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8 thoughts on “SV01 SeeU 2nd Demo Song Released!”

  1. Best Song of her was “Run” , her voice was better used to that song than this one here. [i actually don´t like vocaloid being in lower pitches]
    well, it is something i personally don´t like but i wouldn´t say it´s a bad song!
    it only suits my fav. voice not. xD

  2. Run was a disappointing demo for me, especially after I=Fantasy. But this demo is amazing! I adore this song.

  3. Lol you have no idea how fast I clicked here once I saw the words “SeeU Demo”. I really was hoping for a full version of I=fantasy. But, I guess this song is cool too. At least it’s kinda catchy. 

    And I’m LOOOOOOVING that she can sing low notes very well. ^♥^ It’s sounds nice. 😀

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