New Boxart for Engloids’ Taiwan Releases and More Info

Image source: myst-saphyr
Image source: myst-saphyr

The new boxart has been revealed for the Taiwan releases of five of the Engloids. Read on for the images as well as new profile information for each of them.

Please note that the following images and profile information relates to the Taiwan releases only. They are being released in Taiwan by the company E-Capsule and can be purchased at the PChome site.

Sonika's Taiwanese Art (click for larger version)
Sonika's Taiwanese Art (click for larger version)
Original Distributor: Zero-G
Age: 17
Height: 160cm/5’3″
Weight: 45kg/99 lbs
Language: English
Genre: Pop
Range: G3~D5
Tempo: 75-160 BPM

Prima's Taiwanese Art (click for larger version)
Prima's Taiwanese Art (click for larger version)
Original Distributor: Zero-G
Age: 18
Height: 156cm/5″1.4″
Weight: 42kg/92.4 lbs
Language: English
Genre: Opera and New Age
Range: Eb3~E5
Tempo: 75-160 BPM

Sweet Ann
Sweet Ann's Taiwanese Art (click for larger version)
Sweet Ann's Taiwanese Art (click for larger version)
Original Distributor: PowerFX
Age: 23
Height: 162cm/5’3.8″
Weight: 46kg/101.2 lbs
Language: English
Genre: Lyrical Nostalgia
Range: C3~C5
Tempo: 65-155 BPM

Big Al
Big Al's Taiwanese Art (click for larger version)
Big Al's Taiwanese Art (click for larger version)
Original Distributor: PowerFX
Age: 21
Height: 185cm/6’2.8″
Weight: 73kg/160.6 lbs
Language: English
Genre: Electronic Rock
Range: G1~D3
Tempo: 70-145 BPM

Tonio's Taiwanese Art (click for larger version)
Tonio's Taiwanese Art (click for larger version)
Original Distributor: Zero-G
Age: 27
Height: 183cm/6’0″
Weight: 78kg/171.6 lbs
Language: English
Genre: Classical and Opera
Range: G2~D4
Tempo: 60-140 BPM

Sources: Engloids.Info,, Hatsune Miku Miku, PChome.

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27 thoughts on “New Boxart for Engloids’ Taiwan Releases and More Info”

  1. I always think the weights and heights are funny. I’m 5’3″ and if I weighed only 99 pounds, I’d be around 10-15 pounds underweight! XD

    1. I’m gonna need to remind you that there is a Miku fanbase here in Taiwan that may or may not rival the U.S.’s, i’ve met about 5 other people who are one the top 300 list for Project Diva Arcade asides from myself

  2. Sonika – Good, but a little risque.
    Prima – Cute, but I always felt her color scheme was red.
    Sweet Ann – Wasn’t unexpected.  I actually like the remodel.
    Big Al – Never liked it from the start, because he feels way shorter.  Also what’s with that eighth note scythe?
    Tonia – *snort*  What’s with the horn and the ears?  Is that some kind of pun in Taiwan?

  3. Oh man Big Al is terrible. I’ve never been a fan of Prima looking so animu uguu moe etc, and Tonio just looks like a ridiculous unicorn… but the rest of them are actually quite nice! Haha.

  4. I expected the stats to be more…caucasian for the females. Those heights are too short and the weights are too light. Tonio and Big Al’s stats are just a tad too tall. And the ages don’t fit…except for Sonika and Tonio’s.

    LOL. I think I like Tonio the best. I don’t care about the horn…he’s still sexy.

  5. I’m Taiwanese, and I think these designs are awful.
    I wonder if they were done in Japan or not, but I hate them all the same.
    The only one I can stand is Sweet Ann, but she’s too short.

  6. The artwork is actually nice as artwork and styling. but, are these RPG characters for a new game?  They’re going on an adventure to farm for gold!

    Sonika actually fit my expectations since she’s practically a moe version of her 2nd boxart, but, Prima?  Holy crap, did NOT expect that out of a supposed opera singer Vocaloid.

    Sweet Ann is pretty nice though but why is she covering her stitches with a choker?  That’s like her trademark!  Let me touch your stitches! Uh, that sounded more dirty than I intended … sorry.

