V3 GUMI Demo Songs and Illustrations Revealed (Updated)

GUMI Adult boxart

The four VOCALOID3 Megpoid voices have had their official illustrations revealed by Internet’s Noboru Murakami during a NicoNama broadcast on September 22. The images are drawn by Masami Yuuki, who is the same artist who drew the original GUMI. Previews of the demo songs, created by famous Ps, were also played during the NicoNama, which featured m.o.v.e‘s motsu as the host and Dios/Signal-P as a guest. Follow us after the break for the songs!

Update: screenshots of the original illustrations used on the boxarts added.

Here are recordings of the demo song previews, which haven’t had their titles revealed yet. Internet will set up a site for V3 GUMI, with the pictures and full songs on September 26.

GUMI Power – buzzG

GUMI Power – yuukiss

GUMI Power – Kanimiso-P

GUMI Adult – Noboru Murakami (Mu-P)

GUMI Adult – Reruriri

GUMI Sweet – maya

GUMI Whisper – Noboru Murakami (Mu-P)

Here screencaps of the original illustrations used on the boxarts:

GUMI Adult
GUMI Power
GUMI Sweet
GUMI Whisper

And here are all the boxarts (top: basic packs, shipped with the Tiny Editor; bottom: Starter Packs, with the full VOCALOID3 Editor. The two packs on the center are the Complete Packs, containing the four voices).

VOCALOID3 Megpoid packs

You can see screencaps of the individual boxarts on this article by Hatsune Miku Miku. You can also check our previous article for the prices of the different VOCALOID3 Megpoid packages.

It should be noted that this NicoNama was the last one of the “Mezase! VocaloP” series, sponsored by Internet Co. Ltd. You can still check their NicoNicoDouga channel for videos of previous shows, as well as tutorials on mixing, composing, Vocaloid tuning and other subjects.

We’ll update this article when more info concerning V3 GUMI come out, so stay tuned!

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35 thoughts on “V3 GUMI Demo Songs and Illustrations Revealed (Updated)”

  1. Oh WOW. All four uhm “extends”(?), “appends”(?) will each have their own fancy boxart? Oooohhh, talk about out-do-ing Miku and the twins. (I know they will be sold separately, but wouldn’t they still be add-ons, basically, of the source vocal?)

    The demos are really great, too, the potential is astounding ; A;
    I just wish there was less commentary on some of them.

    1. Neither “extend” nor “append”. Internet has stopped using the former because it could lead to confusion (by using one term to refer to all the voices, it gives the impression they’re one product, which they aren’t anymore — even though there’s the Complete Pack). Murakami said they will call them “VOCALOID3 Megpoid Power”, “VOCALOID3 Megpoid Adult”, etc.

      Personally, I’d say “the four V3 GUMIs”.

      1. It will take a SERIOUS amount of time for that to sink in ; A;

        Ok. In technicality they are similar to an append, but for the sakes of product movement(?) it won’t be called that. Ok. :0

        That actually makes sense considering they might be expensive(?)
        I’m still hazy on price info. Thanks ;0

  2. Are these demo songs available without the commentary? They were to muted. I’m a bit disappointed with the box art. They could have done much better. Gumi almost failed because of her original box art, and they use the same artist again? The style is still the same.

    1. yea but hey at least the Artsyle is original so if her old design got accepted i don’t think this one’s gonna be bother  :/

    2. No, no better versions of the songs available until September 26, when Internet will reveal them officially on V3 GUMI’s special site.

  3. I do NOT like these GUMI character model changes one bit.  Way way WAY too oversexed.  It’s like they turned samfree’s illustration for Megu Megu Fire Endless Night and tripled the amount of cleavage.  Totally unnecessary.  The voice is great, but the character?  No no no and also no.

    1. b-b-but evuurrrbody loves the under boob ; A;

      A little sexy, but so far Adult and Power are the only ones guilty of that extra point in “sex”. Still, nothing too overboard.

  4. Her voice is all that matters. Her appearance can be changed by any illustrator. She’s still my favorite, no matter what.

  5. wktk!  I think Gumi’s “extends” are going to be a landslide in sales for Internet co.  This is exciting!  As for her box art …


    That is all that needs to be said about that.

    If we think this is over sexualized, I’m really curious what Meiko or Luka Appends will look like, especially Meiko.

  6. I really didn’t like her design at first, but I think I’m getting used to it.  Sweet and Whisper look nice, and you can tell the artist has greatly improved.  Even though that outfit is really weird, I honestly think that won’t affect sales – everyone already decided to buy her the second they heard the demos.  And those demos are awesome.

