MikuPa 2011 Live in Sapporo viewings around the world

MikuPa Live in Sapporo

Live Viewing Japan will host theatrical viewings of the MikuPa 2011 Live in Sapporo concert to commemorate the release of the Blu-Ray/DVD/CD that will be coming out on November 16th in Japan. This time, Thailand, France, and Brazil are the lucky ones that get a chance to view the concert in the theaters and dates listed after the break.

SF World Cinema Bangkok, Thailand – October 30

UCI Cinemas Jardim Sul Sao Paulo, Brazil – November 5

CGR Torcy Torcy, France – November 9 and 18

Whether or not they will show this concert to many other venues across the world, only time will tell as it seems like they are doing this as a trial to see how many attendees there are in each nation, from China, Korea, and Thailand to Brazil, France, and even America! One day, concerts will be all over the world, and everyone will get a chance to experience what normally would be in Japan only. America was the first to experience this with Mikunopolis, but there are many other organizations that are trying to get the concerts to their locations. If you do live in the areas with the theaters listed above, tell us about your experience!

Sources: Hatsune Miku’s Facebook page, CGR Torcy’s website.

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15 thoughts on “MikuPa 2011 Live in Sapporo viewings around the world”

  1. i suppose, the germans won´t watch voclaoid?
    hell no! I wanna see it in germany.
    Well, i get my stream anyway i don´t care about a legal or illegal one. {>._.<}

  2. To my fellow European Vocaloid fans: Paris is not far away and the typical EasyJet return ticket booked one month in advance is around 60€. Let’s not let the French people alone in this theater ^^

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