    Big Al … Well I don’t have anything nice to say about Big Al … Except he’s going for the Andrygynous Gakupo look and his scythe is used to reap the souls of the dead after hearing his voice (Big Al always sounds like he has down syndrome to me, I don’t know why, I really don’t like his voice.)

    Tonio gave me the same impression as I had with Prima and I especially lol’ed over the unicorn horn like thing.  If he dips his horn in crappy music does it turn the music into a masterpiece or something?  Wouldn’t that be nice.

  7. Sonika:   I like it, she really looks like a pop singer
    Prima:  I really love her dress, but she looks too young
    Sweet Ann:  I’m in love with this design!
    Big Al:  Overall, Not really a fan, but I do like the scythe
    Tonio:   That is absolutely ridiculous.  Its so ridiculous that I actually like it.

  8. I don’t get it. These have been up on the Wikia for a very long time – I found Tonio’s on there at least a month ago. Did they reveal them early or something, and now they’re officially releasing the voicebanks there?

    1. The designs had been revealed earlier, yes, but the boxart itself has just been revealed (complete with the chibi drawing of each Vocaloid on the side), as well as the new profiles.

  9. WHAT IS THIS BLASPHEMY!? Err *coughs* sorry~

    Any who I don’t like this one bit, they lolified the women and uber bishounenized the men.

    Prima has a DEEP voice naturally…Can you imagine a little girl coming up to you with a deep voice going “Hello there sir?”

    Sonika looks MOE….DO NOT WANT

    Sweet Ann….More mature looking please.


    Tonio…So what’s he hunting tonight?

    This is just the Taiwan covers…I’ll stick to the English designs…B( I just hope people won’t love these designs more…

    1. Well, that’s why there are two markets.  The West can have their more realistic box art since moe and kawaii culture are misunderstood as “weird Japanese crap” and probably will stay that way for a very long time.  Western indie musicians are serious business!  Buying music software with a cute character on the front must be embarrassing and feel very unprofessional.

      Although, the existence of Bronies is making me wonder about the whole moe thing in the West … I’m surprised no company has taken advantage and made My Little Pony Vocaloid character vocals, yet.

  10. I like the new designs.The heights and weights are a bit weird, but the boxart is all that counts. Though you have to admit, Big Al and Tonio do look like they came out of some RPG. >w>

  11. o__o I actually had way extreme different reactions for each one:

    Sonika: She looks too young……I’m definitely not used to this.
    Prima: No. Just……whhhyyyyyy?! She could at least look sophisticated like Sweet Ann! She sings opera!!! Usually I don’t have a big problem with moe/kawaii characters its just, I am so disappoint.
    Sweet Ann: I’m okay with this. I also am IN LOOOOOOOOOOVE with her outfit!!! 😀 It’s really nice. ♥
    Big Al: I’ll admit it. I love him. I’m a sucker for bishies. But he doesn’t look like Big Al to me.
    Tonio: LOL!!! He could be a Narwhal!! 😀 I could totally see him singing opera, but also hunting random animals in the forest with his bare hands. XD (maybe)

    They all look like they’re part of an anime RPG, lol. Very interesting Taiwan, very interesting…

  12. I like the designs. I just feel they’d be better for other vocaloids;;
    And Prima here reminds me of SeeU due to the headphones.
    I can imagine them all being Taiwanese VOCALOIDs c;
    (except for tonio xD i imagine him being a jokaloid due to that design but other than that horn he looks nice he looks so precious in his chibi *q*)

  13. SONiKA: Cute, mostly a moe version of her 2nd boxart
    sweet ann: i wish she wasn’t covering her stitches
    Prima: WHOA…. Not how most of the fans picture prima. She kind looks a bit like aoki lapis now lol. She looks too young
    Big al: OMGWTFBBQ did not expect a bishie look at all…
    Tonio: IM A UNICORN! lol. sorry. he looks so ridiculous.
    I wish zero-g would re-make and re-release Lola and Leon. I wuv those two… Also… I’m curious to se what they would come up with for Taiwan boxart for them.

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