Upcoming MikuPa♪ Lives

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On November 11th 2011 at 3 AM PST (7PM Singapore Time), the Singapore Miku Live will be simulcasted to both the US (NicoNico.com) and JP (NicoVideo.jp) NicoNicoDouga sites.
Tickets cost 1100 Yen or $11 USD (USD would be cheaper at NicoNico.com) on either the JP or US site respectively, however the US site allows Paypal, so I would recommend that over the JP Nico site. This is a sequel to the Sapporo Live that is being shown in theaters worldwide by Live Viewing Japan this Thursday at 7PM Local Time. The original Sapporo Live will also be broadcasted for free on Thursday at 3 AM PST on the Nico JP site, however this cannot be timeshifted, so you will have to be up at that time to view it.

Sources: Live Viewing Japan, NicoNico.com

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