Project Diva Extend Songlist and Information

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Below is the final songlist (in the order they appear in game) for Project Diva Extend that was released today in Japan! There are a total of 21 new songs, 8 songs from Project Diva 2nd DLC, 6 songs from Project Diva 2nd, and 3 are available only in the edit mode giving a final total of 39 songs! *cough cough* (not including levan Polkka)


Key: New!, PJD2nd ,PJD2nd DLC, Edit Mode Only
Nekomimi Switch by daniwell
The End of Solitude by 光収容
Palette by Yuyoyuppe/meola
SPiCa -39′s Giving Day Edition- by TokuP
Starduster by JimmyThumbP
Nayuta no Kanata Made by 釣り師P
Stardust Utopia by otetsu
Time Limit by North-T
Uta ni Katachi wa nai Keredo by doriko
Roshin Yuukai(Meltdown) by iroha(sasaki) w/ Lyrics by kuma(alfred)
Electric Angel by ヤスオ
Yellow by kz(livetune)
A Thousand Years Solo (DIVA edit) by yanagi
Migikata no Chou -39′s Giving Day Edition- by のりぴー/水野悠良
Anata no Utahime by azuma
Puzzle by Kuwagata-P
Boukyaku Shinjuu by OPA/Asaki No’9
Rin Rin Signal -Append Mix- by Dios/SignalP
Just be Friends by Dixie Flatline
melody… by mikuru396
Tsugai Kogarashi by Shigotoshite-P
Colorful x Melody by ちーむMOER
Luka Luka★Night Fever by samfree
StargazeR by 骨盤P
Kogane no Seiya Sousetsu ni Kuchite by デッドボールP
Iroha Uta by 銀サク
* Hello, Planet. (I.M.PLSE-EDIT) by sasakure.UK
Hold, Release; Raksasha and Carcasses by Hachi
The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku by cosMo@BousouP
Paradichlorobenzene by Owata-P
Two-Faced Lovers by wowaka
Kocchi Muite Baby by ryo(supercell)
The Singing Passion of Hatsune Miku by Storyteller
Colorful x Sexy by ちーむMOER
Rolling Girl by wowaka
Sekiranun Graffiti by ryo(supercell)
Start of Rainbow ~first step~ by Sugiyama Keiichi (From PJD 1)
Aiiro no hi, sora kakeru ~second flight~ by Sugiyama Keiichi (From PJD 2nd)
Koi no Inori ~extend your wave~ by Sugiyama Keiichi (From Extend)

Available PV’s

Underneath the spoiler are all of the PV’s that Sega has released so far for this game.


Other Information

Official Modules are located on Sega’s official website here. This game also allows you to load your save file from PJD 2nd to transfer over the modules that you got in the previous game.

The gameplay is pretty much the same, except the few differences I noticed such as the option to use the default character on each song (you have to set this option for every song) by pressing start on the song select screen, and it will say above the song image “Default Character SET”. Also when playing the game, the progress circle has also changed to a more consistent increase, while Purple=Not Pass, Blue=Pass, Green=Great, and Light Blue=Excellent. You need at least 85% to pass on Standard, 95% for Great, 97% for Excellent, and 100% for Perfect. Overall a great game with not as many Oster songs, and plenty of modules to keep you happy!

Sources: Sega PJD Website, Youtube

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8 thoughts on “Project Diva Extend Songlist and Information”

    My life is complete. Now I just have to ask my mom to let me order this.
    To be honest, I’m glad there aren’t as many Oster songs. There were enough in the other games, and the only Oster song I liked was Love Colored Ward… their songs are just too fuzzy for me.

  2. I was amazed at Rolling Girl’s PV and I LOVE that Len song!! And I don’t like Len very much so that’s saying 😛

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