Project Diva on PS Vita in the works

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA, by SEGA

A job agent site in Japan named Job Engine posted late last month a job listing for a Project Planner for a Project Diva game on the PS Vita. The site in question has been consequently taken down due to the link being advertised on many other blogs. However, this shows that SEGA is planning on extending the Project Diva lineup to include the PS Vita, and hopefully, they get to use the touch capabilities, and the graphical capabilities of the Vita to its full extent to create a great game for everyone to play!

Source: Andriasang.

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5 thoughts on “Project Diva on PS Vita in the works”

    1. The release will probably be Japan only like the previous games, as localization would cost money for Sega. Do note that the Vita should be region free  anyways, and major websites will be importing them.

  1. says there its gonna be out in 2012. OMDFMAHG I cant wait! But I do hope PD extend and PD 2 will be compatible on the PSV. I want to play the original songs on the best handheld portable.

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