No offense the art is superb but as a commercialized character its just…urgh leave it to YAMAHA for ‘superb’ character design =v=.  Well fans gonna improvised anyway like what they did for Vy1 and Vy2.

    1. I don’t think you understand what Yamaha is aiming to do. VY1 and VY2 intentionally don’t have character designs and are aimed at professional musicians. With Mew, I’m pretty sure they’re still aiming for more professional users. It’s also a nice change of pace as this is the first Japanese “avatar” that I’ve seen that’s not blatantly anime-style.

      The Vocaloid fandom is too used to having characters matched to voices… I’m completely fine with voicebanks without ‘superb’ designs.

      1. well the thing is Vocaloid gain its popularity via FACE that is via Hatsune Miku, I know she wasn’t the first, but you can agree that through her that we have a pretty much Vocaloid boom nowadays. In other word, a voice need a face. Its much easier for us, the human with a brain to remember their song as we recognized not only their voice but also their character.

        Dont get me wrong also, the boxart is nice, just not to my taste. ^v^

        1. But for the Japanese, they’ve had all the faces in the world, what they haven’t had is differnt approaches. Yamaha doesn’t like people paying more attention to characters then the vocal results, as it underminds that Vocaloid is still trying to be a professional software at the end of the day. What it is and what Yamah wants it to be are different. 

  2. Black and white box art?  Check.  She’s not moe?  Check (I love moe avatars too, but, its nice to see some changes now and then).  Well considering its Yamaha, this isn’t at all surprising.  Mew’s voice actually matches her image so we shouldn’t hear too much bickering on that front.

    As for her voice, yeah, sure, she sounds like VY1 and Lily had a love child somehow.  Speculation, but I realize now it seems like Mew is an idealized version of Lily’s voice library.  I mean even the box art font for Mew and Lily are identical and both avatars bear a resemblance to the image of a rocker-like girl.  Hmm?

    With that said, I want to hear LIQ cover ARROWz with Mew 😀

  3. I really like the boxart, but I’m not really impressed by the voicebank sample. Maybe it’s because I have high expectations coming from V3. I think Seeu sound better.
    anyway it’s hard to juge with short samples like this. Let’s wait for more songs, and hope for these voicebank to reach the top in the Vocaran like VY1 did last week.

  4. Her box art really reminds me of how people draw Miriam (non-moe version, of course). These two could be like long lost twists, actually o.O

  5. Oooooooooooh~ Another Vocaloid. Sweet. I love her design. She looks like she’s an awesome female rocker. 😀 Hopefully that’s the case. 😀

    But for her voice…….meh.I’m not really lovin it. I was hoping her voice would be just a tad deeper. In my mind when I first saw her, I thought of her as one of the older female Vocaloids. And I was hoping her voice would reflect that. But then again it may just be the song that has her sing a bit higher. I’ll probably figure out what I feel about her after she’s out in the hands of some producers out there.

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