SeeU’s Voicebank and New Demo Songs Released

Image souce: Lukeru
Image souce: Lukeru

October 21 was an important day for SeeU, the Vocaloid created by SBS Artech: she is one of the first native VOCALOID3 voicebanks, she was released in Korea, and had three new demo songs revealed. Follow us after the break for all the information, including on the Western release of SeeU.

She’s here! The much anticipated Korean Vocaloid, whose first (unofficial) demo song, “I=Fantasy” (short version), had been revealed back on the June 8th. “Secret Party,” was released on October 21 by SBS Artech. As of now, she isn’t available outside Korea, but SBS Artech said in an October 23 English-language tweet “After about a month, we will be sold through eBay. Starting in North America, expanding to Europe~ Thank you~!”, and according to an October 12th tweet by SBS Artech (in Japanese) via SeeU’s personal account, they are preparing a Japanese release for before the end of the year.

SeeU, or more formally SV01 SeeU, is a 17 year old girl based on Kim Tahi, an ex-member of the K-pop girl band Glam. She has both a Japanese and Korean voicebank, and the former can be used to make her sing in heavily accented English. Her avatar was designed by Korean artist KKUEM. More information on SeeU can be found on our previous article.

Let us listen to all the demo songs released by SBS Artech so far.


“Never Let You Go_Remix”

“Shining Star”



A new version of “I=Fantasy” has also been released by SBS Artech, with additional breathing effects.

Now, let’s have a look at some fan depictions of SeeU. First, a big thanks to Lukeru (who previously worked with Vocalekt Visions) for drawing the opening picture of this article for us to use!

Here are other drawings by pixiv artists.

Image source: saya
Image source: ミィ☆
Image source: Jenevan
Image source: 学生94
Image source: ondol
Image source: poreuping
Image source: ア-ちゃん

And finally, here’s the fanmade male version of SeeU, called “Usee” by the artist.

Usee ボーカロイド by poiizu

And that’s it! Join us next year to celebrate her first birthday. Let’s hope the producers will have come up with lots of great SeeU songs by then!

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7 thoughts on “SeeU’s Voicebank and New Demo Songs Released”

  1. not released outside korea yet? explained a lot ^^
    somehow i hope for a new malepitched demosong maybe just my fangirling..but the breathing effect is cool and finally a longer version of ifantasy

  2. “Kim Tahi, an ex-member of the K-pop girl band Glam.”
    Okay, I just want you to know that Tahi isn’t an EX-member of the group Glam. Glam didn’t even DEBUT yet =___=”

  3. I must say Run was definitly the best song of her. well Never et You Go was good to but the lower pitch of her voice was a bit to much for me ^^
    and then there was i=fantasy in the short version of the demo song i really loved the tuning of her voice and now the full version is released it changed… i can´t get why they changed her tuning so much but the breathing effect was nice in the second fulll verion [o._.o]
    hope i see/hear mor thing of SeeU ^^

  4. There are better pictures of SeeU out there but okay…
    I was hoping at least you can get us the pictures in Run… those were good.

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