New Vocaloids and Demo songs

Vocaloid 3 By Yamaha

Here are the latest Vocaloid 3 Developments and demo songs! Not much information has been given to them all, however all of them include a demo of some type.

Bruno and Clara

Spanish Vocaloids have been announced by Voctro Labs and a demo song has been released (above). Check out Voctro Labs’ Youtube channel for other demo songs. Bruno and Clara are currently slated for a December 2011 release.


VocaloRevolution - Cul

Originally a mascot for Vocalo Revolution and voiced by VY1, Yamaha announced that Internet Co. Ltd. would be creating a new voicebank based off the voice of Kitamura Eri. Not much information has been leaked about this Vocaloid, however a demo song was played during the Vonama Live, and you can listen to it here.

Tone Rion

Tone Rion is a new Vocaloid being developed by MoeJapan with art by Akio Watanabe. She will be born (?) on December XX 2095 and is 16 years old. Her official website is here and a demo is below.

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15 thoughts on “New Vocaloids and Demo songs”

  1. Well, I really like Bruno and Clara (Bruno more then Clara) and Cul sounds really cool, but theree’s something about Tone Rion’s voice that sounds weird to me, and she doesn’t look 16, more like 11. Either way, I’m really exited for these new vocaloids, especially the first Spanish ones.

    1. Ditto to like, all of this. There’s this really really weird quality to Rion’s voice that drives me up a wall– I can’t even call it UTAU-quality because UTAU sounds better than that, and it’d be an insult to UTAU. Maybe they’ll fix it with later demos?

  2. I like Bruno and Clara and I really like Cul ( I like red haired anime characters x3) don’t like Tone Rion at all though. She’s just… Not my type.

  3. i dont like the design, because it looks like miku & yuki mixed together… sometimes they don´t really think much about the appearence of the vocaloid heh? i often find utau´s looks much better because they aren´t similar like vocaloids -.-btw did you know this week we have a great song from seeu its called “Falling Rain” click the Link and you know what i mean ;D【SeeU】Falling Rain – English + MP3

  4. As a native Spanish speaker, I’m extremely impressed by Bruno and Clara! I hope they’re sold together (and aren’t too expensive).

  5. Whoa, whoa, WHOAAAAAAAAA!!!!!♥

    Spanish Vocaloids! Hell yes!! They sound great!! I may not be a native Spanish speaker but that sounds pretty damn awesome. I love how Vocaloids are finally getting out of their little English and Japanese circles! I’ve been waiting for the Spanish Vocaloids to see how they sound. And I was pleasantly surprised. ♥

    Cul is pretty cool, but I won’t get over the fact that she reminds me of Meiko. XD We need more voices like that in that tone anyway. ^^

    Tone Rion……*sigh* honestly she looks like shes 12, and I really don’t like her design. To me in my opinion it looks too cluttered. : I ‘m not too fond of designs like that, where it looks like there’s so many things on it. 😛 And her voice….meh its okay……more of the same old same old you know? I don’t think I’ll like her that much. 😛

  6. Well, as a native Spanish speaker, I like Bruno and Clara. They sound so natural!
    I don’t like the designs, though. I would rather them not having any like Leon and Lola, but that’s more personal I guess. And apparently everyone was whining about them (“No animu! Herp derp!”) so now there’s a design contest with the voices as prizes ( voice on the other hand sounds pretty good. Quality is good, no metallic sound or bad pronunciation. Except that Clara sounds, well… She has an unnaturally high pitch. I don’t know any Spanish speaking woman with such a voice. Are they trying to make a Miku…? Oh, wait. I remembered a Spanish high pitched voice: (starts at 0:34)Also, their Japanese is quite good, as expected from a Spanish vocaloid. I wonder about their English… Bruno said a few words, not enough for good judgement.But these are, to be specific, Iberian Spanish vocaloids. It’s clearly noticed in the accent, the S and other points. So they’re aiming to a quite specific group of users (that would actually not include me).

  7. I really love the voices of Clara and Bruno! I think they sound pretty clear to me, but I’m not a native speaker of Spanish. ^^;

    CUL sounds too much like VY1 to me. Had I only listened to the demo song without any description, I would have bet my soul that it was VY1 singing.

    Tone Rion is just….
    She’s very disappointing to me. Her voice isn’t unique at all (then again, with all the influx of female Vocaloid3s, the voices overlap too much now).
    Her design is too lolita-like. Her design does NOT look like that of a 16 year old. She looks as if she’s only a few years older than Kaai Yuki, only with breasts added. I think her design practically inviting pedophiles to come at her.

  8. I don’t get why Tone is getting so much hate already. I admit the female vocaloids are starting to sound the same, but why fuss over the design? First Yuki and Kiyoteru’s outfits are too ‘normal’ looking, now Tone’s is too much? -__-

    er I mean, I’m really looking forward to the Vocaloid 3. So much is highly expected of it, it won’t let us down.


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