  7. Honestly, the only boxart that I don’t outright hate or dislike is Whisper. Adult looks really…blank, Power is totally unintentionally hilarious (dude, she’s doing her best MegaTen Abaddon impression!…also, her left thumb is cut off), and Sweet doesn’t look “sweet” at all. Only Whisper really matches the intention of the voicebank…and coincedentally (or not?) has the least fanservice of all of them.

    Speaking of fanservice, what the hell is up with the outfit? I mean…WHAT THE HELL. I’m not MAD or anything…just…why? What is the point? And the funny thing is, the two voicebank artworks with the most fanservice are also the ones with the worse facial expressions, so I can’t really see it being sexy at all. So now it’s just plain unnecessary.

  8. I’m disappointed in the illustrations. I like the suspenders, though, they seem to fit her, even if she doesn’t have an official personality. It’s mostly just the exposing shirt-bra-thing and her huge shoulderpads, haha.
    But I love her new voices and that’s all that matters! I can’t wait for her to release, though I’d be iffy on buying power or adult because of what my parents would think by looking at the boxart. :[ (vocaloid isn’t meant for children anyway, oh well.)

  9. Well these were underwhelming. AND I’m not liking this retarded underboob thing. It’s seriously ugly and pointless.

  10. I love her voicebanks. I think really that the designs are just fine. I can see why Adult has the breasts showing a bit under her (sports bra ?). I think that the designs actually match the voicebanks.

    I, SAKU, approve of V3 Megpoif: GUMI !!~

  11. I love Gumi no matter what, but the underboob thing was absolutely unnecessary. I repeat: Absolutely. Unnecessary. … And I want a redesign.

  12. i demand a re-design seriously……well not totally…she would look a ton better if the top wasn’t underboob exposure >_>
    and here i was…looking forward to gumi extend’s design and this is what i got 🙁
    who approved the top? seriously…who???
    🙁 at least her voice is still the best

  13. >four amazing quality voicebanks for GUMI coming out
    >~20 comments bitching about the art on the boxes

    Stay classy, guys.

  14. I really like the designs~! THAT JACKET! <3
    I agree the underboob isn't needed, but can't you guys remember that the original GUMI had a garter around her thigh? Her design was already a bit sexual. Anyway, it's the fanart that determines the outfit; KAITO probably didn't have blue nails but the fans made that official.

    And I think the artist has drastically improved! What are you guys sulking about? XD

    1. Speaking of sexual, even Miku is sexualized if people can recognize the fetishes that are involved in her design.  Most people don’t usually equate her to being sexual because her boobs aren’t pouring out of her shirt and her outfit isn’t “slutty.”.  But she’s definitely a walking fetish magnet.  I won’t list the few that come to mind, as that’s unnecessary, but I can think of at least three fairly obvious ones.

  15. D:

    Well I love Gumi’s voice. That’s always a good thing when seeing Append news about Gumi but the new design………..Ummm, well, everybody else is already complaining about the underboob (and trust me I’m definitely not pleased about it either). Well……Yeah I’m kinda disappointed. It’s the whole tiny shirt total underboob thing, sorry. Everything else makes sense EXCEPT that.(I mean seriously! Even the jacket with shoulder pads thing makes more sense with her than the “shirt”) But that’s just me. If it was just a normal tank top, it doesn’t even have to be a loose tank top it could be tight yellow tank top, and it’d probably look a hell of a lot better than that.
    Ugh, well anyway. I’ll just keep picturing her as her previous art while she sings with her append voices then.This kinda scares me to see how much Meiko and Luka will change in their art. Oh god. I at least hope they’ll be no underboob? oh goodness. o.o 

    1. I doubt there will be underboob on meiko and luka…..

      I expect much worse x.x

      Dressed in a single thread. Around their whole body. And then…. (censored)

      Luka will be naked and only censored by her hair. Lol.

  16. Ewww, Gumi looks so ughh in this artwork…they should’ve, and COULD have done better with the artwork….Rin, Len and Miku got their artwork boxes done by the other artists and the original boxes didn’t look pretty.

  17. UGH D8 that wide jacket and underboob just kills it for me X _ x” Liked the old outfit better compared to this one ಠ_ಠ

  18. Honestly, no matter how much I love Gumi, the boxart does bother me a bit… It’s better than the original boxart for Gumi, but still, compare it to Miku and the others… They should ask for illustrations made by fans and decide on the best ones. But I guess it’s too late now… ^_^” Ah, well… At least we have great voices for Gumi~! I particularly love Power. *^_^*

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